First of all, I want to apologize to everyone for not updating both of my books for a month. I really don't want to give any excuses but in my defense, I just want to slide the excuse of my academic reasons forward, hoping you guys will understand and forgive me.

So this year, I gave National Level Medical Entrance and since this was my first attempt, I really wasn't confident much about. My whole family has confidence over me, except I didn't believe my own self.

But, I qualified it with good marks. *grits teeth to stop myself from squealing*

Since then, I have been busy in filling the registration form, running here and there for counselling, doing wonders to get my Caste Certificate, Domicile Certificate, Passing Marksheets and Bank Demand Drafts prepared in time.

Most of my time I spend in generalizing the silent features of doing MBBS. What sort of doctor I want to be. What sort of specialist I want to be, I am future.

These days, doing 6 year long MBBS woudn't suffice for the throat-cutting competition among all the intelligent doctors all over the world. I can be a general physical after MBBS but I need more to stand in level with my seniors and my father.

My father is a well-known government employee. I want his level of fame and earnings and for that, I need to qualify NEET-PG or UPCMS-CSC which are both blunt-hard from what I have seen between fellow doctors competing for it.

My family isn't affiliated with any medical field, just accquanited a lot with our family doctor, so mind you, if I did end up getting a medical seat, I'll be the only doctor in our whole family for generations, unless my own daughter or son keeps this trend going.

Or the children of any of my cousins can also do it. I'm not underestimating anyone here. 'Cause I'm not the only one with brains here.

Some of you may think I'm just here to boast and not to give you a update, you're right. I am not here to gift you a update, I'm here to bed you all for your understanding in my problems.

Those who studied medicals or are going to do it in future, they must have a faint idea, if not the clear-cut, as to how challenging this field can be.

Learning a medicine is a process. It is a marathon, not a sprint from initial to final position and from past month, I've been doing various reasearch, as to what sort of specialist I really want to become. Not just a general physician, a specialist is what it takes for you to become a whole medicine equipped God.

It's a long journey of approximately 15 years to become a medical professional in India. I think it's nearly same for all the countries. It all depends on how well you study for semesters and have good clinical and academic experience to perform well in internship.

Some keep failing MBBS and thus, it gets converted to whole 10 years or maybe more, from mere 5.5 years.

I'm aiming to be a neurologist, but since its the most in demand these days, it's gonna be a tough battle. Who knows I may end up scoring low, and get cardiologist, gastrologist, dermatologist, endocrinologist, or worse, I may need to take a drop and prepare for joint PG exams again.

For now, with free mind, I'll just focus on completing my UG first.

I'm not saying I'll leave this book hanging in middle forever, 'cause that would be so cruel of me, and I wasn't born an evil person. Writing is still my passion and maybe if I did become a doctor, I'll never forget how many hours of my urges to keep writing I would have suppressed to get there. Or wherever I'll be after 15 years.

That's why, even I started this book out of pure interest, this book represents my life right now. Of many sacrifices I made just to get where I am right now. And unfortunately, I still need to make more.

So until my own life gets sorted out here, I don't think I can write the next chapter of this book anytime soon.

I need time and patience from you guys. I am doing my best here to perform well for my family and career. They expect so much from me. And I don't want to disappoint them. I never did and I don't plan to, in future.

Well as for timeline of BOOK-II, it's same as before.

| Time-line for BOOK-II |

As for BOOK II, I don't know, for sure, when I'll write it for sure but I am not leaving this plot incomplete.

Don't worry, I'll complete it once I'll have free time. Once I sort out everything, my exams, admission to my desired medical college, new friends, new professors, new life, new aim and all, I'll dedicate my time in writing second book for you guys.

Right now I'm kinda lost. I need to have a focused aim at my career and for that, I need to block all the distractions 'cause it takes a LOT to be a doctor. Both by profession and by heart.

I love writing too much to just quit it altogether. That's why I'll return someday. I just don't know when.


Quick question: Does anyone here watch kdramas? If you do, which is your favourite? I love mystery thrillers more than rom-coms, so if you can recommend me any good mystery/investigation dramas, that'll literally make me so much happy.

My favourites are: 1) Signal.

2) Life on Mars.

3) Forest of secrets (the invesigation is so amazing there, love the friendship between the leads)

4) Children of lesser God.

5) Confession (It literally gives you shock each minute of each episode, be ready for goosebumps. Not in horrorific way though.)

6) Witch's Court.

7) Healer (Masterpiece as in the mixture of every genre out there, romance, action, thriller, mystery, swooning male lead, emotional)

And the list is ongoing forever. So do share me the ones you like. Some good rom-coms of 2018-2019 you have recently watched and loved it?

Your lost-in-the-battles-of-life friend,

Lily ♡

PS: Now you know the reason, so please don't poke me for updates. This Book is officially completed now. Wait for Book - II patiently. I'll really appreciate your understanding.

Also, if I do end up posting a new Book-II, I'll notify everyone here so please do me a favour and follow me on my newly made Instagram account named: Ritika_Verma_970000 for further updates.

So that I can inform everyone in one go. And in one step by posting it, simply. So sorry for inconvenience. I'm not doing this to earn followers, I just don't want to overexert my time and efforts by dropping PM on each and every reader of this book.

It'd literally take me eternity to search readers via comments or follow and another life to inform them via PM.

I'm already done with my this life, I don't want another one, just to drop texts here and there. Lol Just kidding.

In the meantime, there are so many good books in this app, much better than this one; enioy them, forget about this one for a time being.

Make good friends, stay healthy, smile a lot and live your life happily, for its just a cliché line, but I do believe that once time is lost, it's lost forever. Time Stone exists only in Avengers so don't think it's gonna give you back the things you lost and time you wasted away so Anyway, thank you very much for your help and kindness so far.

Saranghae. ❤

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