"@putsomesugaonmyhotcoffee: Drag your asses around here chill teens cos I'll throw a party t'nyt at my crib! Drinks on me!"

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" Somi yelp on the top of her lungs, reacting hysterically infront of her cellular phone. The whole class looked back at her, but obviously she doesn't care. "What is wrong with you?" I hissed, Yeri chews her gum and pops it. "Another party shesh with some guys."

I shook my head, continuously clicking my pen as I await for the school's bell ring. I don't get the point that our professor was doing nothing, like she could just dismiss us right now.

3, 2, 1.. *class dismissed*

I took my bag, but Somi stopped me before I could head out the room. "Hey, aren't you coming tonight at Yoongi's party?" I sigh, "Not interested." "B-But.. There will be alot of hot guys around there to hook up with and have a one night stand!" She says excitingly.

"And you can finally find someone to move on from your ex..?" Yeri adds, smirking on Somi's side.

Ex.. Right.. I gulp down my senses nervously, hoping I could still cope up with the conversation. Truth be told, I was just lying when I said I have a boyfriend and now turns out to be my ex. Call me an old-fashioned lady for my age of eighteen but I never had experienced love, first kiss or having a boyfriend.

I've been hiding a lie for almost a month when I started here in Hwang University. I had no friends and they say if you're cool, you'll have one. So I tried hard to look like and sound crowd-pleasing when I get along with Somi and Yeri who are the most popular girls among guys. I act like them, dress like them and talk like them that's why they get the notice of me.

They knew I was rich and I have a boyfriend who was studying here at Hwang University as well, who was kinda popular among girls too. It was such a crazy idea cos I know it'll just lead me into trouble. They kept bugging me for who was that guy, but I just told them that the name must be secret for now.

As we walk towards the hallway, students would always kept their eyes on us. We were those teeny-boppers who were shaded with limelight of popularity. "Eunha? Hello? Are you still with us?" I snap back to reality, Yeri snapping her fingers inches away from my face. I let out an awkward smile. "Y-Yes? What are we talking about again?"

Somi smirks mischievously. I grip hold my cellular phone, hoping I didn't sound like shit again. "Earth to Eunha..? We were talking about the house party tonight at Yoongi's?" I grin once again, "Oh yeah, sorry but I'm really not interested." "Come on, Eunha! Have some chill! Y'know what, why don't we play and agree on something?" Somi encircles her arms around mine.

Yeri chuckles as if she knows the plan, "Yeah! Since you are not interested in meeting new guys, why don't we invite our exes just for that night?" My eyes narrowed in shock, Somi clasp her hands excitingly. "Vernon's kinda shitty but I'm good, I'll invite him tonight!" "I know this would be awkward but I'll call Wonwoo to be with me as well." Yeri chirps.

"What?! Are you guys crazy?" I stopped, looking at them musingly. "What crazy are you talking about, I swear it's nothing.. Besides, you're still inlove with your ex right and you're the one who broke up with him just because he doesn't show interest in you anymore." Somi says in a matter of fact.

"And you don't want to meet any other guys. So what's the problem with that? Invite your ex boyfriend just for tonight! I bet there would be another hope for you two.. and we really want to meet him, Eunha!" Yeri wiggles her brows, I remained speechless as I decided to walk away and avoid their pressure.

"Yah..!" Until Somi grabs my hand to face them back. Their look differs from everything, they started to cross their arms. "Why do you keep on averting the topic everytime we talk about boyfriends or exes? And.. You never told us who was that ex of yours who seemed to be the love of your life since then? Huh?"

I cringe, my forehead felt sweaty as I watch their deathly gazes on me. Yeri steps in closer, "Or maybe.. You don't really have a boyfriend at all?"

"I-I.. I have.. Ofcourse, it's just that.." "What?! Crap that shit, tell us who is he?!" Somi groans, I gulp nervously as I was trapped on the lockers. I didn't knew what to do next, how could I name someone when I don't even know even a single name of a guy from this school?!

My eyes latched to the side, until I saw a random name plastered on one of the lockers. "H-He's.." I stutter, I gulped before I speak.

"He's Jeon Jungkook."

With that said, Somi and Yeri steps back with their eyes narrowed into a complete shock. Did I say something wrong? Do they know that random name I spilled? There were also some students not far from where we are who was shocked and babbling things to each other which I couldn't hear further. It was like I became the center of attraction on the hallway today.

"Jeon Jungkook is your ex-boyfriend?!" "The casanova?!" Somi and Yeri yelp louder, making all the attention on to us. My eyes narrowed into shock upon knowing that I have named one of the Casanova's of Hwang University. I never knew their names but I knew what they look like.

Embarrassing as it was, as much as I wanted to say it back, my eyes trailed on the sight of the seven dashing men walking on the hallway. Their eyes were all on us but I don't know who was that Jungkook guy I just dropped name at them. I watch as the six of them started to chuckle and fuck, I'm dead. Did they heard it?

One of the guys stood in the middle, his eyes glower on me with a smirk on his face. His hair was in black color, his nose was carved in perfection and his presence just steamed like out of this world. With just another smirk, he gradually walk towards me leaving me fully speechless and breathless. Is he that Jungkook guy?

The closer he gets, the closer I'm reaching Satan in hell. I became sweaty as ever, Somi and Yeri steps back as they were also left speechless. When the guy makes a last step infront of me, he leans his face closer to mine with his left hand leans on the lockers.

I close my eyes, nervously praying that he won't get angry at me or hit me for putting up his name in shame. I didn't dare to open my eyes, but I could feel his heat getting closer to me. I continuously praying when all of a sudden I felt a warm damp on my lips which had made me jolt my eyes open, to find the least expected thing he did on me.

He kissed me.

He kissed me on the lips.

He kissed me infront of all the people.

He kissed me infront of my friends and his friends.

..He took my first kiss.

"So it's a pleasure to meet you, my ex-girlfriend."

Jung Eunha

- No boyfriend since birth cutie

- Accidentally pointed out one of The Casanovas as her EX

Bangtan Boys

- The Casanovas of Hwang University

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