lily Mike (female lead) 17 years old... oops almost 18.. sweat kind and bright girl...spread warmth and joy to others
shine Jones 23 year old cold face, never relax unsmiling character p. s : very wealthy... the heir of Jones group.
Amy (Lily's big sister)
Amy mike 19 years old elder sister of lily. Is in love with shines younger brother. little selfish...But cares about her sisters and beauty of mike Family
Ron (shines brother)
Ron jones 21 years old. Dating Amy secretly. carefree, active and cheerful person.
May (shine's sister)
May jones 17years old younger sister of shine. little arrogant and childish. spoiled by brothers
Edward ( Lily's friend)
Edward college friend of lily.. secretly a gay.
lucy park
Lucy park 21 years old selfish and arrogant...dreams to get married to a rich tycoon.
Jack (Lily's younger brother)
jack 16 years old Lily's younger brother twin brother of jose
jose (Lily's younger brother )
jose same character as jack
kathy (Lily's younger sister )
kathy 14 years old Lily's younger sister cute and naughty...also little bit trouble maker
here are the characters....
welcome you all to read my chat story
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