Name: Rosé Age: 20 Height: 168 cm Profession: Artist Family: Step mother, Father Personality: Kind, strong, freindly
Name: Kevin Lee Age: 21 Height: 176 cm Profession: CEO at J&K group Family: Father, Mother and little brother Personality: cold
Name: Ella Age: 19 Height: 168 cm Profession: Artist Family: _ Personality: Friendly, kind hearted, funny, strong
Name: Mark Lee Age: 20 Height: 175 cm Profession: President at J&K group Family: Mother, Father and Big brother Personality: cold
Name: Julie Age: 21 Height: 167 cm Profession: Faishon Designer Family:_ Personality: selfish, strong, freindly
Name: Ethan Kun Age: 45 Height: 176 cm Profession: Chairman at HK group Family: Daughter, wife Personality: Kind, cold
Name: Lisa kun Age: 39 Height: 168 cm Profession: house wife Family: husband and step daughter Personality: kind, freindly, warm hearted
Name: William Lee Age: 45 Height:177 cm Profession: Chairman at J&K group Family: 2 sons and a wife Personality: Cold, kind
Name: Bella Lee Name: 40 Height: 169 cm Profession: House wife Family: 2 sons and a Husband Personality: Kind, friendly, warm hearted, funny
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