Hey guys..Hope you all love this story 😊😊
let's start
Vanessa Wilton (fl) daughter of wilton family kind ,caring ,lowly to her loved ones. cold and has high IQ & EQ nickname- ash
other info will be in further chapters 😁
Ali father of ash love his family and mostly his daughter
Avi mother of ash. love her family.
Wilson older brother of ash. love ash the most. CEO of Wilton group.
Sue Gao bff of ash. daughter of Gao family. kind and caring. love ash very much and always stand for her!!
Nikki Barker daughter of Barker family and bff of ash.
Jacob Alivston also his closed one call him as jack!! In business he is at first position and richest man in xxx country. hate betrayal the most. cold-hearted person and always wear a poker face but not with them whom he wants to show his real self...
Mr. Alivston father of jack. Former president of Alivston corporation. Founder of Alivston CORPORATION. known as business prodigy at his time even now most of people give him their respect!!
Mrs. Alivston mother of jack. A sweet and caring house wife.
mini Alivston youger sister of Jack. kind and sweet but a brat for Jacob.. loves to irritate him
Avery Alston one of the best buddy of jack. A famous playboy and always firlt around. work for Jacob as hacker. knows everything about Jacob!!
Jesus William childhood friend of ash. cold to everyone but loves his friends and family. protective towards ash the most for some reasons.
Charles Walker he is also bff of Jacob!! vice president of walker group. cheerful man from outside but actually he is double face man who seems to other but he is in reality other.. knows everything about Jacob!!
Nicolas bff of jack and business partner with ash(vanessa). but never see her face always dealing with Adam. Knows everthing about Jacob.
so guys these are all the info of our story character
stay tune to get update of next chapter
till then bye
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