We will start with the intro of our characters.
Aby Smith FL sweet, special , good at fighting, loves her family more that other thing, a very good cardio- thoracic surgeon.
Ben Müller ML, handsome, loves his family more than anything, arrogant, a little cold. Great businessman. CEO of MuCo.
Emma Fischer, BFF of FL in Germany, she is cute, beautiful, very loyal to her love ones. She is a fashion designer.
Elias Schmidt BFF of ML and a great pediatrician. They have been friends since childhood.
These are my characters hope you guys will love this story as much as I did.
Aby Smith/Aby Roth (FL)
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Ben Müller(ML)
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Emma Fischer( Aby’s BFF)
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Elias Schmidt(ML bff )
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Aby Smith/Aby Roth (FL)
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Aby Smith/Aby Roth (FL)
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