Chapter 2:

It was Valentines day one of the painful day of her life, well Adrianna just witness Lucca’s Confession to Helena that day. It’s painful for her to watch. Why does Helena can have everything, Without even trying her hardest? Why?

Out of anger , Adrianna got her cellphone and call someone . when she remembers something very important regarding Helena.

“madam this way.” She said to the old lady she just call in their school, this woman was said to be an expert dealing with some spirit and some super natural things. The reason why she have to get one is because it’s been 3 days since she tailed Helena and she is right Helena has been going in and out to that house and talking to someone but then when she check it no one is really inside.

I can’t believe Lucca fall to someone as crazy as Helena.

Hours later the creepy house is under a huge fire, the old madam said there was very strong evil spirit inside that house that has been deceiving Helena, therefore we have to eliminate it by burning the house.

And when Helena came she can’t stop herself not to be sad on the way Helena react. It seems like the person she was conversing with, is now very important to her. For her to cry a river.

“Helena stop crying, i’m only doing this for your own good, no one is inside Helena, i saw it myself. You have been talking to an evil spirit all along, don’t let him deceive you.” Adrianna just hug Helena.

“that is not true, please spade is still inside i saw him , please Adrianna stop them. Please.”

“shhh, that’s enough.”

She just continue to hug Helena until she became stable.

Weeks later.

Adrianna look at the empty seat that Helena supposedly sitting but it’s not occupied. She is worried since Helena doesn’t went to school anymore and she barely going out on her dorm. Adrianna doesn’t know why but she began to care to Helena after that day. Maybe because she already saw Helena on her worst state.

Adrianna decide to consult Helena to Psychologist and there she found out that the Spade that Helena is talking about is just a product of her imagination, Spade doesn’t really exist in this world. He was just Helena’s Imaginary Friend.

While looking at Helena right now and also recalling what the doctor have said she realize that she has fault also, only if she did not bully Helena and let her have her own set of friends maybe she won’t be undergoing this kind of depression.

“Helena, i just want to say my sorry. I know i’ve been a bad person to you since day 1” she said, she don’t know if Helena could hear her or not since she seems like physically present but mentally absent, Helena only look at the window of her room without saying a word.

“I know it’s all my fault and I’m not expecting you to forgive me. And im sorry also if you think i kill Spade, but Helena believe me, no one is inside i look it myself no one is there. And I—“ Adrianna did not finished what she about to say when Helena spoke.

“it’s okay Adrianna” she look at her with a teary eyes. “ you don’t have to apologize to me, it wasn’t your fault. I just could not believe it , that the guy i love is just a product of my Imagination, that he is not real, that no matter what i do i could not see or hug him anymore, it hurts , Adrianna it hurts so much.” Then Helena begin to cry again but now she has someone she could lean on.

Adrianna immediately hug Helena and let her cry on her shoulder.

“it’s okay, im here Helena. I won’t let you be alone from now on” she said,


“yeah. Well i just found out that you are not that bad, and also i learn my lesson, so i sincerely apologize for everything i have done to you. Will you forgive me?” she said to Helena.

“sure, but in exchange can we be friends?” Helena said to her, damn she could not believe that she used to hate a pure and kind girl like Helena before. Adrianna was so ashamed of herself.

“more like i want us to be sisters.” then she smile at Helena.

That was the day they start to see each other as sisters who always there to protect each other.

At the end of the school year, Helena became the School Valedictorian while Adrianna became a Salutatorian Adrianna was so happy for Helena and her achievement.

And because they became so close to each other, they decided to went to the same college together.

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