Winter has finally ended and spring was fast approaching. Flowers' were halfway opened, the birds were all flying in the bright blue sky shining above.

A girl was busy under the tree as she sketched the surrounding people. She was so into it that she has not noticed the time at all when suddenly she heard her phone rung.

“Bloody h*ll where are you?” an angry voice screamed at her as she picked up the phone.

“Jackie, wassup?” she answered calmly as she continued to sketched and connected her headset to answer the call.

“Don’t wassup me, have you forgotten your promise b*tch…”

“Is that the way you should be talking to me?” She said with a smirk smile all over her face.

“Whatever, where are you anyway. You promise to help me review for the finals. I've been standing outside the library for almost half an hour. You know how important this is to me.”

“I know… I know… Stop with all the sad story, I’ll be there soon, save me a seat.”

As she ended the call and put away her things back inside her bag, she looked around and thought to herself. “Gosh, everything will soon end.”

She arrived at the library and notice her best friend Jackie covered with a pile of books on the table, she was already looking worn out and exhausted.

As Jackie notice someone approaching her, all her exhaustion soon faded away as a beam of bright light approached her. “An Angel has come to get me?”

“Stop exaggerating… Come on let me see what you need help with.”

Jackie passed all the books and notes to the girl, as she started reading to them. She then asked for a spare new notebook to write on. As she watched the girl started writing down notes, she soon fell asleep.

An hour or so passed by, she passed the notes she had written to Jackie as she hit her on the head to wake her up. It startled Jackie which caused her to jumped out of her chair.

Everyone in the room notices her when she jumps out of her chair, as everyone tried hard not to laugh since they were in the library.

“Here…” the girl said as she passed the notes back to her again.

Jackie read through the notes and was total impress with them. It was much clearer than reading her teacher notes and books. “Babes you're the best, this is even better than the teacher’s notes.”

Then suddenly a group of high school student entered the library as they were being toured around by the other students. “This is the main library it’s 2nd in the worlds the biggest library. It holds more than millions of books.”

As the student pass away Jackie could not help it and said, “Out of those students how many do you think will be able to enter the school. Unlike me who got lucky because of family connection.”

“Everyone is not like you..” she sighed “Anyways, I need to go…” She added as she grabs her things

“Where are you going?” Jackie asked

“It Bro Jay birthday today, I’m going now…”

“Will you tell him the truth tonight?”

The girl did not say a word but just head to the doors. Jackie looked at the girl's back as she soon disappears out of her sight she then said; “She is so bright yet foolish when it comes to him…”

Later that evening

The girl was smiling as she carried the cake in her hand and wine. She was so excited to celebrate the man she like birthday, not only that she has been liking him for almost a year now and have known each other for quite a while.

She soon started reminiscing the moment when they first meet each other, at a hotel event when she was asked by one of her friends to replace her as the pianist for the event.

As she approached the room, she notices that it was already open. However, the lights were all turned off. She calmed herself as she entered the room and prepared for the worst. She steps inside the apartment and notices nothing seems to be missing at all.

Suddenly, she soon heard a weird noise inside the bedroom. She quietly opened the room and saw the man she like being intimate with another woman. Because of the sudden shocked, she drops the cake and wine she brought and alerted the intimate couple in bed.

“I’m sorry, the door was opened and I thought something happened. Anyway, Mr. Chen happy birthday,” she said as she turned around and walked out of the door.

“Liz wait…” the man said as he grabs the blanket around him and runs to her. “Let me explain?”

“Mr. Chen you do not need to explain anything, it’s my fault to just trespass in your home.” She said as she bowed to apologize for her mistake.

“Jay who is she?” the woman said as she walked out of the room wearing Jay's shirt.

Liz looked at the girl and notice she was a familiar person. She then bowed to her and apologize as well. “ Miss Yang please forgive me for intruding all of a sudden.”

Both of them were surprised to see that Liz know her.

“You know her?”

“Miss Yang is currently one of China rising model. She was one of the model’s during the Oriental Fashion show in America wearing Olivia’s design.”

“I see… Never thought I’ll be famous here in England as well.” the girl smiled as she grabs hold of the man’s arm.

“Anyways, Mr. Chen and Ms. Yang. Sorry again for disturbing you and happy birthday again Mr. Chen.”

The girl walked out of the apartment with a pale expression on her face and a broken heart. She did not let a single drop of tear fall as she walked out of the building.

You foolish girl, why did you let yourself become like this when you already knew from the start.

As the cold wind blew that spring night, the girl vanished into the shadows.

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