Their school was filled with men in black everywhere. Of course the duchess needs security she is the only Duchess in Italy after all.

“did you know that Duchess Rebecca is more respectable than the president now. Her power in ruling is amazing, i want to learn something from her.” Charlotte said, she is a house Princess in Florence one of Adrianna’s Classmate.

Then a trumpet makes its noise, signifying that the Duchess has arrive.

“her she comes.” Lucca said who is standing beside her. She look at the entrance where a limousine was parking.

One man opened the door and a gorgeous lady went out.

Adrianna can’t stop admiring Duchess’ Rebecca’s beauty, even though she is in her early sixties, her beauty did not fade at all.

“are you sure she is 60 already? She looks like in her 40’s” she said with admiration.

The Duchess march towards them. And in unison they all said.

“WELCOME, DUCHESS REBECCA!” Upon hearing that the duchess smile sweetly to them.

“thank you for welcoming me everyone, have a great day.” She said, oh, what a nice lady.

The Duchess passed her side and to her surprise the duchess’ eyes meet hers. And she did not know why but she saw surprise in the duchess’ reaction. But then Adrianna just give a sweet smile to her.

The professors followed the duchess inside the building while the students went on their own path.

“so how’s the Athens?” Lucca ask Adrianna out of nowhere.

She then smile and excitedly tell Lucca how beautiful Athens is. Lucca just listen to her attentively and with a smile.

“i bet it’s more beautiful there when day time, too bad we were only there during night time, i could not have a chance to explore more.” Adrianna said with a sad tone. She really miss a lot.

“i see, good thing you like Athens.”

“yeah, i wish to go there in the future, “ Admiration is very visible in Adrianna’s eyes and Lucca notice it.

“i heard the Greece has its own Crown Prince did you happened to meet him?” her excitement went off when she again remember the crown prince.

“yeah, I’ve meet him and thanks to him i could not able to dance with Adam.”

“i see, so what do you think of him?” she doesn’t know why Lucca is so interested, but then she just keep on talking.

“well, if i were to describe him, i can only say that he is self-center, arrogant and conceited Prince.” Yeah, those are the best adjective to Describe the Crown Prince.

“wow, that was rude words you said. Is he that bad? “

“yeah, but of course that is only base on my observation.”

“what about you what have you been doing this weekend?”

“ah, im busy preparing the papers and stuff regarding the research of our school. It was so tiring.” Lucca said, well he is the head of their research club.

The both of them stop walking when they reach the canteen.

“i’ll stop here, what about you?” Adrianna said, she did not take her breakfast so she is thinking to have some. She is praying Lucca could join her.

“ i will be heading to the Library, Sylvia is waiting for me there.” She was surprise on what Lucca said, he is meeting with Sylvia? The Princess of the House of Navia in Florence.

“W-what would you do there?” she ask just to make sure. Because there is something inside her that she cannot explain.

“don’t you know? We are our class representative for the upcoming moving up ceremony next week.” Oh yeah, Adrianna remembers now, next week they will be promoted in their 2nd year .

“so we have to plan everything, we will having our own party after all.” He said. So the two must be alone in the library. What should she do?

Adrianna was about to ask if she could come too, when a girl came over.

“Lucca, I’ve been looking for you.” She said then grab Lucca’s arm. Sylvia Navia, honestly they are not close at all, even though they are classmates in some subject, Sylvia and she did not really talk much.

“we still have to plan on what will happened next week.” She said without even a glance on her.

“haha, sorry i was talking to Adrianna.” Sylvia then look at her from head to toe .

“oh, the girl who is always with Prince Adam.” Adrianna felt irritated on the tone of Sylvia.

“ are you already sick of the Prince that you climb to Lucca now? You are the worst.” Is she insulting her? What a bitch.

“Sylvia!! What are you saying.” Lucca said to her, but then she keep on glancing Adrianna with jealousy on her eyes.

“mind your tongue woman,” Adrianna said with blank expression on her. She is mad. How can this girl just judge her poorly. She is just a mere house Princess.

“that would be Princess for you, i am a princess of Navia’s, you should put your highness of Princess before my name.” Sylvia said. Now she is demanding her. Adrianna just give her a sarcastic smirk and a very judgmental expression.

Adrianna is very good at this, destroying ones confident and making them feel useless.

“tsk! You don’t have a palace to make me call you ‘your highness or Princess’ since you are just a mere house Princess. You only has a house that can be burn anytime. So don’t be full of yourself, Woman! You are not even your father’s real daughter. You and your social climber mother is far more worse than anyone here.” she felt triumphant seeing the expression Sylvia produce. Looks like she hit the bulls eye. Words are sharper that a sword indeed.

Adrianna know her, well Sylvia is known as a bitch in the campus and looking for information is not hard. Gossip will provide it.

“Adrianna! That is rude. apologize to her ” She then look at Lucca. And upon seeing how he look at her. It is the same, the same look he has been giving her since high school. The look she always get whenever she bullies Helena.

“i won’t apologize to someone who walk the stairs below mine..” She look down and passed them. And run away. The old feeling she felt, came back. It so painful for her.

Why is it only Lucca and his words can hurt her like this? Why?

Seeing the path Adrianna took when she run away, makes Lucca felt guilty, he doesn’t know why but when he saw Adrianna run away it gives him a very heavy feeling in his chest.

“Lucca let’s got, let her be.” He just let Sylvia drag him. He did not do anything wrong right? Adrianna’s word is pretty harsh, he just doesn’t want anyone to hate Adrianna, that is why he made her apologize but then she decline, Adrianna and her stubborn side always getting on his nerve.

Lucca could not focus his mind on what the team is discussing, Adrianna still occupies his mind and her sad face. Damn it. Why is he felt like he just hurt Adrianna? What is happening on his mind.

“Lucca what do you think?” Nevill said, their class secretary.

“huh?” he don’t know anything.

“yeah, whatever you decides I’ll agree, excuse me i have something to do, just continue your meeting”

“wait, Lucca!” Sylvia whine. But he hurriedly went out to the library.

He has to find Adrianna, he can’t stand this feeling he feels right now. It bad and it’s making him uncomfortable.

After many minutes of running, at last Lucca found Adrianna in the garden alone, sitting in the Grass and leaning in the tree.

He slowly walk behind her.

Lucca was thinking to surprise Adrianna but His mind change when he saw Her sleeping soundly.

Adrianna is sleeping while leaning her back in the tree while book is open in her lap. Looks like she fall asleep while reading.

He stare at Adrianna’s sleeping face. And damn how can a girl be this beautiful.

Honestly, Lucca did not know when did this feeling started. He just woke up one day, He already Loves Adrianna always wnated her attention.

He always argue with her about her bullying Helena, he wants her to stop, he doesn’t want anyone to hate Adrianna, because he knows, he knows that she is kind and a lovable person.

Lucca decided to sit beside her. And still stare at her.

He wonder when will Adrianna see him? He is been with her since childhood, but then he never see Adrianna look at him like he matters with her

“i hope you can look at me soon and i promise i will move mountains for you.” He said at the sleeping Adrianna. While caressing her face.

He then lean towards her and put his own lips above Adrianna’s lips. Lucca kiss her.

“even if you are a bully i will still love you for the rest of my life. So please look at me soon. Look at me like i matter with you....

agápi mou.

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