“the Royal dance is about to begin.” And on cue all men went to their woman and dance with them.

The venue become busy and she could not even find a right path to walk so she just move in the one side of the ball room.

She is looking for Adam but to her surprise Adam is currently dancing with a blonde girl. So Adrianna just remain to her spot looking at the couples who are busy dancing.

“Care to dance Miss?” said by a Greek gentleman to Adrianna.

“oh, no I’m..” she was about to reject the gentleman’s offer when a guy in a white suit came to her side.

“I’m sorry, Signore but this Lady will have a her first dance with me.” Greek Prince said to the guy. It’s him again.

“oh, i apologize your Highness.” Said the guy who looks so scared facing the Prince , and immediately vanished in front of them living her and The Greek Prince alone. Again

The Greek Prince look at her. And Adrianna can’t stop herself being uncomfortable with those stares.

“may i dance with You?” he said. And by that question everyone’s eyes was all in them.

Adrianna don’t know what to do, if she reject him all the people inside will think she is being picky or something.

“fine.” The Greek Prince just smile and hold her hand. and bring her to the dance floor

Damn why is she feeling so shy in front of him?

When they are in the middle of the dance floor they become the center of the attraction. That lead the people to give them a huge space in the center.

And when Prince Carulius hand touches her bare back. It sends chilling to her system. Damn it. She felt electrify.

“this is embarrassing” she mumble.

“is dancing with me really embarrass you?” the Prince said, looks like he heard her.

“no, no your highness it’s just that, it’s my first time dancing with a nobility like you, it makes me uncomfortable with those stares and mumble around, and i don’t like the attention i am getting. ” They barely know each other but then here they are dancing like a couple in the middle of these royalties.

“don’t mind them.” He coldly said. At their position Adrianna get a chance to look at the Greek prince closely.

His green eyes seems very familiar nevertheless, they are very tantalizing it feels like she is being absorb by it and his feature is very aristocratic, a well define jaw line and perfect lips.

Damn what is she thinking. Adrianna just did her best to dance with a prince.

“are you often to dance with a stranger your highness?” she ask him while the both of them is busy dancing.

“why do you ask?”

“i don’t believe we are acquaintance , but here we are dancing together, we even barely know each other.” But then the Greek Prince just smile at her.

“i know if a person is harmless or not. And upon seeing you, i know you are harmless” he said. Then let her twirl as a part of dance.

“I’m used the be a bully, so I’m not as harmless as you thought.” The Greek Prince just laugh though.

“you are so funny, Adrianna.” Upon hearing him saying her name, she knew. She knew that something is not right to this guy.

“what?” he said innocently said.

“how did you know my name?” she stop dancing and just look at him. But then the Greek Prince did not answer her.

“who really are you?”

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