1 Biting the Tiger
2 First Miss Reborn
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
: goes downstairs : Butler Yan!!
Butler : Yes princess
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
Would you make Mr Drake sign these papers, I need to submit them in the school.
Butler: Yes Princess I will get them signed and hand them to you tomorrow.
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
: cold : Mhm.. thanks
The butler walks to Drake's study room and placed the papers along with the papers that need to be signed.
Drake Evoy(FL father)
: signs the papers : * Today that girl didn't even come tailing around us... that's better if she knows not to pester me *
Next day the butler hands the papers to Samantha.
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
* Yes now I can join the army as soon as I complete my high school *
3 years passed, now Samantha was happier than she was in the past! she changed her decision to join the army as now she had someone she loved!!
Samantha is now 18 years old and Joy is 20 years old, she proposed him back when she was 17 and they have been together since a year. She decided to go to a normal university so they can't be apart, if she joined the Army then it would be hard for them to see each other.
She works in a cafe as part time job, she also sings for fun in the cafe and many customers enjoy the songs.
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
: serving coffee :
Samantha Evoy/Sam/Black Panther(FL)
Joy was also in same cafe with his friends.
He and his friends were chatting
: Hey joy your gf Samantha is really very gorgeous and pretty!! did you guys move on to next step?
Joy Sina(FL boyfriend)
She's annoying you know😖 I am thinking to break up soon!!
: She's called Ice beauty, my sister is her classmate you know she never talks to anyone
Joy Sina(FL boyfriend)
Well that's true but we didn't even kiss until now
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