The day of the ball.

“are you ready?” Adam ask her. They are now In front of the Greek royaL palace. The Vasilakis Royal House

“yes.” And they both wear their mask that covers their eyes only. Yes it is a masquerade ball , everyone is wearing a mask. And to her surprise every women in the Gala is also wearing a White beautiful gowns.

She is wearing a white fitted long sleeveless gown that hugs her curves also the gown has no back at all , she don’t know why did Helena choose this kind of revealing dress for her.

While Adam is wearing an all-white suit with a three badge in her right chest signify that he is a Crown Prince.

“I’m nervous” Adrianna said. Damn she saw some people who are entering the venue and they are all freaking radiant.

“don’t be I’m here.”

“that won’t help.”

“trust me.”

They started to walk inside and upon entering the ball room. Adrianna’s jaw drop because of how beautiful the room is.

The room was filled with Baroque interior designs, from the wall to the furniture, it seems like they were time travelled in a baroque Era. Amazing.

“is this how Greek do their balls? It’s pretty.” She said to Adam while roaming her eyes around the room.

“well, yes, they are pretty amazing right?”

“yeah, i could live here.” Adrianna’s eyes was full of admiration for the place

“idiot, you are not living in Greece, you will live in Denmark” Adam said, but then Adrianna just laugh.

“as if I’ll marry you.”

“damn can’t you just satisfy my fantasy?” and they both laugh.

When Adrianna is roam her eyes she notice that all men in the room is wearing a British black suit.

“hey, why are they wearing a black why you wear white?” she ask.

“ because I’m a Crown Prince and all three Crown Princes is mandated to wear an all-white suit when going to a Gala like this.”

He said while fixing his tie. She look at Adam, even though he is wearing a mask. His Looks did not get affected by it.

“i see, so that means, the other two Crown Prince will be here also?” if she is correct she can see the Greek and English Prince tonight.

“well, the Greek Royal Family is the host of this Gala so i think Carulius will be here also.”

“Carulius?” Adrianna said.

“yes, Carulius is the name of the Greek Prince. But i haven’t meet him before. he rarely went out that is why the media could not get something from him” The Greek Crown Prince huh.

“and i don’t think Leandro will make it here, i heard he just woke up from coma , maybe he is still resting in England .” Leandro looks like that is the name of the English Crown Prince.

“i see,” while walking with Adam she can see some eyes glaring at them. Even though these women wear their mask their fearing eyes is getting through her. She also heard some talks behind them.

“is that the Danish Prince? Prince Adam?”

“he is quite handsome”

“yeah, looks like it, he wears the Badge of Danish Royal family.”

“but who is that woman beside him?”

“i bet just a bitch who stick to the royal family to hug all the glory.”

“i think so too”

Those are few words Adrianna could hear behind her.

“don’t mind them.”

“I’m trying” she said.

Adam tried to introduce her to his Acquaintance as his date, and those acquaintance bare a title, like Duke, Duchess, a house Princes ,Count and some Country President.

She also meet some High profiled persons, well-known businessmen and world’s VIP’s.

This Gala is like a ball in Fairytale she watched before.

This world is different from her world. Just by looking at them, talking elegantly and sophisticatedly , Adrianna just smile.

She need space.

“umm, Adam i will just go the comfort room” she said to Adam who is busy talking to the Philippines President.

“umm sure, let’s go , excuse me gent..”

“no, no it’s okay I’ll just find it myself, i can manage.”

“are you sure Adrianna? the palace is pretty huge.”

“don’t worry, I’m not poor in direction. Just continue talking to them.” She said Adam just agreed and then she head to one of the door in the ballroom.

She is not really going to the bathroom, she just wanted to breath a fresh air since the atmosphere inside is pretty heavy for her to bear.

Adrianna did not know where her feet land her. But she saw a garden outside.

“this palace sure has the Prettiest garden.” the garden was filled with a very beautiful flowers and a huge fountain in the middle. Adrianna look at the fountain and she saw some gems and coins inside of it.


She then walk around the garden again and saw a swing. She just sit on it and look at the moon above the sky. When someone speak to her.

“can’t bear to be inside?” the voice said.

Adrianna immediately roam her eyes in the garden but then she saw no one is present, maybe just her imagination.

“hey, stop ignoring me, lady.”

“who are you?” she ask out of nowhere.

Then a man wearing an all-white suit with a white mask on his face that covers his eyes appeared in the light. His hands was inside his pocket and he is looking at her intensely and without reason Adrianna could not get her sight to the man also.

“A-Adam? Is that you?” well he is wearing a white suit and only Adam is wearing white suit inside the palace.

“don’t mistake me with someone else you are hurting me.” The man said, okay he is not Adam. But his voice is quite familiar to Adrianna’s hearing.

“then who are you?” she ask while the Prince is standing not so far from her. He is quit tall and manly.

A gorgeous man in suit.

“I’m the only son of this Family.” Son of this family? Is he the Greek Prince. Gosh!

“oh, sorry your highness.” She said then bow as a sign of greeting. Why is the Greek prince here?

“it’s fine, so who are you? a Princess? From what country?” he ask her.

“i am not a Princess, your highness”

“then a Duchess?, a Countess perhaps?” damn does he think everyone here bare a Title?

“no, i’ m just a normal girl brought by a friend here.” She said shyly. Adrianna feels so intimidated by this Prince.

“oh, since you mistook me with Adam, i believe Prince Adam is the friend you are talking about?”


“i see, “ he said and look her for a couple of seconds, that makes Adrianna feel awkward. Why is he staring at her? Is the dress not suited to her? Is there a problem in her make up or her hair must be messy. Damn she is being paranoid because of this Prince.

“why don’t you go back inside already, it’s cold here and you are wearing such a revealing dress, you’ll catch a cold.” Adrianna look at her dress and feel the breeze and he is right it’s pretty cold here.

“i will go ahead then.” She started to walk and pass him, she just stop when The Prince said something.

“take care.” She did not replied and just continue to walk, why is the Greek Prince acting like that? he is weird.

Adrianna went back to the ball room and saw Adam still talking to someone.

“i shouldn’t disturb him.” she said and just went to a buffet and eat some finger foods.

“hey, look, the Greek Prince is here.” Said by One woman beside her . Adrianna also look at the man who just enter the ball room.

He is also wearing an all-white suit with a 3 badge on his right chest just like Adam, you will really mistake them in one glance because of the Mask and their attire,

but then she just notice that the Greek Prince has a shiny Black hair and a green eyes that she did not notice in the garden, he is pretty handsome in the light more.

The Prince’s face remains stoic as the ladies trying to get his attention. he walk like he doesn't care to the world and his stand is full of pride. just like an Arrogant ruler.

“isn’t he so dreamy, Prince Carulius is indeed a perfect a Prince. So manly and his cold attitude makes him more attractive.” Adrianna just listem to the small talk of the ladies not so far from her

“well said, i hope to marry him, should i talk to my dad if he can arrange me to Prince Carulius?”

“no way, i saw him first, I’m thinking the same thing. And I’m sure you won’t pass as the Vasilakis Young miss.”

“then let’s see who he choose.” The other girl said. Whoa! They are just treating him like he is a thing that you can win in a lottery. This girls are so bad.


Hope you'll love this character. 😂

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