“Who really are you?” Adrianna ask the Prince. “how did you know my name?” she continued.

“relax. I just heard Adam said your name when you are about to enter the palace a while ago. I happened to be there.” He said. Did she just mistaken?

“oh, I’m sorry,” she apologize.

“it’s fine, why don’t I bring you to your original Date? He has been throwing me a death glare the moment I brought you in the dance floor.” He said, she also look at Adam who is really staring at them, did he finish his dance with that blonde girl?

“let’s go?” Adrianna just nod. And both of them went to Adam’s direction.

“i apologize for taking your date. You shouldn’t have left her alone” The Greek Prince said. But then Adam did not answer him.

“please enjoy the rest of the night signorina.” He said before living them.

“sorry about that, i never thought he’ll invite me to dance.” Adrianna explained to Adam

“looks like your first dance has been robbed to me. That Greek Prince. Are you sure you don’t know him?”

“no! i never been in Greece all my life.”

“i see, that’s odd, Carulius was describe by the Greek media as the aloof and cold blooded Prince, they said he never wanted to be in the Limelight that is why the media is having a hard time getting scoop about him.”

“i don’t know to him, maybe he find me pretty enough. Hahaha” she just laugh. But she saw that Adam looks so pissed.

“come on, aren’t you going to invite me for a dance.”

“im tired.” Adam yawn.

“what the heck! Adam!” she said, when Adam started walking away to her.

“let’s go home, im tired.” He said, she was about to insist that they need to dance but when Adrianna saw tiredness in Adam’s eyes. she just follow him.

The next morning they both went home to Italy, but then Adam went to Venice for another meeting that leaves her to went alone to Parma.

“so how’s the Ball?” Helena excitedly said, they are having a dinner now.

“it’s magical, Everything In Greece is fantastic.”

“wow! Im jealous.”

“haha, don’t be, i will bring you there one day.” If only she knew that Greece is as beautiful as that, she already visited it. She’ll promise she will bring Helena there one day.

“so, did you meet anyone there?” when helena ask her that, she remembers again her encounter with the Greek Crown Prince. Honestly that Prince seems so familiar with her, she just can’t pin point who.

“yeah, actually i meet the Greek Prince.” Then Helena whine.

“amazing!! So how does he look like? Is he Adonis personified?” she can’t help herself not to laught at Helena she looks excited like a teenager.

“yeah, he’s pretty handsome and tall too, he has green eyes and he is Gorgeous. He even dance with me.”

“you danced? No way! You dance with a two prince?”

“no, i only dance with the Greek Prince, I did not had chance to dance with Adam, he is quite busy that night.”

“that’s amazing. What about the English Prince is he present too?”


“then The English Prince is mine to keep .” they just both laugh, well there is no harm in dreaming.

the next day..

“We should get ready, the Duchess of Tuscany will arrive any minute now.” Helena said, so they both fix themselves and make a presentable look.

Tuscany is the central city in Italy and the only city who has Duchess ruling them.

The Duchess was said to be strict and perfectionist. Even in her age of 61 she is still one of the most respected person in the Europe and one of the most influential in the world.

“what was the Duchess name again?” Helena ask her.

“Duchess Rebecca Eleanor Alfonso De’ Garza.”

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