King Lynn
Thalia, my fifteenth daughter.
I bowed as I entered my Father's throne room, my blood turning cold.
He has never once called upon me. Not once has he cared for me.
This man is my father yet is the farthest thing from it.
Thalia Lynn
May the empire of Terrace forever rule these lands.
King Lynn
I have come to announce your marriage.
My eyes went wide, unable to understand what was going on.
Veronica Lynn
Your Majesty, she is only-
King Lynn
By the time she arrives at the Kingdom of Windmont, she will be 18.
Windmont? I'm to marry someone over there?
Royalty are demi-humans, humans with the spirit of animals inside of them.
They are said to be savages, ill-bred calamities.
An abomination.
Veronica Lynn
Why are you sending Thalia, Your Majesty? She is-
King Lynn
I do not wish to send her either, but I believe the animals requested for her especially.
King Lynn
I'm sure that you'll fit right in.
King Lynn
Am I right, Thalia?
He's of course talking about my power.
Ever since I was little, I've been adored by all animals.
Once, a tiger was accidentally set loose in the palace. I was just three at the time but once it found me, it sat down and started to play.
Ever since, I've been seen as a witch child and my mother was forcefully banished to the cold palace.
Veronica Lynn
Please... without Thalia, I-
King Lynn
Are you going against my orders, Veronica?
King Lynn
You are quite brazen despite what state you are in now.
Her state of disfavour.
I hated this man that dares call himself my father when it is convenient.
King Lynn
You shall leave for Windmont at once.
Veronica Lynn
Who even is her husband?
He grinned.
King Lynn
The Crown Prince of Windmont, Kylian Sinclair.
My mother's face turned pale and her knees shook uncontrollably to a point where she fell to the floor.
Thalia Lynn
Veronica Lynn
No, my poor child...
Veronica Lynn
You are sending her to her death!
Veronica Lynn
Despite everything, she is your daughter!
King Lynn
That... thing... is not my daughter.
King Lynn
She is a witch and has nothing to do with me or my lineage.
King Lynn
I doubt that you were even faithful during our courting period.
King Lynn
You shall marry the Crown Prince and that is final.
King Lynn
I shall not repeat myself again.
My mother collapsed in tears, desperate.
I remained tall and strong.
I looked right at him, my bxstard Father. I glared at him.
Let this be the last memory that you have of me.
I won't cry, nor will I falter.
I won't give him the satisfaction.
In a way, he's setting me free from him.
I bowed and then smiled right at him.
Thalia Lynn
Got fxxk yourself, bxstard Father of mine.
I said it in such an innocent voice that he barely picked up on it first.
When he realised what I had said, it was too late. I was already at the door.
I could hear him yelling at me but I shrugged my shoulders.
He won't hurt me since he can't deliver damaged merchandise to Windmont.
Finally, I'm free from the shackles that being here gives me.
I'm free from arrogant half-sisters and perverted half-brothers.
I'm free from him and I'm free from this palace.
I don't care if I'm going to my death.
At least I'll have wings now.
-End of Chapter 1-
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