It was our wedding night. But unlike most newly wedded brides, I was not looking forward to this night.

I stood looking out the floor-to-ceiling window dreading this moment. I wished this night was over and that tomorrow was here. I leaned sideways against the glass panel with my arms crossed in the dark; I didn't want the glares from the lights to prevent me from enjoying the beautiful night scenes outside of the penthouse. Darkness was the only thing giving me any sense of calm right now.

Today, I was forced to marry a guy I absolutely abhorred. He represented everything I hated—a player, a womanizer, a layabout, a wastrel and probably a cheater—pretty much a good-for-nothing kind of man.

He was what people would call 'the idle rich.' He probably never worked a day in his life and spent his father's money to cover his lavish lifestyle while chasing after women. At least that was how I would describe my newly wedded husband.

I frowned as I wondered if he would force me to share his bed tonight.

The sound of the door handle turning brought me out of my thoughts. I moved away from the window and turned to see the invader knowing full well who it was—Artemis Jame—my husband.

"So you've been hiding in here." His voice was playful and seductive. He flipped on the light switch and smirked as he walked confidently toward me.

Yes! I've been hiding in one of the four available bedrooms in this luxurious apartment hoping that you wouldn't care enough to look for me, I thought.

"Does that mean you couldn't wait to make our union official?" His teasing continued. He was wearing the same suit I had seen him in earlier this morning.

As much as I hated his arrogant egotistical demeanor, I hated how my body was responding to him more. My brain told me to despise him while my body was doing the exact opposite. My heart started beating fast and my insides doing flips as he got nearer.

While I stared at him, I grudgingly admitted that he must be the most handsome man I've ever met. His beautiful caramel eyes with specks of greens and a hint of mischief connected with my grey ones.

He stopped a few steps away and I couldn't help but gazed at his beautiful lips—a devilish smile still on his face.

I made myself look away before he managed to steal my soul. "We're officially married on paper. There's no need for you to be here right now to make it official." I said with finality even though I was trembling inside. I hoped he would leave me alone tonight; as for tomorrow, I will worry about that later. Right now, I could only plan a day at a time when it came to our sleeping arrangement.

"That's where you're wrong." His enchanting husky voice sounded closer as he took a few more steps. "You owe me an heir." He bent down and whispered in my ear—his hot breath sending shivers down my body.

My head snapped back to bravely glare at him. He seemed amused and unfazed and one corner of his mouth lifted up.

I loathed how he could make my stomach flips even with the slightest move he made. It was so infuriating! What was more infuriating was that he was well aware of him charms too. Damn this man!

"That wasn't in the contract!" I spat with less venom than I had hoped.

"Oh. I guaranteed you it is." He got closer and forced me back against the glass window. "But I'll explain that later because right now, we will be busy doing something more productive than talking." His tone held implications when he said the word 'productive.'

I tried to move away but he reached out and flattened both of his palms against the glass, imprisoning me between his hands. "Where do you think you're going?" He asked enticingly.

"I...I-I...Y-You..." I couldn't think straight with him being this close hovering over me like a predator playing with its prey before the kill. His tantalizing scent attacking my nostrils making me want to inhale deeper.

One of his hands moved away from the glass, captured my chin and lifted it so our eyes would meet. The eyes staring back at me were a foot above mine and they reflected the beautiful city lights behind me. I felt like looking at stars in the night sky—so mesmerizing. "You what sweetheart?" His lips curved. He was having fun with this game at my expense.

I jerked my head out of his grasp because my chin was being burnt by his touch. "Don't use the same endearment you used with your other conquests on me." I said agitatedly.

Why would I get angry over a word? It was just a word and yet it bothered me to think that he had used it on other women.

He chuckled. Even hearing this simple sound made my heart skipped a few beats. I was getting more annoyed at the fact that I couldn't even control my own body. "Is my sweet wife jealous?"

"Why would I be jealous? I don't even like you!" I challenged. I hoped he believed it because that sounded false even to my own ears. Ugh. I needed him to get away—the farther the better. The longer he was near, the more fuzzy my brain got.

With his one hand still planted on the window, he suddenly grabbed my waist with the other—the same hand that was holding my chin captive earlier.

My hands instinctively flew to his chest to push him away. "What do you think you're d..." His lips crashed into mine before I could finish.

As I pushed harder against his hard chest, his arm tightened more around my waist while his other one moved to hold the base of my head.

His lips were soft and he kissed me with urgency. My body pathetically gave up the fight and started to melt into his. I could feel him smile with satisfaction against my lips before he went back to kissing me.

He took his time on my bottom lip—pulling, sucking and gently biting—before moving on to my upper lip. My mouth slightly parted and he bent his head to kiss me deeper.

Even though my inexperienced lips didn't know how to kiss him back, my inexperienced hands moved up his chest and wrapped around his neck. I moaned softly. I never knew kissing could feel so good.

I would be extremely embarrassed at the sound I just made if I weren't so intoxicated. My body seemed to want more as my arms pulled tighter and I stood on tip toes to get closer to him if that were possible.

He chuckled against my lips and suddenly pulled back.

My brows furrowed as I slowly opened my eyes. He laughed at my disappointed look. With his arms still around my waist and mine now on his chest, he said smugly. "If I can't make you fall in love with me after one month, I'll give you a divorce without penalizing you for breaking the contract."

I pushed his arms away and he let them drop to his side without resistance. "What about my father's company?" I asked full of sorrow.

Our marriage contract stipulated that he would help my father's company from going bankrupt. It also specified that he wouldn't cheat on me or have any inappropriate relations with other women or else he would be penalized. The second condition applied to me as well, not that I would ever cheat on him.

"I will still help him even if we divorced." He said sincerely and I believed him.

His offer sounded good. If we divorced, no scratched that, when we divorced, he would still help my father's company. This was the reason why we got married in the first place—so my father wouldn't lose his company.

He was overconfident in his proposal. I was sure I'll win this bet and then I would be free from him.

"Deal!" I happily stuck out my hand and he took it while smiling cockily.

"Goodnight, wife." He said sultrily and then exited the room with the same confidence when he first came in.

I huffed in annoyance. There was no way in hell I would fall for a self-centered playboy like him.

Whether I fell for him or not, it would still be a win-win situation so I got nothing to lose.

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