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Hi guys I'm back, and this is the season 2 of arrange marriage to a rich playboy, and if you haven't red it yet please read it
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And I hope you'll support the story till the end 😘😘😘
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Now I'm gonna introduce the characters
Stella alston 26,yrs cold and pretty and loves her family especially her sister A captain in the army
Malik smith 27 yrs old, Ceo of smith company, cold handsome and loves his family, the most richest guy in country A
Milan smith 27 yrs old, and a pilot at prince airline, handsome playboy and loves his family the most
Sophia white 26 Yrs old, a flight attendant at prince airline, kind beautiful and sweet, likes milan since college but she's afraid to confess because milan is a playboy, daughter of naya and claude
Ella smith 21 years old, she just graduated and now she's a soldier, loves her parents and brother the most
Axel, 25 yrs old, part of the army and Stella's second hand, and has a crush on stella too
Felix white, 17 yrs old, naya and claude son, college student, handsome and kind
Megan smith, 52 yrs old, a mother of 3 and austin wife
Austin smith, 54 yrs old, a father of 3and Megan's husband
Naya white, 52 yrs old a mother of 2 and claude wife
Claude white, 53 yrs old, a father of 2 and naya's husband
Mia alston, 52 yrs old, Stella's mom
Ledger alston, 55 yrs old, former commander in chief
🖤 author 🖤
So thats all the characters and soon I will add more characters
🖤 author 🖤
And sorry for austin and naya's picture because I can't find their picture again so please be understanding
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End of chapter
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