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I was once told that I'd never be anything.
The fact that I had the King's blood in my veins meant nothing.
I wasn't going to be a princess. I was just going to be married off to a foreign land as soon as I reached of age and that was it.
While most princesses are surrounded by jewels and soft beds, I'm left with the stables and the horses.
Don't get me wrong, I do have a bedroom but the maid who is supposed to take care of me occupies it.
She takes everything. My meagre allowance and the clothes that I'm occasionally sent.
But I'm fine on my own. I don't need that half-asxed kindness anyway.
I never asked to be born from him nor did I ask to stay in this palace.
Apparently it was my mother's dying wish or something like that.
She was a maid who had a single night with the King and ended up getting pregnant.
And that's where I come in.
I jumped and immediately started to run.
Whenever a maid from the main palace came here, it was never for anything good.
The Queen occasionally sets me up, telling the chefs that I stole food from the kitchens.
My wrist still hurts from the previous punishment.
You've been summoned by the King so get out here.
The King? Father?
Is he going to punish me? Or worse... is he going to sell me off to a foreign land?
I can't let them catch me.
With my trusty journal in hand, I immediately started to run.
I knew the backstreets of the palace better than the back of my hand.
Running away was my speciality but I had another.
When I was young, I discovered that I could absorb the power hidden in certain artefacts.
I suddenly felt lighter after touching a gemstone filled with the power of the wind.
Of course, I've told nobody. Telling someone would cause unwanted attention for me. I just want to live a peaceful life by myself.
LYRA! Don't make me come and find you.
Noticing that the guards were switching out to guard the treasury, I knew that it was my chance to escape from the demon maid's clasp.
Just like that, I slid behind the guard and ran into the treasury room, hiding behind a pillar while the maid angrily walked by.
I'm saved!
I fell to my knees, exhausted.
Lyra Ashton
I'm so glad I dodged that one...
I composed myself and went to leave from the back exit when I stopped in my tracks.
That artefact... it was never there before.
I looked at the huge rock which glowed and was seeping out a black mist.
Something drew me towards it and when I touched it, I felt the power seep from the rock into me, making me scream.
-End of Chapter 1-
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