hi guys this is my first Novel on this account,.. I've brought many novels with other accounts.. but this is the first one for this account hope you like it..🤗🤗
the novel contains violence and and some other things that might make some readers uncomfortable...so plzzz... don't read if you underage...
and plz don't report my work 😭
💝💝character introduction!!!💝💝
female lead..
name: Anna Bethe... age: 19 personality: cold, beautiful, friendly with weaks... androphobia..(scared/hates boys), a girl with dignity and high ego.. she's a fun lover.. only with her friends.. 0 ex... 0 bf.. totally single... height: 5"6.. from a poor family.. and works hard day to night..
male lead😬
name: Elvin Ryan... Age: 24.. personality: cold, very very cold, handsome, merciless, brutal Gangstar..also the president of the biggest company ..RB's constructions.. girlfriend: unknown .. relationships: unknown... height: 6"0
name : Suzy Walker.. age: 19.. personality: bad-chick..tomboy, very cheerful, funloving, hates playboy...and had a crush on a senior..but never expressed... 3 ex...0 bf... height: 5"7.. FL's one and only best friend..
name: Mike D'suza age: 20.. personality: funloving,, campus boy, sweet with pretty girls, ... playboy.. height: 5"9. belongs to a middle class family.. FL'S Male friend..
name: name Josh Abraham.. age : 26.. personality: cold, serious, talented being in business... once heartbroken.. hates mannerless girls.. height:6"0... one of the richest guy... ML's elder brother...
name: Erica Jung..(Korean) age:18 hates FL.. personality: cute, virtuous, pretentious girl, like to gain favour and attention...gold digger..
name: zyan Xi age: 21... personality: handsome, charming, friendly and kind...campus's hottest and most handsome guy.. study bee, brilliant student.. Suzy's crush...and he also had crush on Suzy..
name: Riyana Beth.. a mysterious character, would be heard from male lead...
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