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I stood in my bedroom as I touched my wedding picture hanging on the wall. It was one of the happiest days of my life and also one of the saddest.

Tears stung my eyes as I recalled my wedding day. I was so surprised and overwhelmed that day that I hadn't even noticed the photographers who had stayed in the background, followed us and took our pictures.

The picture currently hanging on the wall was of Artemis kissing me at the end of the ceremony—just right before the horrible incident.

I was grateful to Erin and Andy for courageously jumping in and helping out—keeping Theo on the ground until law enforcements arrived and arrested him.

Theo had somehow hid under our radar for over half a year. He was either smarter than we had given him credit for or Artemis's people were slacking off or maybe both.

We didn’t know how he managed to follow us to the summerhouse but I was glad that he was in prison now; he would stay there for a long time.

Another person who deserved my utmost gratitude was Dr. Carter.

Even though I found out later on that Artemis’s condition wasn't life-threatening, it still didn't ease any of my anxieties. It was probably due to Dr. Carter's presence at the scene and fast reaction that helped the overall outcome.



I came into the room and saw my wife standing in front of our wedding photo, her back to me. I bet she was crying again—she had been doing a lot of that ever since I got shot.

I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist as I inhaled the fragrance of her hair. My inner desires were instantly ignited. "I'm going to burn that picture if it makes you cry every time you see it." I said against the hollow of her neck and started kissing it.

"No!" She said passionately as she twisted around in my arms to face me. "I love that picture." Her beautiful lips pouted and there was a tear still on her cheek.

"But it makes you cry every time you see it." I countered gently as I stared back at her doe eyes. I pulled her tighter against me as I bent down to kiss her cheek and drank in her stray tear.

"I know, but that's only because it reminds me that I almost lost you that day." She answered and tears seemed to pool in her eyes again. My heart tightened seeing her like this.

"Well, then we'll just have to have another wedding next year to replace the sad memories with happier ones. And maybe we'll even renew our vows every year after that if you want." I suggested as I cupped her head while my thumbs rubbed her smooth cheeks—prepared to wipe away fallen tears.

She laughed and playfully slapped my chest. "Stop being so wasteful and ridiculous. Spending that much money on one wedding was enough let alone many more. You know I don't like wasting money on extravagance. Well, the wedding was an exception since it was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence." She said thoughtfully and continued. "Although I did miss our wedding reception, I heard the decor was fairytale-like."

"It was." I smiled suggestively. "Just say the word and I'll hire the same wedding planner to do it all over again."

"No need." She smiled tenderly. "There was more than enough happy memories. Just looking at you is enough to remind me of them—that you're alive and well and you're still here with me." She said lovingly as she grabbed the front of my shirt while her neck stretched up to kiss me.

My heart warmed at her statement and that only fueled my burning desires for her.

I held her waist with one hand while the other held her head as I bent my head to kiss her deeper. My lips teased and played with hers until she moaned into my mouth and melted into my body. My tongue immediately invaded her open mouth and her lips closed around it and pulled me in like a vortex. I groaned.

I was completely aroused just by kissing her. I grabbed her thighs and pulled her legs up to wrap around my hips.

She gasped and broke the kiss, alarmed. "Your shoulder."

"It's fine. It's almost completely healed." I reassured her, amused and delighted that she was worried about me. "The bullet went right through without damaging bones or anything major. And the physical therapy post surgery helped tremendously with recovery."

"No. Just put me down." She said adamantly, not convinced. "I don't want to put any strain on your shoulder."

"Trust me, sweet wife." I said darkly. "My shoulder is the last part of my body that's straining right now." Actually, every part of me were straining at this moment to keep myself under control.

She blushed and before she could open her mouth to protest, my hand came up to push her head down so our lips could connect again.

She immediately forgot about opposing as she kissed me back while her fingers gripped my hair. I walked blindly toward the door and kicked it close as I pressed her against it.

She tilted her head to the side as my lips, teeth and tongue teased her skin—each taking its time trailing down her neck.

"I want you, Artemis." She breathed out between moans.

"Say no more." I obliged seductively. Not that I could hold back any longer. As I carried her to the bed, she took off her shirt and bra and threw them on the floor without a care in the world.

I gently threw her on the bed as I quickly got out of my clothes. She giggled with delight and anticipation as she wiggled out of her skinny jeans and undies.

I speedily got on the bed and our bodies eagerly came together like magnets—plastered against each other while we stood on our knees.

Her hands went under my arms and grabbed my shoulders from the back while my hands grabbed her derrière as our lips danced with each other. Her soft breasts rubbing against my chest sent me over the edge—destroying the last few shreds of my self-control.

I disconnected our bodies and turned her around so she would face away from me with her back against my chest and her round bottom against my manhood.

I entered her from behind and she gasped at the intrusion. My arm went across her chest as my hand seized a breast while my other hand made its way from her stomach down to her sensitive area. I slowly stroked her as my lips found hers again while we moved to the rhythm of: lips kissing, hand kneading, fingers caressing, and body thrusting.

Moans and other indescribable noises filled the room as euphoria built up in bodies and released in an explosion. We came undone on our knees and fell together on the bed while I was still inside her. We laid spooning on our sides while our crazy beating hearts slowly calmed down.

I breathed into her hair and tightened my arms around her. “I have a late birthday present for you.”

“What?” She twisted around so she could face me. “Why? You already got me a brand new car two months ago.”

“Well, it’s not really a birthday present.” I said as I looked at her adorably confused face while my hand gently rubbed her bare back. “I had bought this a while ago just in case...”

I didn’t finish as I reached under the pillow and took out a small velvety black jewelry box. She took the box and opened it. “Just in case you didn’t like my mother’s ring.” I completed the sentence. “I know you preferred simplicity and I was worried that my mother’s ring is too red and gaudy for your taste so I got you this.”

“I love it!” She said breathlessly while her eyes shone brightly. “It’s beautiful!” I took out the ring and put it on her other ring finger. It was a simple white gold ring with a round diamond in the center.

“I’ll wear them both until I can pass your mother’s ring to our future daughter.” She said happily as she admired both hands.

Suddenly, she gasped. “Oh, speaking of which, I have something to tell you.”

Her beautiful grey eyes with specks of browns bored into me. They moved left and right over and over again as if her emotions were so intense, she didn't know what to do with them.

“What is it?” I asked, full of hope. I hope it’s what I think it is. If it’s not then there must be something wrong with me because I’ve been trying pretty hard the past few weeks. I didn’t even let her rest when she was tired.

“I’m pregnant!” She announced.

Yes! Finally!

“Are you sure?” I asked with feigned calmness.

“Very!” She answered decisively. “I’m two weeks late and I took the pregnancy test last week and it was positive. I took another one this morning to make sure the first one wasn’t a false positive...”


“It’s also positive.”

My face immediately broke into a wide grin as I grabbed her face and kissed her sweet swollen lips. “That’s the best news I’ve heard in a long time!”



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