After lunch, we went back to Artemis's office. He wanted to spend more time with me while getting the rest of his work done before he flew out at 6:00 p.m.

He sat behind his desk looking over more documents that his assistant had just brought in.

I plopped down on the same sofa as before and got out my notebook, textbook and laptop. I pulled up the slides and started to jot down a few notes.

Comfortable silence filled the room as we focused our attention on what was in front of us. Half an hour flew by and I looked up to steal a glance in his direction.

He seemed so at ease in his position like he had done this all his life. It was hard to image the diligently working man in front of me to be a lazy playboy I once believed. Well, he could still be that person and maybe he was just pretending right now. And if he was pretending, then he was a damn good actor because I was starting to doubt what I knew of him. Even if most rumors were false, there was still some truth to them.

I must have stared for a long 10 minutes when he finally spoke up. "You're going to burn a hole in my head if you keep gazing at me like that." He said teasingly without looking up.

I snapped my head back to my notes and he chuckled. "Don't distract me or you wouldn't want to pay the consequences."

"Consequences. Ha! Empty threats don't scare me." I mumbled to myself as I made a face. I picked up my pen again and started writing down biological terminologies.

Another half hour went by and I looked at the time on my laptop screen. It was 3:00 p.m. I decided to take a short break and subtly snuck another peek at him.

He looked absolutely impeccable sitting there, his head bent over his work. Not a hair out of place on his flawless head, his eyes completely focused--if those eyes were that focused on me, I'd probably melt into a puddle. His perfectly straight nose followed by the most exquisite lips that could kiss me into oblivion.

I was so lost in thought that I didn't notice when he stopped writing. He set his personalized black and silver pen down and brought his interlocking fingers up to support his chin.

"I warned you not to disturb me." He said threateningly with mischief evident in his eyes and a smirk on his lips. "Now you have to pay for the consequences."

I instantly turned away, embarrassed that I was caught the second time. "I was only silently observing. How was that disturbing you?" I said lamely.

"I don't know how but it did." He said thoughtfully and added. "Somehow, I'm always aware of you whenever you're around and I can't concentrate."

"That's not my fault." I whined. I hated how I tend to turn into a whiny baby around him.

"Then whose fault is it?" He asked mockingly.

Yours, of course, was what I wanted to say but I stayed silent.

"Come here." He said gently.

"No." I said defiantly.

"Would you rather I come to you?" He said smugly knowing exactly how I would react because I suddenly stood up and slowly walked toward his direction.

I would rather come to him with a false sense of control than wait in suspense while he came to me.

I stopped at his chair—half excited and half nervous for what the consequences might be. He immediately grabbed my hand and roughly pulled me onto his lap in a straddle position. I felt so vulnerable that my face couldn't help but blush fiercely.

"Kiss me." He ordered softly.

My hands flew up to cover my red face as I mumbled through my fingers. "I...I-I don't know how."

"Yes, you do." He said confidently as he took my hands away from my face and guided them around his neck—the movement brought my our bodies closer, my chest right at his chin.

For the first time, my face hovered above his and I felt like I had the upper hand. His eyes intensely looked into mine and I could see clearly the green specks in his beautiful hazel eyes. His pupils started to dilate as the darkness slowly suppressed his colorful irises.

"Kiss me." He repeated and I did.

I closed my eyes as I bent down and let my lips do the work. I tried to kiss him the way he had kissed me. I felt butterflies as I gently bit, lick, and suck his soft lips. His hands stayed on my small waist and I could feel his fingers digging into my flesh every time my lips teased his.

After letting me lead for a few minutes, he took it back and started kissing me with urgency. I gasped when his hands gripped my thighs and pulled me even closer as they traveled under my T-shirt and up my sides scorching my skin as they went.

My back slightly arched as heat from his hands and pleasure from his lips spread throughout my body as I curled my fingers around his hair. I softly moaned into his mouth as his hands circled my back and shoulder and pulled me into a tight suffocating embrace. I was so breathless that I couldn't tell if it was from the kissing or the embrace or both.

His mouth trailed kissed down my neck and gently bit my collarbone. He stretched my collar as he pulled it down to expose more skin for his mouth to taste. His lips moved down to my chest when a knock on the glass door made me fall off the clouds and I immediately jumped off of him.

His assistant entered with a black folder in his hands. He was professional and calmly said. "The people from Shanghai just sent a revised version of the deal we discussed. I think you should look it over before we leave tonight."

Artemis's lust filled eyes were instantly replaced with serious ones. He started flipping through the pages right away as I walked back to the sofa.

My body was still humming and my heart was still beating fast; I couldn't seem to concentrate enough to take notes. I decided to close my eyes to calm my nervous and before I knew it, sleep claimed me.

Artemis's POV

After thoroughly going over the new revised plan, Nate, my assistant left to prepare for our departure. I looked over to see Grace leaning sideways against the sofa, her back facing me.

I walked over to have a closer look and saw that she was sleeping soundly. I took off my suit jacket and put it over her. I stood with my hands in my pockets as I studied her.

Her face was adorable as she slept with her pink lips slightly parted. Her brows were neat and thick lashes fanned her cheeks followed by a small nose and kissable full lips. Her smooth skin continued down to her slender neck where, if you looked closely, you could see a hickey hidden under some makeup. I smiled to myself.

I bent down to gently brush a strand of brown hair away from her face and kissed her smooth forehead. I straightened and stared at her a little longer as I memorized her youthful features. My heart warmed at the sight and my insides knotted thinking how this person in front of me was my wife. I couldn't make her completely mine yet until she was in love with me and holding back had been the hardest thing I've ever done.

Every time we kissed, I wanted to go further but I knew she wasn't ready. I didn't want to go too fast and scared her away. I wanted to slowly break down her walls so she would come to me willingly.

A knock on the door took my attention away from Grace. Nate entered and reminded me. "It's time." He looked at Grace's sleeping form and asked. "Should we wake her up?"

I looked back at Grace, my wife, one last time and smiled. "No. Let her sleep."

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