Chapter 4:

His Car stopped and his butler immediately went outside to open him a door.

He went out and saw a huge and beautiful building of the University of Parma.

“Master Lucca, the dean is waiting for you.” His butler said. He just follow his butler that leads him to the dean.

He is supposedly not here, but then because the representative of Harvard got sick and could not be able to go here in Italy, their university dean made him go here. He will be the one who is going to present the Harvard research system here in university of Parma.

Being the son of the Chancellor of Germany gives him the power to stand out immediately in Harvard. That is why it is easy for him to be recognize by the higher ups in the University.

While walking and following his butler, He can’t stop admiring the beauty of this university specially the huge field on it and the architecture is one of a kind.

“we are here master.”

“thank you, Fernando”

Upon entering, many teachers were there to greet him. He immediately did what he came here for and hours later, looks like the teachers and the other professors and staff are very satisfied on his job.

“thank you so such, Mr. Martinez job well done, we will talk to the dean of Harvard about this, “ their dead said, he just smile and bid his good bye to all of them.

“shall we go home, Master?”

“not yet, i still want to explore their university.” Lucca said while roaming his eyes everywhere.

He went to the field and saw many students who plays soccer there, he smiled on how they enjoy playing it.

He is about to leave the soccer field when his eyes saw someone who he never expected to see here.

The way she smile is so angelic, her tantalizing black eyes is smiling also when she smile. And her hair who used to be brown now turned into black grew so much than the last time he saw her.

But then his Admiration immediately cut off when he saw a guy Hug Adrianna all of the sudden.

“what the heck , who is that bastard.?” Lucca felt so mad on what he saw, just who the hell is that guy?

“master, your father called...”


“yes master?” his eyes is still on the happy couple in the field, damn it makes him really mad just by looking at them.

“gather my papers.” He order.

“why is that master?”

“i'am going to transfer here.”

He has to do this, or else someone will steal what is his.

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