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hello my beautiful readers 💕
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I'm Sk the author🙋‍♀️
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it's my first chat story I hope you like it 🥰🥰
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so let's start our intro
Anna jonnes (female lead) Age-16 cute,beautiful, class topper, introvert, shy, cold to everyone except her freinds and family single, doesn't believe in love. big foodie belongs to a middle class family
Mike Williams (male lead) Age-17 cute, handsome, tall, cheerful, friendly to everyone, doesn't study much always gets last place in class, playboy ,flirty. single picky eater only heir of the Williams family richest family in S country hides his identity and study as a normal student
Tony clarke (ml's bff) Age-17 cute, handsome, cheerful, flirty, gentle, caring, always gets low marks heir of the clarke family family freind of William family hides his identity and study as a normal student
John Wilson (ml's bff) Age-17 handsome, tall, average student, flirty, playboy. Single his family owns a club
Maria walker Age-16 cute, beautiful, shy, class topper, kind hearted single, believes in destiny heir of the walker family rich big foodie
Amy davis (fl's bff) Age-16 beautiful, tomboy, average student, protective towards her freinds single belongs to a middle class family foodie
Helena cooper arrogant , hates fl because she always comes first in class. has a crush on Mike
Harry jones female lead's dad an employee in a company loves her daughter very much
Sara jones female lead's mom Mr.jones' wife retired teacher loves her daughter kind hearted, caring
Jonnathan Williams male lead's dad little arrogant, strict loves his family president of Williams company
Kiara Williams Male lead's mom kind hearted, sweet, caring wife of jonnathan Williams loves his son very much
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thanks for reading this story🥰
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I will introduce more characters in upcoming episodes
Sk (author)
hope you like it🤞
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stay tuned💕
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