Sorry for the long wait you guys. This chapter was really difficult to write and it took me forever on how to put it together. I'm still not happy with it but I honestly don't know how to make it better so here it is. Hope you guys enjoy it anyway :)

WARNING: This also has strong mature sexual content so please SKIP this chapter if you are uncomfortable with reading such things. Read at your own discretion :)


I woke up on my side with Artemis's chest pressed against my back. His arm wrapped around mine with his hand at my chest as if holding my heart captive while his other arm pillowed my head. 

I smiled to myself since this was only the second time I woke up with him still in bed out of the five weeks I've lived with him. I wished we would have more mornings like these—waking up to him holding me instead of a cold empty bed.

I stayed still trying not to wake him up as I savored this rare moment. I was aware of his soft breathing above my head along with every part of him that was touching me, warming me. I subconsciously clutched his hand tighter to my chest as my heart swelled with love.

It had been two weeks since I had my incisions cleaned and redressed. The doctor had put me on antibiotics for a week. It felt good to finally stop taking medications. I hated putting anything foreign into my body, especially drugs—even prescribed ones. Hence, I never took birth control, not that I had any reason to before since I didn't date anyone.

The past two weeks had been great. Artemis had been coming home early so we had dinner together every night. Afterward, he would work in his office while I did my homework.

Then we would watch a movie in bed—a romance. He would always let me pick even though he would make a face at my choices. He wasn't a fan of that particular genre but he still watched the whole thing with me. Once in a while, he would comment about a scene showing that he was indeed paying attention.

If we didn't watch a movie, then we would read in bed or talk. We would talk about everything and about nothing. Talking wasn't Artemis's strong suit but I hoped that as we do it more often, he would get better at opening up as well. 

It had finally felt like we were a married couple—hanging out and doing things together.

Last Saturday, we even went to a football game together. We met up with Pru, Andy and Erin at the game. Erin was not happy that the extra ticket he had given me was used for Artemis. And Artemis wasn't thrilled to see Erin either but we all had a great time in the end. 

It was nice to finally meet Andy. He was exactly like Pru had described—smart, funny, cute and easy going. They were a match made in heaven.

The game was between our school and another strong rival so the stadium was completely full. As the game progressed, Artemis would stand up and shout out remarks here and there whenever the players scored or made a mistake. It was a new side to him that I had not seen before and it warmed my heart—so different from his usual I'm-always-in-control demeanor.

Last night, we had a wonderful date. I started to blush just thinking about it. After dinner, Artemis had taken me to a viewing spot where you could look down at the whole city while watching the sun set.

He had removed his suit jacket and had me settled in his lap as we sat cozily in the driver seat. He moved the seat back and leaned it back to accommodate me and his long legs. We watched the mesmerizing round ball of flame slowly go down as it touched the top of the tallest building. 

As half of the yellow-orange-red blazing sun disappeared below the horizon, I couldn't help but feel content at the beautiful moment as I listened to his heart beating below my ear while inhaling his intriguing scent. My desire grew as the heat from his hand at my waist seeped into my skin and spread throughout my body.

Before I could act on my naughty thoughts, Artemis's hand went under my dress and up my thighs as if he had telepathically heard me. It settled right between my legs as if to guard my entrance while his other hand cupped the base of my head and pulled me in for a kiss.

He kissed me with so much passion and unspoken promises.

"I love you." I moaned into his mouth as fog slowly filled up my brain.

"And I love you, my sweet wife." He replied, his voice low, against my hungry lips.

My dress was pushed up to my waist as I sat up and straddled him with my knees digging into the seat under him. His hands were warm on my thighs as I struggled to make myself comfortable. 

"Any more movement and I might be done for." He chuckled and I immediately stopped what I was doing. I didn't realize I grinding against him as I flattened my hands on his abs for balance.

"Oh, sorry." I blushed.

He sat up, seized my hands and put them around his neck as I bent my head, touching my forehead to his.

"You're beautiful tonight." He said huskily, his warm breath fanning my chest making me shiver.

"Just tonight?" I asked teasingly as my mouth hovered above his.

"No, every night. But especially tonight because the more I see you the more beautiful you get." He said sincerely without a hint of pretense.

"Flattery will not get you anything." I said, embarrassed at the compliment.

"Are you sure about that?" He asked seductively as his hand pushed down on the back of my head making our lips connect.

His mouth instantly went to work and I felt like we were in competition—each trying to outdo the other. His hands moved up my thighs to my butt and gave it a squeeze. 

"Artemis." I moaned breathlessly into his mouth as his fingers kept tightening and loosening on my behind intensifying the delicious feelings between my legs.

“I waited three long weeks for this. I don’t think I can hold out much longer.” His voice strained.

Without breaking the kiss, I arched forward so my hands can have access to his front to loosen his belt and pants. When my clumsy fingers couldn't get the job done, Artemis brushed my hands aside and completed the task within seconds. He ripped my lace parties and moved it out of the way even quicker.

He held my waist up so I would stand on my knees as my entrance hovered right above his. The moment I felt his tip at my opening, I hastily went down and immediately gasped at the pain as my fingers dug into his shoulders.

"Are you okay, sweetheart?" Artemis asked slightly frowning. 

"I'm okay." I lied as I grabbed his unbuttoned shirt and pulled him back for another kiss hoping that it would numb the pain.

The discomfort slowly dissolved away as Artemis kissed me until I couldn't remember where we were. He moved down my neck as his lips left marks everywhere. 

His hands locked tightly on my waist and moved me up and down setting the pace as he shifted inside of me. My off-the-shoulder sleeves fell down my arms exposing my breasts and Artemis instantly buried in his face in them.

I called out his name again as every of my nerve endings were stimulated to their maximum while we moved faster and faster against each other. I arched back as my nails dug into his shoulders as waves of release rolled over me. He grunted into my chest as he unraveled after me.

Suddenly, as if my improper thoughts woke him up, he asked huskily against my hair. "Why are you so tense?"

I didn't realize I was still clutching his hand tightly against my chest. 

I let out an embarrassed laugh. "Oh. I don't know."

"Let me help you with that." He said wickedly as his arm under my head slid down and cupped my breast and squeezed while his other hand on my chest moved down and slowly made its way into my underwear.

I gasped as his fingers entered me and he started stroking me. I writhed against him as  I was already so sensitive from my previous memories of last night. I climaxed within minutes. 

While I was enjoying the sensations, he entered me from behind. He went fast and hard like his life depended on it. 

As our breathing stabelized, he made love to me again. This time it was like honey being poured out—slow and sweet—like we were the last beings in the world.

After our love makings, he carried me into the bathroom so we could shower together. 

By the time we sat down for breakfast, I was ravenous.

"For today, I was thinking we could..." I said between bites of bacon and eggs.

"Actually, I already have plans today." He informed me out of the blue.

"Oh." I was crestfallen. "The whole day?"

"Yeah." He answered nonchalantly. "I have to meet with some very important people this afternoon and then I have a function to go to in the evening."

"A function? Do you need me to go with you?" I asked hopefully.

"No. I know how you don't like these kinds of gatherings. Besides, I'm just meeting with Sebastian, my friend my Europe. He's flying in to attend this party as well so he could introduce more investors to our current project."

Artemis sure had a talent for dampening my mood almost instantly. I woke up feeling wonderful this morning to now completely dispirited.

Something about this felt wrong to me but I didn’t know how to approach it or confront him about it. I knew I had to work on my communication skills so I stayed silent.

I figured if Artemis won’t let me go with him, at least I can go with Erin. Erin had been begging me all week to go with him to a party tonight. I had refused and told him outright that he was wasting his time in pursuing me.

However, he was relentless and had said that he won’t stop until he saw a ring on my finger. I didn’t know when I would ever get a ring either so I couldn’t tell him.

After breakfast, I decided to call Erin while Artemis was getting ready. He picked up almost immediately.


“Hi.” I returned. “That was fast.”

“I was on my phone so I saw your call the second it went through.”

“Gotcha. Anyway, I was wondering if you still need a date tonight?”

“Yeah, I do. Wait.” He said suspiciously. “Are you saying you’ll go with me?”

“Yeah. I figured I might as well return the favor of you taking me to school for a whole week.”

“I used that excuse this whole time and you still said no so what changed?” He wasn’t letting this go.

“Fine. If you must know, Artemis has a function to go to tonight and he wouldn’t let me go with him. I figured since you guys move in the same circle, it might be the same party as the one you’re going to.”

“So you’re using me to see Artemis.” He sounded amused instead of angry.

“Yeah. I guess you can look at it that way.” I admittedly lamely.

“At least I got the date I wanted. Beggars can’t be choosers. I’ll pick you up at 5.” And just like that, he hung up.

Well, that was easy.



I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU ALL for the love and support you have shown me and this story so far :) It truly has been an amazing ride and I hope you will stay until the very end. Honestly, you guys have been wonderful, so wonderful, and that alone has fueled most of my writing :) I'm really writing  for you guys. Without you, this story would not be how it is today lol It might have stopped at chapter 4 or 6...but definitely would not have made it to 28 :) 

I am super excited to finish this book (hopefully in the next month or so...depending on how ideas go) and continue to work on "Love Never Fails." It was my first baby and I stopped midway to start this one. And because this one was more popular, I had decided to solely focus on it. 

When I start LNF back up, I hope you will show it some love too :) It is a little slow at first but I promise you, it will be a roller coaster ride once I work on it again. Actually, I should not promise that in case I could not deliver haha I do have tons of ideas for how it will go and how it will end already. But then again, who knows how it will actually go once I really work on it.

Oh, and I also have another book idea that I might start as well called "General, Save Me!" But we will see if I will have time to start it lol I will let you guys know later so keep your eyes open :)

Anyway, so sorry for my rambling but I just really wanted to THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful heartfelt comments. I am super grateful for you guys :) you don't even know lol

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