Emily's POV:

I didn't know what was happening right now as my conscious mind decided to ditch me for a week and went to its own long vacation!

As for my subconscious mind, it took every reasonable opportunity to moan and gasp as Edward's hand went from my shoulders to wrap around my waist, pulling me closer, and his tongue doing wonders to my neck and throat, waves of pleasure and passion hazing my eyes.

He shifted a little only to put his mouth over my collarbone, sucking it lightly before opening his mouth fully to bite on it. I bit my lips to refrain myself from waking up the whole house in the middle of the night while his hands slid around my back, pressing and roaming his hands harder over my waist.

He trailed his other hand down my bare arm slowly and torturously before reaching my hand and intertwining our fingers, the gesture making my heart go frenzy. Licking over his previous bite, he moved upward, darting his tongue out to lick the side of my throat once more and I exhaled a deep breath to stifle a moan, my eyes closed all this time, revelling in this amazing feeling of being touched like this for the first time.

By the love of my life.

And the man of my dreams!

He pressed our intertwined hands tightly, none too gently sliding his other hand over my dress and pulling the zipper down swiftly. I gasped as his cool hands touched my bare back again but this time they were more determined as they roamed freely and shamelessly, the pads of his finger grazing my virgin flesh.

"Mmm" I moaned, my free hand gripped his shoulder to support myself from falling down as my knees were weak as jelly while his mouth continued to kiss and suck on my pulse, making my heart rate quickening infinitely. My palms were sweating and my cheeks were warm and flushed with embarrassment.

The embarrassment of what he was doing to me right now!

The embarrassment of me enjoying and responding to it willingly!

He moved his head, his mouth hovering and fanning hot breath over my lips when he leaned to touch his lips at the corner of my mouth, his nose touching my flushed cheeks. Opening his mouth a little, his smooth tongue snaked out to lick the trail of melted chocolate smeared at the corner of my lips, his tongue gliding up-to my jaw to open his mouth wider to suck on it, eliciting a low moan from me.

"I never liked chocolate," he whispered, his lips still grazing over my jaw before he twirled me around, pressing me against the wall hard and fast. His hand gripped my waist to support my weight when he ducked his head forward almost as immediately to nibble on my earlobe, taking a mouthful of it in a bite.

"So much until now!" My lips parted in heavy breathing just as his hands on my back moved further my spine, roaming and grazing the sides of my bare breasts and I was reminded of the fact that he knew I wasn't wearing a bra!

Was he just pretending to love me or did he really...

Was it all fake for him and so real for me?

Am I the only one who is receiving his touches thinking of him as my love and my husband? Was he touching me, expecting me to moan and cry his name as his wife?

Or maybe something else...

No way! That can't be! Once again I was hoping for more when I should just be happy with what I was getting at that moment!

But... Is it all, just a game for him? A plan? A game which already guarantees his victory? A plan so well devised nobody would ever be able to suspect anything?

He pressed himself against me further, a low growl escaping his mouth at the feeling of our chests pressed tightly against each other. Hot liquid wet my already moist panties and I rubbed my thighs to reduce the pressure.

In the process of moving myself, I ended up rubbing myself against his pants when I heard him inhale deeply, in frustration. I tried to look at him through my blurred vision only to moan loudly when his mouth once again bit my neck, his teeth digging deeper this time shooting slight pain and strong pleasure in my veins.

From behind my animalistic sounds and slow panting, I heard my phone ring somewhere near me. Turning to my side, I saw George calling me, his caller ID sprawled lazily on my phone which was settled proudly on the desk. He asked me to pick up his phone when he would call since he wanted to tell me something important. The call ran cold before it sounded yet again to disturb us.

"Edward, I think George is calling! It's something important! Would you shift-"

"Don't you dare to pick up that call! It'll make Linda suspicious!"

"No, I suppose... she might be dead... as a rat by… now, seeing us doing... all this!" I replied in short breaths while he nibbled on my earlobe.

"But still, you're not getting that crow's call!"

"But why?! You know-"

"I don't know anything! Just don't do it!"

If I wasn't so much affected by his hands caressing my cheeks, looking at me as if I was his lifeline and making me go insane by gently massaging my scalp, I would have thought he said it more like a plea and less as a statement!

"Still, for the sake of good manners!"

I tried to reach for my phone, slightly moving from his iron grip on my waist when he grabbed my wrist with his one hand and reached for my phone with his other hand. Picking it up, he looked at my eyes intensely as if challenging me to retrieve it and as I jumped to grab my still ringing phone, he caught my other wrist with the same hand which was holding my phone.

I tried to wiggle out of his grip, feeling helpless and aroused at the same time by his cocky moves when he threw my phone over under the bed without even looking and I furrowed my eyebrows in anger.

"That was my first phon-" I started.

"Gifted by me, of course!" he leaned towards me, kissing my nose and cheeks, chuckling heartily.

"But if I didn't respond to George-"

I saw his eyes flash with something akin to rage and fire before he twirled me around so fast I almost had lost my balance if I wasn't pressed so deliciously with my back against Edward now and my hands holding the wall for further support.

"Edw.. ard!" Words died down my throat as his smooth lips pressed against my bare shoulder, lingering there longer before moving so slowly to trail feather-like kisses turning ever so fast into open hot mouthed licks and nibbles and kisses. His hands wrapped around my stomach to pull me closer and now I was pressed to him with my back, very clearly feeling his hard chest and rapidly beating heart.

"Don't say his name in front of me!" he lifted my hands to wrap them around his own, the movement tugging the front of my unzipped dress slight lower, pushing my ample cleavage more in view.

"I.." His hands travelled down my arm, dangerously close to my chest, its mere anticipation making my buds hardening with arousal, my panties soaked as water with my juices now. My face was burning hot with shame and desire when I gasped to feel his full erection pressing against my lower back, so hard and soft at the same time.

I tried to move away in impulse, ignoring his hands moving dangerously down, the process ended up more like a slow grind, evident from his intense low growl.

"Ed..ward. I think it's ti-"

"I am sorry, Lily. I couldn't help it when you look so... daring... beautiful and sound so...hot.... and... sexy?"


Did he just compliment me when I least expected him to?

In the middle of our heated encounter?!

Stop talking like a fucking cousin of a horny wolf, Emily!

"Ermm. I understand it!" I turned around to face him to tell him it was okay to react like that when he was just a male and anyone could be aroused being this intimate with the opposite gender but when I heard him take a sharp intake of breath, looking directly below my eyes, my face flushed yet more to feel his already bigger bulge growing against his pants.

My mouth fell open in horror to see what he was looking at was my half-exposed chest, peeking out of my blue dress with its strips hanging loosely from my shoulders. I quickly tried to cover myself, putting my hands over them and hastily sliding my dress over them before looking at Edward who was still staring at my bust shamelessly, in a daze.

I stared at him some more to remind him that my eyes are on my face and not exclusively on my chest, too embarrassed and shy to say it myself to him. Fortunately, he did look at me, only this time his eyes held clear darkness of the blue sea and something else I couldn't pinpoint.

Before I could even react, he was on me with his hand once again pulling me closer, and his lips ghosting over mine with millions of promises.

I shivered with greed and lust for all that he can give to me and make me his.


"You shouldn't have done that Emily!" His lips kissed my jaw, nipping gently at it.

"Mmm. What I ..shouldn't have..done... Edwa..!"?

"Moan my name, Emily! I want you to hear you moan for me while I do… " his tongue darted out from his mouth, licking all the way to my mouth before running it slowly and sensually over my slightly parted lips, "all this,"  He opened his mouth, taking my lower lip in between his teeth and biting gently at it "and much more," he grabbed my wrists roughly to put them above my head on the wall "to you!

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