Stella's POV

Yay! It's Saturday but sadly I can't enjoy this Saturday, tomorrow I have an interview at Rynar.Co and I need this job. Dad keeps complaining that, am trouble to him so why not trying for a job and earning all by yourself, maybe he will start caring about me. Well, for now, Mom and dad are not at home, they went to attend a meeting. I guess they are not going to come by tomorrow.

After a while, I heard a loud noise...It was more like a party rock song coming from downstairs of my house. GOSH! Don't tell ME Jenny is throwing a party again!

Jenny is my younger annoying sister ... she is 18 but still, she is childish and she acts like a real bitch.

I rushed downstairs to witness what actually was going on. GOD! I was right. Jenny was having a party with her friends and some stupid boys who were littering the carpets. Jenny was drinking alcohol and a boy was rubbing her back with lustful eyes. I just wanna beat him so hard. How dare he!

"JENNYYY! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!!" I asked loud enough so that she can hear me in this noise. She looked at me with no emotion "umm... chilling with my friends?" This girl!

"But mom said no to parties and mom is not at home that doesn't mean you can do anything you wish and who is this boy!?" she rolled her eyes like she doesn't care. "SIS chill! Please go back to your room and don't make a fuss about it."

Literally, she crossed her limits. First- having a party and bringing boys to the house. Second- drinking alcohol without any parental guidance and third-disrespecting me.

"Fine! Continue the party, enjoy it! I am simply going to make a call to mom and dad and let them know that their sweet daughter is having a party with some stupid teens." My hands went for the side pockets of the jeans and I took out the phone and Jenny was still there with eyes wide open. "You know what, I don't care. If you call mom and dad then... here, my new boyfriend-Rick, he will dislocate your every bone. BITCH! " She said it with victory look in her eyes.

I just wanna beat her to death. Mom and dad always used to love her the most and on the other side, they would never give a shit about me. Just because am adopted? Just because am not their real daughter and they are not my real parents? They would always be partial when it comes to me and Jenny. And see now even my sister won't give the slightest respect to me, she never considered me as a family and that hurts. They never accepted me as their daughter.

I give up. I would not like to meddle in her personal affair. Let her continue the party, let them enjoy, let them litter the house, let them destroy the antics. I DON'T CARE!

Defeated I moved my legs towards my room. Just then a boy came in my way "hey! Hot stuff... who are you?" I smiled and walked the other side ... I don't want to start a fight again. "Girl! You won't even tell me your name?" his hands landed on my wrist, stopping me from going to my room. "AM Stella Jenny's older sister! Now leave me". He pulled me close to his body. Ugh! Why everyone does have to annoy me. "Don't show this attitude to me" why am I always the one who gets in problems.

"Listen, kid, whatever your name is, am definitely not interested in dating a guy who is younger than me so now be a gentleman and leave me," I said gathering up all my patience. Slowly he started to lean in like he was going to kiss me. I pushed him so hard that he landed on the floor.

This annoying kiddo, what does he think he is! He is at my house and he dares to misbehave with me. I rushed to my room and locked it. I didn't sleep the whole night, who could even sleep with such loud music going on. I know tomorrow when I will go downstairs I would see the dirtiest and most disgusting things lying on the floor.

And what about Jenny? Nothing is new, she always throws parties which involve stupid creatures and of course boys. It's like she can't live without boys. She would change boyfriends every week. And now it has become her daily routine. I just want to get a good sleep and want that job somehow.

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