Chapter 15: The real identity

Adam is looking for Adrianna the whole day, but he failed to see her.

“just where is that woman go?” he said.

He tried to go the library hoping Adrianna to be there but nothing so he went to the garden.

“stop!!! What do you want!?” Adam heard a woman’s voice.

“you are the daughter of a Prime minister right, i bet you have a lot of money, why not lend us some?” he saw a bunch of guys bullying a girl but he could not sense fear on the girls eyes. it so fierce and cofident.

“i told you i don’t have money, you disgusting rats.” The woman shouted Adam immediately went to them when a guy raise his fist ready to punch the girl.

“try to do that and i will make sure, you will suffer in more ways than one.” He said with so much authority. And looks like the guys were scared by him. Since they all went away in just a snap. Living the girl.

“are you okay?” he said. But the girl just roll her eyes to him, what a girl can’t she be more glad that he help her?

The girl just stand and try to clean herself and walk passed him.

‘what an attitude’

“a simple thank you, will be enough, miss” he said, doesn’t she know who he is? Usually girls who get passed by him immediately greeted him.

“who told you i need help? I can manage those rats without your interference.” She proudly said and walk away.

“girls and their attitude.” He just shake his head as disappointment.

He was about to leave when he saw an ID, near to the ground. He look at the picture and saw the woman’s face a while ago.

“Juliana Alexis Bolvios” Adam read her name aloud. Only her face is pretty nothing else. He just keep her Id on his pocket.

He continue to look for Adrianna and he saw her, he was about to call her when, Adam also spotted Lucca with her.

Upon hearing the confession of Lucca to Adrianna, he immediately get away to place.. Adam is afraid of what will be the answer of Adrianna.

He’s been observing Adrianna’s action whenever Lucca is around and he is right, Adrianna still has feelings towards Lucca.

She stares at Lucca whenever she has a chance and Lucca is the same. He can see the love of those two.

He likes Adrianna so much, but he knows her heart will never belong to him, since someone already got it. He just hope Lucca will protect her.

If those two will really ended up together, Adam knows .. the path of those two will never easy.

Knowing the Greek Royal family they will never accept someone who only from the Middle class Family. Adrianna is rich but not that rich for the standard of the Vasilakis Royal Family.

He just wish, that Lucca will stand up for Adrianna when time will come that the destiny will test their Love.

It’s evening already.

Adam is waiting in his room for his roommate, none other than Lucca Martinez..

And when Lucca enter their room with a huge smile on his face, he already knew what Adrianna’s answer .

“you look so happy, Lucca.” He said and Lucca’s smile immediately vanish. But Adam just smile. Should he tease the poor Lucca

“or should i say, Your Royal Highness, Prince Luciano Carulius Martinez Vasilakis?” and by that Lucca’s aura became dark.

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