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Just wanted to give a shout out to the supportive readers who had commented on the most recent chapter: SehunIsAwesome AwesomeSila, niki chouhan, Imphala&Camaro, Anonymous, and zosima silao. Thank you so much for reading and enjoying the story so far :) readers like you guys push amateur writers like myself to keep going :) Thank you!!!

Anyway, I'm still trying to keep it PG but this chapter is a little steamy so you have been warned :)


Finally home and back in my room. I couldn't wait to get out of the fitted gown. I was definitely an introvert because crowds and parties really sucked the energy out of me.

After finishing my nightly routine, I was extremely happy crawling into bed. Something about going to bed usually brought me joy and contentment. Maybe it was the anticipation of a good night's sleep or tomorrow's new beginning that I always looked forward to the next day.

Suddenly, there was a knock on my door followed by the turning of the handle. I turned to see Artemis coming toward me. "Is something wrong?" I asked, unsure.

"No." He answered as he pulled my blanket away and scooped me up. "I've already given you a week to adjust. From tonight onward, you're going to sleep with me."

"Ummm...ummm..." I couldn't form a coherent word or sentence as he carried me over to his room.

My body was excited but my brain was too slow at processing to send out signals to my mouth to respond.

The moment he put me down, I got under the cover and laid on my side with my back facing his side of the bed. I tried to stay close to the edge of the bed and waited with anticipation as my body tensed up. How was I supposed to fall asleep tonight?

I felt the bed move when he got in and then it was complete silence. I strained my ears to listen to his breathing hoping that he would fall asleep soon.

I only managed to sleep like a bear in hibernation last night with the help of alcohol. I internally groaned and dreaded at thought of not getting my beauty sleep tonight as I lay awake staring at the wall.

After a whole minute, yes I counted each second, I felt movements behind me. A second later, his hand was on my waist pulling me to turn around to face him.

He had one arm underneath his head while his other hand kept pulling me closer and closer until we were up against each other—chest to chest and thigh to thigh. My forearms were wedged between our chests as I looked up at him with doe eyes.

I craned my neck as I stared at his beautiful features. I felt like chocolate melting into a puddle as he gazed back at me with hungry eyes while his hand on my waist is getting hot and hotter on my skin.

My satin nightgown felt invisible under his touch like he was touching bare skin. My body was doing something weird and I had never felt this feeling before.

It was a feeling of yearning, a yearning for what I didn't know but that yearning kept growing as his hand slowly, very slowly, moved over my hip and down my thigh to the edge of my skirt.

With the same excruciating slowness, his hand pushed up my dress as it followed the back of my thigh and stopped at the base of my butt cheek and gave it a gentle squeeze. I gasped.

His hand moved back down to my thigh and pulled it up over his hip while his other arm got free and wrapped around my shoulders as he bent down to capture my lips.

My hands gripped the front of his shirt as I pulled myself up to kiss him back releasing the tension in my neck.

I softly moaned into his mouth as he bent and kissed me deeper and deeper, swallowing all my air. My yearning increased and all I could do was arch into his body hoping to satisfy the unknown craving feeling.

He flipped us over with me landing on top of him without ever breaking the kiss.

I felt vulnerable and yet powerful being on top of him. As our lips tasted each other, my fingers were playing with his hair while his hands moved up my thighs, over my hips, passed my waist and stopped at the base of my breasts.

He flipped us over again and this time he was on top as his mouth made its way down my jaw, to my neck and to my chest.

We were both breathing hard and my heart was beating rapidly within my chest as my hands got under his shirt and touched his body for the first time.

My fingers roamed over all the planes and ridges of his lean back and made their way to the front to his chest.

He let out a soft grunt and his lips came back to capture mine for the second time.

"We have to stop now before we go too far." He said against my lips, kissed me, and then continued. "Or else I won't be able to stop."

He slowly pulled away but my arms tightened around his lean waist. He gave a strained laugh and gently pulled my arms away. I could tell he was having a hard time stopping and had to use a lot of self control.

His hands held my face as he looked into my passion filled eyes and said with roughness in his voice. "I'll only make love to you when you're ready to tell me you love me."

I place my hands on his while staring back at him, my heart in my throat. Would I ever be brave enough to say those words when the time came, I thought. Or would I bury it and push him away until he said those words first.

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