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Organized by FANFAN Inc, MangaToon and Shueisha,
the 13th SUPERNOVA AWARDS aims to emphasize the creative concept of storytelling and to create and select more outstanding works and talents through the competition.
Since 2006, it has become the most important Chinese comic competition with the characteristics of normative, professional and high level.
2019 witnessed the first overseas submission project of SUPERNOVA AWARDS together with MangaToon.
STORY WRITER is also welcome to sign up for the competition and detailed information will be released later.
Collection of past participating works
Awards Set Up
1. The SUPERNOVA AWARDS is open to the public all over the world, and any individual or group can sign up for the competition.
2. The participating works must be original, and the contestants shall own the complete copyright in the work and shall not authorize the publication of the work to other commercial platforms, magazines, publishing institutions or wireless organizations.
3. The jury shall have the right to revoke the qualifications, awards and rewards of any of the following cases:
   A. Contains undesirable contents such as pornography, violence, and blood;
   B. Suspects of copying, plagiarizing or infringing upon the copyright of others;
   C. The entries be published in full on the commercial media designated by the non-organizing committee prior to the publication of the list of winners;
   D. Violation of other rules of the competition.
1. Please complete the registration form to complete the personal information registration. The participants shall be responsible for the loss caused by the lack of information or the inaccuracy of the registration information.
2. The organizing committee of the competition will inform the winners by mail and telephone. Participants can also pay attention to the information released on the official website.
3. All copyright in the works shall belong to the participants, but the organizing. Committee shall have the right to use all the contents of the works and the relevant materials thereof for the purpose of advertising the competition and for the purpose of reviewing the history of the event in the future, including, but not limited to, the production of advertising materials for the event, the production of publications relating to the event, the publication through the media, the browsing and downloading of the works through the official website, the presentation at awards and exhibitions, etc.
4. The organizing committee shall have the right to exercise exclusively the property rights of the award-winning works, and the winners shall conclude an agreement with the company designated by the organizing committee for the licensing of the work in question, and shall exclusively authorize the company to exercise all the property rights of the work, including, but not limited to, domestic and foreign publications, Internet and wireless Internet applications, adaptation of the work, development of derivatives, game-making, film and television.
5. The award for an award-winning work shall be rewarded with a corresponding bonus, the individual income tax payable on the prize shall be borne by the winner himself (herself) or, if the host party should withhold and pay the prize, the host party shall withhold and pay the prize on his or her own behalf.
6. The bonus will be paid by means of an online transfer.
1. This competition does not accept the original draft, please send a scan to the designated email, please package the work in JPG format, indicate the award, and download the application form.
2. Electronic draft submission mailbox:
3. Format: [SUPERNOVA] + Work Name + Author Name
The final right to interpret the competing requirements is vested in MangaToon
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