Chapter 1: The Antagonist

Adrianna Bella Howard is the only daughter of the Owner of the Howard Elite Academy, she grew up having everything in a silver platter, she always win and she always get what she wants. That is why she became mad when some commoner named Helena Everdeen transfer in her school and hug all the glory that was supposedly hers.

Helena is a girl who passed ther scholarship exam and got admitted in Howard, she is someone not on their level. but then she admit that she has a brain.

While reading her favorite book on her personal office in school, two of her classmate enter the room. These are the girls she often order to do some nasty to her number one enemy, Helena. Well in this School she is the Rule and everyone is just her dog.

“Adrianna, we did what you order, Helena is now being bullied by our classmates.” She just smirk.

“good, you can go.” Then her two classmates went out without saying anything.

She stand up and went to her large window, and on her angle she saw a group of girls in the garden, and one girl being in the ground. Until the poor girl run away to the school woods.

“haha, serves you right Helena.” She said while having a sip on her coffee, Helena the girl who just transfer on their school months ago. The girl who stole the spotlight from her.

“soon you will regret staying here.” She said.

“aren’t you done bullying Helena?, Adrianna?” she halt when she heard that voice. She gulp and all of the sudden she felt her heart race.

“i told you didn’t I? Let her have peace.” she became nervous all of the sudden because of him but then she face the guy who abruptly enters her office.

She can see anger on the handsome guy’s face in front of her.

Adrianna can’t stop admiring Lucca’s handsomeness while he is on his uniform.

Lucca Martinez the son of the Chancellor of Germany. the guy she always admire since childhood.

“Adrianna! I’m warning you. Stay away from Helena!” her fantasy coldly vanished when he raise his voice to her and what makes her mad is the way this guy protecting that bitch Helena.

“why! What does it have to do with you Lucca? Last time i check she has nothing to do with you!” she said, then Lucca make a blank face to Adrianna. Why Is he acting like Helena’s knight and shining armor?

“what you are doing is wrong Adrianna, that girl is innocent, let her have peace in school!”

“no! that girl stole everything from me. She doesn’t even deserved to be here, she is just trash! Ahh.. don’t tell you like that bitch!!”

“ENOUGH!! Stop being so judgmental Adrianna, you are just mocking yourself. Just accept the fact that Helena is better than you!” it hurts, she can feel pain in her heart, why can’t this guy see her worth? Why does nobody understand her?

Lucca leave the place without looking at Adrianna.

“what makes that woman special to you Lucca?” Adrianna can’t hold it anymore . she burst into tears with what she feels right now. She felt like even she has everything something is missing.

She hope soon someone will come and see her worth.

Days later she stop ordering her classmates to bully Helena, she just focus her attention on studying and researches. Since few months from now she will graduated and planning to study in one of the prestigious school in Italy.

Library became her most visited place this past few weeks.

“ah, why can’t I perfectly memorize these books?” she said to herself while reading a book for Law students.

She look at her watch and saw that it’s almost 5:00 pm, she can’t believe she did not notice how late it is, she hurriedly put everything in her bag and went out of the library.

While taking the stairs while running, she saw a familliar figure entering the woods.

“is that Helena? Why is she still here?” out of curiosity she follow Helena inside the woods. Their school was surrounded by woods and that makes it private and only the son and daughter of rich family can able to enter this school. But on Helena’s case, that girl is bright enough to afford a scholarship in there.

She just follow Helena and she only stop following her when she saw Helena enters a small house wreck house. Adrianna can’t stop thinking why would Helena go in a place like this. Everything is dark and this place is creepy.

Adrianna decided to stay hidden for a while, and on her place she can hear Helena’s laugh and voices as if she was talking to someone but then she did not hear any different voice inside.

“really? Someone lives in that dirty house?” she said to herself, she can’t believe someone has the guts to stay there.

Minutes later, she saw Helena went out the house and walk outside the woods.

Adrianna was curious of who is the person Helena have been conversing to , so she knock into the door but then seconds has pass that no one is answering her.

“hello, is someone there? Hello.” Still no one is answering but then the door is slightly open.

Adrianna open the door and see nothing inside, besides a wreck chairs a dirty kitchen and a lightless room.” Fear consume her.

“then who is the person Helena has been talking too?” this can’t be. Out of fear she run as fast as she can away from the woods.

She only stop running when she reach the school ground.

“what the hell was that? No one is inside?” Adrianna can’t think of something logic in her head.

“Adrianna!” she look at the person who called her. And there she saw Lucca. Standing in the statue of their school.

“where have you been?” now he is asking?

“nowhere, “ she coldly replied she knows very well that Lucca will just lecture her about Helena. Well nothing is new, Lucca only talk to her when he wants to say something about her bullying Helena.

she is about to leave Lucca when he held her arms all of the sudden.

“are you still picking on Helena? Aren’t you really going to stop?” damn this guy, when will he stop mentioning that crazy woman.

“don’t worry, Lucca i had enough picking on her. No one will hurt your ‘Princess’ from now on.” Adrianna immediately leave Lucca’s sight.

“Adrianna.” She heard him calling her but she doesn’t give a fuck right now to Lucca.

Lucca is obviously in love with Helena, she is not dumb not to notice it.

Why can’t she have the guy that she like? Nothing is missing on her but why?

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