As I sat in class today, I felt much better and much lighter after last night's talk. I had wanted to take advantage of the situation and ask about the revenge since he was so open. However, he fell asleep right after so I didn't get the chance to inquire more—personal questions that I knew he wouldn't answer if he were sober.

After class, I was meeting up with Pru and Erin for lunch at a new sandwich joint. Pru was already there when I arrived.

"Wow. This place is busy." I said once I reached her table and looked around.

"Yup. We're all excited to try something new." She commented when her phone rang.

"I'm gonna go order." I said to her before she picked up the call.

I came back 15 minutes later with a foot long sandwich cut in half, a bowl of soup and a water.  I usually preferred water over pop since I didn't like the carbonation. I hated the way the bubbles popped in my mouth as they traveled down my throat.

"What did you get?" She asked the moment I sat down.

"A turkey bacon sandwich and a chicken enchilada soup." I said with excitement since I was starving. My appetite was definitely back and I couldn't wait to dig in. "You?"

"Chicken tomato mozzarella on flatbread." She answered nonchalantly.

"Looks delicious. And healthy. Maybe I'll try that next time." I said as I took my first bite of the sandwich and made a satisfying sound.

"You look like you feel much better today." She stated as the sandwich hovered right at the entrance of her mouth.

"I am." I smiled happily as I took another bite.

"Mind telling me what it was about." She said after swallowing her food.

"It was just a misunderstanding." I answered easily. Usually, I didn't like burdening people with my own drama. We all have so much of that in our own lives already, so I didn't want to bother her with it unless I really have to.

"Well, I'm happy you're back to your usual bubbly self. I don't think I can take a few more days of you being depressed and distant." She said eyeing me.

I put one arm around her shoulders and hugged her. "I know. I'm sorry."

"And stop apologizing." She said playfully and suddenly laughter died in her throat.

I turned to see what made her freeze and saw Artemis entered through the front door.

"Oh. I-forgot-to-tell-you-your-hubby-called-me-when-you-were-ordering-your-food." She said beside me all in one breath.

I snapped my head around and hissed at her. "How did you manage to forget something like that?"

"It's a talent I have." She answered brightly, unaffected by my annoyance, as she put up a hand to greet Artemis.

When I turned back in his direction, he was already at our table pulling out a chair next to me. His presence shocked me so much that I didn't realize the whole room had gone silent and all eyes were on him.

He stood out like a sore thumb in his fancy tailored suit among casual looking college students. I heard quiet whispers and I could only assume they were gossiping on his looks.

Something got stuck in my throat and I had to swallow hard. Finally, breathlessly, I asked, "What are you doing here?"

He leaned in and whispered in my ear, "To have lunch with my sweet wife." I couldn't see it but I could feel the the smirk on his lips as he said it.

My cheeks turned a few shades darker and I wondered how I was supposed to eat with him here and all eyes on us. I felt like we were on display like a circus.

Before I could react, he grabbed my hands holding the sandwich and brought it over to his side as he took a bite.

"Hey. Get your own food." I said distractedly.

"Yeah. Don't mess with her food. She's not very good at sharing when it comes to anything edible." Pru said while watching us.

As if to prove Pru wrong, he grabbed my hands again and took another bite out of my sandwich.

"Hey!" I retorted as I pulled my hands back along with my sandwich. "Go get one yourself."

"I don't have time. Just let me eat yours." His voice dripped with honey. "And here, I brought you this." He placed a white iPhone box on the table. "Your contacts and everything else should be in there."

"Oh...thank you!" I put down my sandwich to open the box and check out my new phone. "I've been meaning to get a new one but I completely forgot."

I checked my contacts and he was right, everything was in there. Also, my pictures were all there. He somehow managed to save everything from my old phone and transferred them onto this one. "Hey, how did you know my password?"

"It's not rocket science since you used your birthday." He answered smoothly as he finished one half of my sandwich.

Suddenly, Erin showed up. "Hey. Sorry, I'm late." He said as he stood between Pru and I with his hands on our shoulders. "I had to stay after class for a bit. Oh hey Artemis. What are you doing here?"

Artemis didn't answer. His brows slightly furrowed as he stared at the hand on my shoulder. At that same moment, Nate showed up and whispered something in his ear. He turned to me. "Sorry, I thought I had more time with you but I have to go."

And just like that, he left.

Erin went to get in line to order his food and Pru nudged me. "Erin's cute but your hubby is freaking hot!"

I laughed and she continued. "His assistant is also pretty cute!"

I swatted her elbow and laughed again. "Stop it."

“I’m serious. Hook your girl up.”

I knew she was only half serious since she didn’t need any help in that department. She already had a few admirers lined up ready to date her.

That night, I had dinner alone. Again. Artemis seemed to work a lot—he woke up before me and got home after me. I didn't even know if he ate his meals regularly or if he skipped them.

I had showered and caught up with all my homework. I decided to go into his office since there was a large library there. I wanted to find a good book to read while waiting for him to come home.

It was pouring rain outside with loud thunderstorms. I was too deep in thought as I took my time looking at each title of the book that I didn't realize when Artemis came into the room.

I reflexively jumped when his arms came up from behind me and hugged my waist. "Here you are." He said huskily with his chin on the head.

His cologne entered my nose and I inhaled deeply. My body temperature started rising as his heat penetrated my back. "What are you doing in here?" He asked enticingly as he bent down, his right cheek touching my left.

"Looking for a book to read." I said softly, completely aware of everything he was doing. My heart started to beat faster and my yearning started to build. I put a hand on his that was around my navel while my other hand reached out blindly to pick a book in front of me.

With his hand still around me, his other hand came up and gently seized mine—the one touching the book. "That's boring." He said seductively against the sensitive part of my neck as he pulled my hand down and placed it back on ours. "You should do something more fun, more interesting." He put more emphasis on the last word.

"Like what?" I asked breathlessly, my heart hammering against my chest.

"Oh, you know." His voice teasing as he kissed my neck and sent electric shocks down my nerve endings.

I tried to turn around since I couldn't stand the suspense any longer but his hold tightened on me and I couldn't budge.

All I could do was lean my head back against him, giving him more access as he kissed me from my jaw down to my collarbone and back up to behind my ear.

My breathing sounded ragged as I called out his name. "Artemis..."

"Yes, my sweet wife." He whispered, his lips against my skin making my legs turning into jello. Finally, he turned me around to face him.

I stared up at his mesmerizing eyes filled with desire. In that moment, my heart felt full and I blurted out my true feelings. "I love you."

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