I've been always grateful for the things I got in my life.There isn't a single thing that I didn't received from parents when I wanted it.Well I didn't only took from them, I've also returned their expectations, I finished my studies, took over my dad's company and last but not the least I got married to the girl they arranged for me. But now I'm cheating on her.

It all started a month ago when my mom called me to visit her. She told me that dad wasn't feeling well. After finishing my work I went back to my home to meet my parents. Stepping out from my car I notice that our butler was standing outside the door. He looked me " Welcome back young master. Lady is waiting for you. "

"Thanks Bill, how you been?"

"As usual and by the way young master you should visit us more often." He politely replied

I smiled a little and said " You know my parents have only one kid so I gotta take care of every single thing of the company. Being the CEO of the company isn't really easy."

Bill laughed at my humour and I went upstairs to my parents room. Knocking on the door, mom came to open it. I gave her a big hug

" How's my darling? I thought old man isn't treating you well " mom looked at me and pinched my cheeks lightly

"Well if my son wasn't so busy with the work I would have spent more time with him, but why should he even bother for a old hag like me he probably has other girls lined up for him."

" Mom please! at least not you, I'm trying to sign up this new deal with a company and I've been really busy these days, in fact I'll have to go office tomorrow in the morning." I tried to look as much helpless I could, it really helps me with girls. Mom loves me a lot she can't stay mad at me for long no matter how hard she tries. Finally she smiled at me

" I know Theo you are busy but try coming home once in a while your dad and I really miss you " seeing my mom's sad face makes me upset too but I'm a grown up man now I'm not her baby boy anymore. I saw dad is sleeping in bed and he still hasn't opened his eyes.

"How's dad? What did the doctor said ?"

" It's nothing much, just got some high blood pressure and he needs to control his diet-"

"Who said I need the control my diet?! I'm not old yet!" Suddenly dad started to yell at us.

My dad is a really great guy but he hates diet,in fact even though he's fifty two years old he still likes fried food. Unlike him I'm like mom, we like to maintain our bodies.

" Dear please, don't start with this again. This time I'll have to tie you down and feed you veggies for a whole month. The doctor clearly said to follow a healthy diet and I will do it even though you like it or not. " Mom aggressively replied to my dad and he knew that he'll have to stay quiet or else mom's gonna get mad at him.

" Dad you should listen to mom more often you can't do this or you'll get ill again."

" Yes you're right Theo, when a man gets married he has to become a slave of love. " my dad winked at me which my mom saw and she knew this context was meant for her.

" Slave? More like spoiled child. Don't forget after I married you I was the one who looked after you but you,my dear husband, you just stayed at your office and not to forget about you nagging about not eating vegetables,only God knows what I suffered all those years."

I noticed that if I don't stop them now they'll keep on going so I poked into their conversation, " Okay!Okay! Relax don't fight

in front of your kid. "

" Don't worry you'll be doing it soon anyway." Dad replied to me with a smug face.

" What do you mean by that?"I asked my dad kinda confused about his previous words.

" Theo, you have to get married. We found a girl for you, she is my friend's daughter and they're coming here tomorrow to meet you."

With that my brain went to a certain shock and I wasn't really prepared to see what was coming for me.

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