Terms & Conditions

Copyright Statement (hereinafter referred to as “the statement”)

The ownership of the content(including but not limited to) text, graph, Logo, idea, link, software, etc. included in MangaToon is attributed to MangaToon and the provider of MangaToon content/information, and is protected by the Chinese Copyright Law and International Copyright Law

For the purpose of the reproduction of all contents of MangaToon(it refers to collection, combination and recombination) or any other form of use requires the prior written consent of MangaToon, and MangaToon is entitled to the exclusive right and protected by the Chinese Copyright Law and International Copyright Law.

Ownership of all software used by MangaToon is attributed to MangaToon or its software provider and is protected by the Chinese Copyright Law and International Copyright Law. Any specific information of MangaToon can only be reproduced with permission of MangaToon and the source shall be indicated.

1. Clauses for Information Release

The information released by MangaToon users shall only be used for legitimate purposes, that is, to view information, consult online and communicate with users;

• Publishing deficient or false data in the released information is prohibited, and we shall reserve the right to suspend or terminate the services provided for the users in the event of finding any violation of the relevant terms of use;

• All the information released in MangaToon shall not violate the national and local government regulations, rules, administrative measures on the Internet network information security and other relevant laws and regulations;

• The user who releases the information shall be responsible for interpreting the content of such information and shall independently bear all the consequences and legal responsibilities arising therefrom;

• MangaToon has the right to use all information released by users through MangaToon, and reserves the right to manage, modify and delete the information released by users;

• Users are prohibited from using the information of MangaToon for other purposes without the authorization of MangaToon.

2. Clauses for objectionable content and behaviors regarding UGC (User-generated Content)

UGC (User-generated Content) is content that MangaToon users contribute to the App, and which is visible to or accessible by at least a subset of the App’s users. MangaToon users acknowledge and agree that:

• The UGC is not obscene, indecent, does not defame, disparage, invade the privacy of, or infringe upon or violate any rights of any kind whatsoever of any individual or entity;

• The UGC does not violate any laws, rules, or regulations of any relevant governmental entity;

• The UGC is not subject to any obligation of confidentiality;

• The UGC does not contain any fraudulent statements or misrepresentations that could damage MangaToon or any third party.

3. Clauses for User Privacy

Respecting users' personal information is a basic policy of MangaToon user services. Detailed user privacy terms can be found at https://mangatoon.mobi/PrivacyPolicy/en

4. Minors use MangaToon

Parents or guardians are encouraged to instruct minors under the age of eighteen to use MangaToon. MangaToon recommends that minors encourage their parents or guardians to read the statement and other relevant user agreements or privacy policies, and that minors seek the consent and guidance from their parents or guardians before submitting their personal privacy information.

5. Intellectual Property Right

All intellectual property rights of software, technology, trademark and materials used by MangaToon belong to MangaToon.

• Users shall not modify, adapt or translate the software, technology, materials, etc. used in MangaToon services, or create derivative works related thereto; they shall not obtain the source code by reserve engineering, decompiling, disassembling or other similar behaviors, otherwise the user shall be responsible for all the legal consequences arising therefrom, and MangaToon will investigate the legal liability of the breaching party according to law.

• Users shall not maliciously modify, copy or disseminate the software, technology, materials, etc. used by MangaToon. Otherwise, users shall be liable for any damage caused thereby to others or to the corporate image of MangaToon, and shall bear corresponding legal responsibility.

• Users shall not delete, reveal or alter the copyright statement, trademark or other right statements of MangaToon. All design pattern and other pattern, product and service names of MangaToon are trademarks and logos owned by MangaToon and/or its affiliates. Any one shall not use or copy them or use them for any other purpose.

• MangaToon is entitled to the full intellectual property right to its own contents and other exclusive contents obtained by authorization, and any unit or individual shall not reprint, disseminate or provide the viewing services or have other behaviors of violating MangaToon intellectual property right without permission of MangaToon. Otherwise, MangaToon will investigate the legal responsibility of the tort-feasor.

• The intellectual property right owned by MangaToon shall not be transferred because of any using behavior of users.

MangaToon is a platform for acquiring, sharing and disseminating information; we respect and encourage user-created contents and are committed to taking the protection of intellectual property rights as one of the fundamental principles of MangaToon operation.

• All participants agree that the copyright of the translation contents of works submitted by users in the MangaToon belongs to the MangaToon, and MangaToon shall not pay for the users; MangaToon has the right to use, modify or release the aforesaid contents and users shall not authorize any third party to use them in any way without the permission of MangaToon.

• The copyright of the original contents other than the translation published by the users in the MangaToon belongs to such user. The user can authorize any third party to use them in any way without the permission of MangaToon.In order to facilitate the sharing and dissemination of knowledge, users grant the free, irrevocable and non-exclusive license to MangaToon for their original contents published in MangaToon other than translation, and MangaToon has the right to use the contents in all forms of MangaToon products and services, including but not limited to the websites and published applications or other Internet products.

• Users shall ensure that they have been authorized by relevant obligee when they publish the reprinted contents other than the translation and original contents in the MangaToon and have authorized the MangaToon to non-exclusively use the contents when they log in MangaToon and upload the contents. If any dispute is caused because the reprinted contents published by users are not authorized by the relevant obligee, users shall be responsible to such obligee, and bear any direct or indirect loss suffered by MangaToon.

6. Breach Clauses

• Users understand and acknowledge that MangaToon is entitled to the following rights, MangaToon's exercise of the following rights shall not be deemed as breach of contract and users shall not investigate or shall exempt from the relevant legal responsibilities of MangaToon: users have the right to use for a long time the MangaToon account obtained legally and the services under the account, but users shall confirm that they only have the right to use the above services, and the ownership and intellectual property right of the above services belong to MangaToon. MangaToon has the right to decide at its own discretion the termination date of the services according to the actual condition without further informing users or obtaining the consent of users.

• To use the MangaToon services, users need to register an account and set a password, and ensure the authenticity, correctness and integrity of the registration information; in case of any change to the above registration information, users shall timely make a change correspondingly. Upon completion of the registration process for the services, users shall maintain the confidentiality and security of the account and password. Users shall be fully responsible for the activities of any person using his or her account and password, and MangaToon cannot identify the illegal or unauthorized use of users' accounts and passwords, so MangaToon shall not bear any responsibility.

• MangaToon cannot guarantee whether it is infected with the computer virus, or whether it hides hacker software such as the Trojan Horses in disguise; it shall not bear the legal responsibility of indemnifying the users for all the direct or indirect damages suffered thereby.

• Users shall use any data downloaded or obtained through MangaToon service at their own risk, and shall be fully responsible for any damage to the user's computer system or loss of data as a result of such use.

• In case of any dispute, risk or loss between users and any third party in the process of using MangaToon for users' reasons, the users shall bear all responsibilities to the third party and indemnify MangaToon for any direct or indirect loss suffered thereby.

• MangaToon reserves the right to investigate users' responsibility and require users to bear the liability if users violate the provisions of the statement, or their emotional or negligent behaviors cause any loss to MangaToon.

7. Termination Clauses

• MangaToon has the right to determine whether users' behaviors meet the requirements of the clauses of the statement; MangaToon has the right to immediately terminate the user's services and delete the user's information if MangaToon determines that the user violates the provision of clauses of the statement;

• MangaToon can modify, suspend or terminate users' free services in part or in whole at any time and reserve the right not to inform any user or third party necessarily.

8. Exception Clauses

• MangaToon shall neither guarantee that the free services provided will not be modified, suspended, terminated or delayed, nor guarantee the absolute integrity and security of users' personal information.

MangaToon shall not bear any responsibility for the modification, suspension, termination and delay of the users' free services and the loss of users' personal information;

• MangaToon only guarantees the authenticity, legality and accuracy of the information released by itself and does not guarantee the authenticity, legality and accuracy of the information released by users.

The accessor shall confirm the information content and take the risk of using the information; at the same time, MangaToon shall not bear the losses and responsibilities arising from the false information published by other users other than MangaToon itself.

9. Modification and Amendment of Clauses

• MangaToon has the right to modify the clauses of the statement if necessary; in case of any change to the clauses of the statement, the modified contents will be prompted on important pages.

• In case that the users do not agree with the changed content, the users can take the initiative to stop the obtained network services. If users continue to use the network services, they are deemed to accept the changes to the clauses of the statement.

10. Application of Law and Settlement of Dispute

• This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore.

• Any dispute arising out of this Agreement or related to this Agreement shall be negotiated and settled by both Parties in accordance with the principle of deliberation and kinship. If no agreement is reached then the Parties agree that the dispute shall be submitted to the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (“SIAC”) and be settled in accordance with the arbitration rule of SIAC then in effect when the application for arbitration is filed. The venue for the arbitration shall be Singapore. The proceedings of the arbitration shall be conducted in the English language. The award of arbitration shall be final and binding upon both Parties.


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