Kate's POV

Its the first day of school. Im already grade 6 and ready to experience the life of a graduating student.

(At the classroom)

"Hi class! My name is Ms. Cori, and I will be your class adviser. Today, all of you will introduce yourself. Who can start?" She ask.

Charlotte raised her hand, as she wants to introduce herself to the class. She is nice. She makes us happy whenever one of us is not fine.

"My name is Charlotte Anderson, you can call me Charlotte." As she introduced herself.

"My name is Julia Perez, you can call me Julia." Julia is also nice. She is smart, kind and beautiful. She is the one who helps me in my studies.

I can heard students, whispering and talk about her.

"I heard that she is smart. She is always top 1!" As I heard my classmate at the backseat.

"My name is James Harris, you can call me James." A boy said. I don't know much about him because we're just classmate now.

"Oh, its James. He didn't changed." Judy said.

"I agree." Diana replied.

"You know him?" I asked them in curiosity.

"Yes. How about you?" They both asked me.

I don't really know him but I always hear his name and I always see him. I wonder who he is.

"I already know him, but not so well."

Many students had introduced themselves until its my turn.

"My name is Kate Bailey, you can call me Kate." I said.

(minutes later)

"Okay class. You may take your break."

Ms. Cori said to us.

I left the classroom with Gianna, Charlotte, Judy, Diana and Julia.

"Lets go to the canteen and buy some food." Gianna said.

When we bought our foods, we find a place where to sit.

"Good! We already found a place to stay." Diana said.

"Have you heard that? Some of our classmates thinks your beautiful and smart, Julia!" Charlotte said to Julia.

"Im used to it. Really."

(Bell rang)

"Its already time." I said to them.

"See yah later!" As we all left and go inside the classroom.

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