ML : Siddharth Khanna Age:26 CEO:Chanel fashion industrialisation He is most most guy in city. He has no interest in girls or any kind of blind date. He get angry in silly matters...but used to be polite infront of her mother..
FL: Shreya Roy Age:21 Nationality: European (French Girl) She came to china in search of job. She is very innocent , polite ang Gorgeous .
ML Secretary : Chang Age:27 He always try to keep his work neat and clean so, that his boss would no get angry on him. He has no girlfriend because he always busy with his works and instructions.
FL friend :Sia Age:23 Single She is the only friend of her in china and also her neighbour's roommate she is vey kind
hey ! guys this is my first story...i hope you like this novel please support d share...
I going to start this story from next episode..😊😊
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