- Cheng Family

"Anie Cheng This is Mr. Roy Wang your Fiancee" Mrs. Cheng Introduce

"You know that i don't really like this type of Engagement Mom." Anie Replied

"Don't be too rude in front of him" Mr. Cheng Said

"I know my duties as your daughter and The princess of the country but. I have to make my own choice. So goodbye" Anie replied

She ran out of the room and Walk in to her bedroom. I never want this type of life. She ran out of her room and go to the bar.

- Wu Family

"Young Master. Your Mother is waiting for you outside" Mr. Ming Said

"I'm coming out" Lay Replied.

Lay went to the Meeting room.

"Lay. This is Ms. Shuang Lin. She is the one that i am talking to you." Mr. Wu Said

"I know. Plan the marriage. I have something to do" Lay Replied and walk out into the room.

"Where do you want to go Young Master" Mr. Ming Asked

"You know where to" Lay Replied

While Mr. Ming was driving he forced fully stop the car.

"What's wrong?" Lay Asked

Lots of people Were around of the car. Lay decided to went outside of the car.

"Is she alright?" Mr. Ming asked

"Let's take her to the hospital" Lay replied

"I... I'm sorry Mr. Wu" Mr. Ming pleased.

Mr. Ming and Lay Take her to the hospital. It takes a while before the Doctor came out from the emergency room.

"Lay. I heard you bumped into a woman. Is she terribly hurt?" Roy Asked

"I asked you to came here because i want you to take a look for her over me. I have lots of things to be done" Wu Said

Suddenly the Doctor came out. with the patient

"How is she?" Roy asked

"She's good now. Let us wait until she wakes up" Doctor

"An...Anie Cheng???" Roy Shouted

"Lay you bumped into my Fiancee" He followed

"I'm Sorry but it's not young masters fault but rather mine. She suddenly Show up in the way and i didn't notice it very clearly." Mr. Ming explained

"She's the daughter of Mr. Darren Cheng and Mrs. Jelly Cheng. You Should go now. Before the knew this." Roy Said

"Okay I'll leave then." Lay Replied

Lay Ride into the car. and leave the hospital.

Suddenly His phone rings.

"Lay Wu!!!!! Are you Careless! Who is that Woman your carrying." Dad Shouted in phone

"She's nothing. i better hang up this" I Replied

I hang up the phone call from dad and Turn off my phone.

"I'm sorry Young master for giving you this trouble. You know that The Cheng Family and Your Family was not in good condition ever since. And it was very coincidence that i bumped into their daughter. " Mr. Ming Said

"I can handle it mr. ming" I replied

"For now let's go to my Villa." I followed

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