Finally, Friday was here; it couldn't come fast enough. The last three nights were long and lonely. I didn't think I would be this attached to him already. The house felt too big and my bed felt empty; not that we ever slept in the same bed, but it felt empty nonetheless.

"Stop frowning or you'll get wrinkles. Your hubby will be coming home tonight so you can stop moping around." Pru was slightly annoyed with me.

We just got done with our last class of the day and we were walking to our cars.

"I was not frowning nor was I moping around." I said in deniably.

"Uh huh. Why don't you keep telling yourself that." She rolled her eyes.

"Okay. Fine. Maybe I was a little." I said sheepishly.

She rolled her eyes again and I laughed. "Fine. A lot! Are you happy now?"

"No. I'm happy when you're happy." She said seriously. "I don't like seeing you like this."

"Awww, you're so sweet." I was really touched by her words. I side hugged her and perked up. "Let's do something fun today."

"Why don't we go clubbing tonight? Angela is coming and she's bringing her new boyfriend. I'll invite Mike and he can bring his girlfriend." She suggested brightly.

We met Angela during our sophomore year in high school. She was very outgoing and could have a conversation with just anybody. She was confident and straightforward; she would never sugarcoat anything so you wouldn't want to ask her a question that you wouldn't want to hear an answer from.

Also, she tended to go for one type of guy: tall, tanned, and muscled. She went to a university two hours away so we often saw each other once a month.

As for Mike, Pru and I knew him from our science classes. Like Pru, he wanted to go to medical school after graduating next semester. We had heard a lot about his girlfriend but we had not met her yet.

"I don't know. You know I don't like crowds and loud music." I reasoned. "And the last time I went, I didn't do so good the next day." I shivered at the thought.

"Oh, come on, Grace. Go clubbing with us. You can't use one bad experience as an excuse forever." Pru rationalized. "And we're 21, we don't even need to use fake IDs."

"Oh yes I can! I don't want to puke to the point I thought I was dying and then had the worst headache the next day where all I could do was lay in bed holding my throbbing head." I listed. "And really? No need to use fake IDs? That's the one reason you're gonna use to get me to go?"

"Fine! I will watch you and make sure to not let you get to that point." She promised. "Besides, you said your hubby will be home late so you should just go and have some fun with us instead of being home alone on a Friday night."

"Okay." That was enough to persuade me—I didn't want to think about missing him. "But I do have a gala to go to tomorrow so make sure I won't go overboard with the drinks." I reminded her.

"Yes, mother." She rolled her eyes. "You can be such a mom sometime."

I was about to open my mouth to respond but she cut me off. "Alright alright. I will watch over you like a hen over her chick. Happy now?"

I smiled. "A little."

We drove to Pru's apartment—where I used to live until I moved in with Artemis—and I hung out with her all day until 9:30 p.m. when we had to get ready for the club.

After changing into what I considered appropriate clubbing clothes—a white crop top and a black fitted skirt—I was ready. Pru decided to do my makeup and gave me a smokey eye.

I scrunched up my nose. "Isn't that a little too much?"

"No, because we're going clubbing and a smokey eye is in order since you won't let me do anything else to your features."

I opened my eyes to confront her. "Hey. Mascara, eye liner, a little blush and lip gloss are more than enough."

"No, it's not. Now stopping talking, close your eyes and stop moving your head." She commanded with a stern face.

Angela and her boyfriend, Daren, picked us up and then picked up Mike and Ashley along the way. Daren was exactly how I would've pictured him—tall, tanned, and he looked like he went to the gym every day pumping iron. Personally, I was not into guys who were too muscular. I would prefer them lean and in-shape, like Artemis, but not with bulky muscles.

We exchanged introductions inside the car and everyone seemed excited to get to our destination, even me.

We got to the club and it was packed. It seemed impossible for another body to even fit on the dance floor but people managed to keep squeezing themselves in. I guess they didn't mind being pounded on by all sides from the bodies jumping up and down.

We found a table and Mike said. "Let's get some drinks. What do you girls want?"

"Ashley, you okay with a margarita?" Pru asked.

"Sure." Ashley smiled.

"Angela?" Pru asked.

"Margarita's fine." Angela answered as she flipped her gorgeous red hair back. Her makeup was on point tonight like it always was.

"Get us four margaritas." Pru ordered. Mike and Daren left to get us drinks.

"Hey. Why didn't you ask me?" I asked with a pout.

"Because I already know what you liked from the last time we were here." Pru said giving me the 'duh' look.

"Good point." I laughed. "Because I don't remember what I liked or didn't like."

"Let's do some shots after." Pru recommended. "I wanna play hard now since finals are coming in a few weeks and I'll work hard later."

Pru was pretty good at balancing her life. Even though she usually planned things a head and always got good grades, she would still find time to have fun. She played as hard as she worked and I've never met a person quite like her.

"I'm in." Angela put her hand up.

"Yeah. Me too!" Ashley said enthusiastically and I decided to stay quiet. I was not sure how I would feel about shots but I trust Pru to not let me get drunk.

Mike and Daren came back with our drinks. We sipped our margaritas while the guys drank their beers.

"Come on, Ashley. Let's dance." Mike grabbed Ashley's hand and pulled her out onto the dance floor. I watched them as they flattened themselves against the other bodies as they tried to get a spot. I couldn't help but laugh at the scene. I looked back at our table and Angela and Daren were gone.

Pru seized my wrist and started pulling me. "Come on, I wanna dance too."

I pulled back. "Nuh huh. I don't want to get pushed around in that crowd."

"Come on. That's part of the fun." She laughed.

I gave a sarcastic laugh. "That does not sound or look like fun. I'll stay here and have fun with my drink thank you very much."

"Suit yourself." Pru shrugged and disappeared into the throng of people.

I sipped my drink and looked at my phone. No missed calls. What kind of husband was he? He rarely called or texted. I knew there was a 12 hour difference from here and Shanghai but come on. How was he supposed to make me fall in love with him while doing nada.

He was truly good-for-nothing. I huffed in annoyance. All talk and no action.

I looked down at my drink and it was almost empty. I decided to drink Pru's and planned on getting her another one later. I finished her drink within minutes. I started to feel the buzz. I'd show him I could have fun without him, I thought. I slightly stumbled my way to the dance floor and started jumping with my arm up like everyone else.

Suddenly Pru was at my side. "Hey. You decided to join us." She screamed into my ear.

I leaned my head toward her and smiled sillily. "I love you Pru. You're the best."

Her eyes went wide. "Are you drunk?!"

"No. I'm perfectly fine thanks." And started drawing zig zag lines in front of her face with my index finger.

Her eyes narrowed and she grabbed my hand and dragged me back to our table. I stumbled half of the way while laughing gaily.

She looked at my drink and hers. "You had two drinks and you're already drunk?" She shook her head. "No wonder you were puking so much last time. You're such a light weight."

I kept playing with her straight black hair as she talked. She slapped my hands away. "Stop that."

I picked up Ashley's drink and was about to have a taste but Pru snatched it out of my hands. "No. That's enough. If I let you drink anymore, you'll probably kill me tomorrow."

"My drinkkkkk." I slurred my last word with a whiny voice.

She picked up my phone and saw a text message from The Playboy. "Who's The Playboy?" She asked.

"My neglectful husband." I giggled as I tried to grab the drink again but her reflex was faster than mine.

"He said he had landed 20 minutes ago. I'm calling him to pick you up." She informed me.

"Noooo. What are you doing? You can't call that jerk. He doesn't give a rat's butt about me." I clumsily tried to grab my phone back and failed.

"We came here together and I don't want to force everyone to leave yet since we just got here. Hence, I'm calling your husband." Her thumb pressed his name and she put the phone to her ear. "And I don't trust a cab to take you home in your condition."

I crossed arms on the table and put my head down as sleep slowly called out to me.

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