Adrianna, slowly open her eyes. did she fall asleep while reading? Haist. But then she can fell that she is leaning to someone , a very familiar scent.

She then raised her head only to see Lucca beside her sleeping also. She woke up in Lucca’s shoulder, that is so embarrassing.

But then this is the first time she could look at Lucca so close. His eyelashes are pretty long for a guy. And also his nose damn, it’s on its perfect shape.

And what got Adrianna’s attention is Lucca’s hair. The roots of it’s hair. It’s blonde.

Adrianna was about to touch Lucca’s hair when he speak.

“are you in love with me now?” upon hearing that she immediately blush. What the heck.

“w-what are you saying?”

“heheheh, you’ve been looking at me right?”

“tss, idiot. “ she just roll her eyes at him.

“what are you even doing here? What about your meeting with that slu..” she immediately stop , when she remembers Lucca hates cussing.

“with that Sylvia?”

“ our meeting is done, and ...” She look at Lucca who wanted to say something to her.

“and i want to apologize, i think i hurt you a while ago.” Of course you depend that slut’ Adrianna said to herself.

“nah, it’s okay, i’am immune to that action of your way back High School,” she said and immediately stand.

“w-what? What do you mean?” Lucca stand up as well.

“ when we were in High School you always giving me that attitude, you scold me whenever i bully Helena, and those look in your eyes, makes me feel like i am a loser. It’s not new to me anymore Lucca, You always hurt me with your words only, so don’t bother to apologize about a trivial things.” She started to walk when Lucca held her arms.

“wait!! It’s not like that. i have No intention of hurting you Adrianna!!” he said, and Adrianna could see desperation on Lucca’s Green eyes.

“haist! Just like i said, it’s nothing to me anymore.” She tried to loose on Lucca’s grip but she can’t what’s his problem?

“no! Listen to me, way back high school, it’s not my intention to hurt you, i only do that because i don’t want anyone to hate you! You Are kind and i know it, but your jealousy towards Helena only makes you wicked, that is why i am trying to stop you.” He reason out, and Adrianna was pretty shock about his explanation.

And also Lucca’s face is like saying ‘ believe me, I’m telling the truth’

“ and im sorry if that is the feeling that you get towards my action, but believe me, it’s not my intention to hurt you Adrianna, Hurting you will be the last thing i do.” She was confuse, so, what is Lucca trying to say.

“Adrianna, i will never, hurt you. I won’t hurt the person i am longing to love.” He said and by that words.. Adrianna was out breath, her heart is skipping , she felt like her strength are nowhere to be found.

“what did you say?”

“i said... I like you, Please be my girlfriend.”

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