Emily's Pov:

Oh dear, this so wasn't happening!

No, never!

What to do?

Should I strangle him!?

Oh hell no!

Eric is my friend and like a brother to me!!

But he was a villain to Lisa!

But still, if only you could cut him to half and throw him to gutter-

"Shut Up!" I shouted to myself!

I paced worriedly in my room, wondering what to do while all in the house were fast asleep like bull and goats.

Eric greeted us friendly, hugging me and Edward like old times, and though we talked a lot, of ancient rules and all, I couldn't help but feel anxious seeing the clock on the wall, as it ticked one by one second.

In my haste, I started to chew my nails, tapping my foot on floor worriedly.

Lisa wasn't picking up her phone, no matter how many times I dialed her number and at times like this, I felt like if only I had these wings of parrot then I could just fly over to her home, telling her not to come tomorrow.

Or if I were a dragon, I could blow her whole house away with just my one firy breath!

Yes! That would have been cool!

It would have been much better if I were a dragon!

But if I go now, Edward would surely drag my anxious fat butt out of her house in no minute.

I clutched my skull, gripping my brown curls and pulled them in frustration.

"What to do!? What should I do!?"

I glanced towards my bed, which was empty, and I still didn't understand why the hell would Rose go outside at this time of hour. She told me she had to take care of something and asked me not to ask further but I couldn't help but get worried so I asked Michael to go with her.

At first he was unwilling, sliding his excuse of guarding my house but I told him specifically that he didn't need to worry cause unless we won't get attacked by rifles, bombs and bullets, there is no need for him to provide us unrequired safety anymore.


"I am borrowing your car, Emily?"

I was lost in my own worries, "Oh yes, go on! Take it!"

Rose nodded and opened the door.

"Wait, tell me something first!?"

She cocked her head to the side, getting clearly frustrated. "What!?"

"Do you even know how to drive?"

She thought for sometime, pouting her lips in un-rosy manner.

"Well..hmm.. No! I don't!"


"But there is always first time for everything!"

"Woah! Rose? Are you sure you packed all of your things properly in New York, before coming here?!"

"Yes! Of course!"

"Well then you forgot the most important thing to bring here, you idiot!"

"What, my brain!?"

"No, your common sense, you rotten smelling ginger thrown aside in a blasted refrigerator!"

She stood as calm and composed as ever, stretching her arms and yawning casually at me.

"If all your motherly affection had flown into gutter already then I must get going fast! Take care, Emily!"

"No! You're not going alone! Michael!"

In a minute, heavy footsteps approached me. Michael came running fast, opening the door quickly and pushing aside Rose roughly to stand in front of me, his posture erect as a cactus growing proudly on the pot of my bedroom window.

"Yes! Mrs Emily, how can I help you?"

I waved my hand towards Rose without saying a word and Michael stiffened instantly, not daring to even look at Rose. "Go with her!"

Michael didn't respond for minutes, while Rose grew more annoyed by each passing second.

"Well then now we know your innocent little owl isn't joining me in my wild adventure, I must get going-" Rose attempted to leave.

"No! Michael go with her!"

"But mam-"

"She doesn't even know how to drive properly, she would end up hurting herself before drowning her feminine pride to ask you for help, Michael!"

Michael stared at the floor, lost in his own dilemma of helping his sir's friend or staying away from that dangerous Mafia who he thinks Rose is!

Rose didn't respond or even look at me. Picking up her gun and pushing it inside her jeans, she smiled mildly at me before opening a door to walk out.

"Don't wait for me, Emily!", She waved her hand behind, walking to the front door.

I heard Michael take a sharp intake of breath. "Hell, fuck me now!"

Immediately he ran after her, climbing down the stairs quickly, calling her name frantically behind her.

"Rose! Rose!"

Rose!? Oh wow! Where the hell does he learn to have this much courage to neglect "Mam" from her violent name now!? She wouldn't peel his tongue now, would she!?

I ran after him, curious to see what would happen after, my feet moving like a cat after a fat mouse.

"Rose, wait! Rose!"

Michael opened the front door while I just stood at the door, hiding behind it a little to peek at him.

Rose continued walking, folding her arms around her chest, her beautiful hair flowing slowly with the light breeze, while she stared at the space, humming sweetly to herself.

"Rose! Wai-"

Suddenly, she turned around to look at him. "Rose!?", she asked, raising her eyebrows at Michael.

Michael stopped in front of her, huffing slightly but when he raised his head, he looked slightly hazed by her mysterious beauty, his lips opened slightly only to close again, his words lost in his throat.

When he didn't respond, Rose turned around to resume walking to my car.

Shaking his head a little, Michael again ran after her and caught her wrist this time.

Immediately, she turned around to fight and tried to twist his hands in return but he was fast in his deal. He took hold of both of her wrists, gently twisting them around and when she raised her leg to kick him, he dodged it smoothly.

After minutes of struggle, Rose looked annoyed at Michael, gritting her teeth and glaring at him hotly while he took his time, staring at her angry face, still clutching her hands tightly in his grip.

For a minute, I thought Rose was also lost in a moment by the way she stopped struggling to look at him, blinking once and twice, her hands now gripping his fingers lightly, while there still lay a respectable distance between them.

But my doubts were solved quickly when out of nowhere, Rose raised her other leg and kicked Michael hard on his knees. Michael staggered back in pain, staring at her in confusion

"Don't touch me!" Rose yelled, suddenly feeling disgusted by his touch and started to dust her wrists and arms frantically.

"But Rose I was-"

"Rose!?" Rose took a deep breath to calm her nerves.

"Rose... Mam!?" Michael stuttered while I just wondered, staring at my Rose that how the hell did she change so much in these past years!?

When and why did she become so hostile!?

She was so fragile as a flower but at the same time, so friendly and caring towards the people she loved and cared!

Didn't she think of me as a friend anymore, I am ready to listen to anything she had to tell me about her!

What happened in those years while she was in New York!?

And now that I think about it, I didn't actually know anything about Rose!

And you call her your friend right? Some great friend you are! My inner self lectured me.

"Let me take you wherever-"

Rose raised her hand,"No! I'll go by myself!"

"But... But you don't even know how to drive!"

"I know how to drive Ok! Do you think I am capable of shooting at you but I can't drive some stupid car!?"

"You didn't shoot me-"

Quickly, Rose pulled out her gun and pointed at Michael in a swift motion, raising her eyebrows,"Then, should I do it now!?"

Michael gaped at her, wide eyed but his eyes showed a clear emotion of hurt and betrayal.

Pressing my lips in a thin line, I ran towards her, trying to stop her.

"Rose! Stop! He was just trying to help you, dear!"

"You stay out of this, Emily! He, this insolent peace of crap dared to touch me! Me!? Wait a second and I'll end this little animosity between us right here, right now! Then we can all rest and live in peace!"

Rest in peace? Or Live in peace?!

Would she kill him or let him live!?

"What the hell is wrong with you, Rose!? What had happened to you!?"

In haste, I threw my arms around her and hugged her tightly, emgulfing her in my bosom.

"I want my old Rose back! I miss her so much!" I whispered while hugging her firmly.

Rose put her gun down, raising her hands to touch me and just when I thought she was going to hug me back, her arms gripped my shoulders and pushed me away, gently though.

"I don't know what you are talking about! I'm going now and don't you dare to come after me!" She warned Michael before starting her car and driving furiously to only Rose knows where!

I stood still for a moment, still contemplating what to say to our inncoennt bodyguard when I saw him runing his smooth fingers in his hair, in frustration, before he kicked a pebble on the grass.

"Michael, Listen, you must know Rose was never like this before-"

"I know. I know everything! It would be a great favour to me if you can tell Sir that I won't be available tonight!Now if you must excuse me!"

Without waiting for my reply, Michael ran fast, opened the door of his own car, plopping under it quickly and started the car to go straight into the direction of Rose's car while I just stared at his car disappearing in between the streets.


I was still busy in eating my nails and when I realised I was out of spare nails in my right hand, I stuffed my left hand in my mouth, chewing nails of my fingers in frustration.

"Oh god! What should I do?!"

Immediately, an idea popped to my ancient rotten head and a clear smile of relief made way in my potato-face!

"Yes! I can do that!"

I glanced down at my phone, looking down at the time and realised I still have half and hour left till it clicks five in the morning.

Well, a relaxing bath could always work at these times.!

Time would fly while I would busy myself taking a light nap in my wide hot bathtub!

Popping buttons of my shirt open, I slid it down my toes before sliding my jeans down with it. Unclasping my bra, I let it fall on the floor and walked down to the laundry table to stuff all of it in a washroom.

I was glad that after our little mistake in our bedroom on my date night, Edward and I came to a conclusion to sleep alone. He decided to sleep on other room but I told him I could sleep with Rose while talking to her all night and he could sleep in our bedroom. He complied to my decision, not questioning further as he himself knew it was for the best of both of us.

A light moan escaped my mouth just as warm water hit my cool flesh, hugging my curves tightly. I sunk further in the bathtub, spreading my arms on its side and leaning over it, my eyes closing on their own accord.

My phone alarm broke my little nap too soon and pouting in little grudge from the lack of my sleep, I stood up from the tub, water dripping from my body and now, cool air tingling my skin, producing goosebumps over it. I wrapped towel around my wet body, my hairs falling in wet curls around my shoulder.

Humming soundly to myself, I walked towards my closet, plugging earphones in my ears, playing loud songs to shoo away my sleep. In between, I started to dance around, gripping my towel, waving my hands and legs frantically in air.

"Mama, I am in love with a criminal! And this type of love isn't physical, it's rational! Oh yeah!" I plopped on my bed, jumping loudly on it, too much overcome with listening to good music after a long time!

"Whenever,wherever, we're meant to be together, I'll be there and you'll be near, and that's the deal my dear!"

Yeah! Shakira!

I jumped down from my bed, taking my hairbrush to sing along with the music before grabbing wiper from my washroom to dance with it!

So what, I found wiper more adequate dance partner than any human being!

Sorry, but maybe our views doesn't match! But you should also try wiper sometimes, a broom could also work well, if it isn't inhabited by nearby friendly cockroaches who wouldn't miss a chance to steal a little disco dance crawling proudly inside your clothes!

I clicked on Avril Lavigne's albums!

"Please wrap your drunken arms around me!And I'll let you call me yours tonight!" I touched my lips seductively and singing slowly in a sexy tone, I shook my head excitedly, my wet hairs sticking to my cheeks.

"When you turn off the liiiiights, I get stars in my eyes! Is this love!?

Maybe somedaaaaaay!"

"So don't turn on the lights! I'll give you what you like!"

Dancing in myself, I turned around, busying my hands in my closet to search for my undergarments, while my other hand gripped my loose towel.

Finding my black bra, I removed my earphones and put it over my desk before leaving my hands which were gripping my towel.

"What the- No! -Holy fucking shit!!"

My hands shook suddenly from the unexpected interruption. I bit my lips, closing my eyes in dilemma and I didn't want to turn around to look

at the intruder when I recognised very well the owner of that voice.

Gosh, I heard that same voice for twenty years now! I didn't need voice recognition system in my brain to recognise his deep masculine voice that could blow my senses away anytime and anywhere.

Not daring to look into his eyes that were now boring holes in my exposed skin, I paced my foot slowly step by step on the carpet, attempting to slip quietly to the washroom when my ankle stumbled against the table and I eeped in surprise, closing my eyes in surprise of sudden fall.

Pair of masculine arms wrapped around my shoulders, pulling me closer and I opened my eyes to stare at those ocean blue eyes I fell in love with a long time ago.

His eyes bored sweetly into mine, sending chills down my spine and my breath quickened in impulse. Dark blush adorned my already flushed cheeks, as my own hands went over my chest to clutch my towel tightly around my fingers.

Raising my free hand, I pressed my palm over his chest, slightly pushing him away in pure embarassment.

When Edward realised he was still holding me and staring into my eyes continously, he abruptly let me go and I stumbled a little before balancing myself to stand erect on the floor.

Edward scooted a little away from me, keeping a respected distance between us and coughed slightly, his eyes looking at anywhere but me. He slipped his hands into his pocket. His ears and neck were red and I could make out the light blush that was crawling lovingly in his face.

We stood like that, for maybe hours when it was just few minutes and I decided to collect my remaining courage to talk to him.

"Erm.. What are you doing here? In my room!?

"I.. heard loud ...sound coming from your room and thought that something happened! Michael wasn't picking up my calls so I thought I would go myself and check but when I opened the door I saw... well... you know what..you were busy in your earphones.... that's why you mustn't.... have heard my voice.....but I called you.. many times....I was just umm ...I was caught off guard and well.... hope you understand rest of it"

"I.. well... I wasn't feeling well you know that's why..." I trailed off, biting my lips to stop myself from kicking myself.

"I can see that clearly!"

I nodded and looked at his face but he turned around, avoiding my gaze.

"How much did.... you see then!?"

"Well I...didn't.....Nothing I haven't seen before, I guess!"Edward completed quickly.

My eyes widened in horror.

"That was many years ago when we used to take bath in your pool, Edward! Now... things are... different!"

"Of course! I can also see how much... your things ..changed in these years!"

"But still..how much..did... ." I trailed off as my eyes widened slowly to see an obvious bulge pressing against his night pants, the reason he wasn't willing to face me.

Oh god, this was embarrasing!

I hung my head low in embarrasment, swallowing the lump in my throat and looked up a little to see Edward still standing at the door, now turning his back at me.

"Why are you still here!?" I asked in confusion.

"I am guarding the door so that no man enters here so go and change fast! Go! I am not seeing anything!"

"No man? As in Eric?"

He nodded quickly before waving his hand at me, urging me to change fast.

I chuckled a little. "Edward, I can assure you Eric isn't interested in me that way! We're just friends!"

"But he is a big mature man, Emi!"

"Oh and you aren't, then!?"

He hesitated a bit, and for a second I thought he was going to turn around to answer me properly if he wasn't a man or not and..

Oh god, I can very well accept every explanation of his muscularity over my naked skin!

"Well....I am an exception for you, lily"

My heart fluttered beautifully at his words, those crazy butterflies danced hip-hop in my stomach, and I smiled genuinely at him, seeing pure honesty in his words.

Yes, he was right!

He had always been an excpetion in everything he had to do with my life!

Or with my body!

Or with both!

With pure happiness in my heart, I turned on my heels to change in my washroom, that clear grin of happiness not leaving my face for a second. I rinsed my wet hair with a fresh towel and tied my hairs in a simple bun.

When I came outside, Edward was peeping from the peephole, his eyes narrowed in a serious gesture to check if someone was coming.

I coughed deliberately and he turned around abruptly. A wave of relief passed his beautiful face just as he saw me dressed fully in a presentable clothes.

Nodding to himself, he walked towards me, his steps giving evidence of his tiring day. He stood in front of me, raising his hands to pat my head slowly, as if I had done the greatest deed in the world by wearing full clothes.

He rolled the sleeves of my shirt down my arms, buttoning it up my wrists like some Mom dolling up her child to prepare him for school before walking out of the room, not even looking back at me once.

When I looked at my phone, my eyes widened in horror to see it was already past seven now and I slumped my head down in complete disappointment.

I had planned to go to Lara's house early to inform her not to come today, and since Edward was asleep then, it would have been easier for me to slip out of house. But now Edward was wide awake, he would ask me thousands of questions before he would let me leave the house.

I dialed Lara's number again and still, she wasn't picking up. In frustration, I kicked my legs in the air, my mind in complete mess!


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