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A Proper Lady Taken as Wife

Yoolook Culture
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When the innocent young lady tang youer accidentally barges in the commander cheng hanyu's blind date, she instantly becomes his romantic target. With not much effort, she is taken as his wife, but good days never last for long, after being deserted by hanyu, tang youer learns what life is truly about and becomes a real proper lady. One day she comes back with a lovely daughter...

MangaToon got authorization from Yoolook Culture to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - Qianjinxianqi; qjxq
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Layla ❤ (Angel sect leader🌈)
So what I observe by this story ¡.I'm feel like I read it somewhere.OK forget it .So she at first got the wrong man and say hey you btich!How dare you !He is my man .Then she runs away .And after that she reliaze got the wrong person .Then she Trys to run away .And left her id card .Then ML found it Interesting .So he search about her .And got her .Then calls her mom for the blind date .And she is naughty and adorable girl who still say she is young😂.Anyways Then her mum force her to go to the date!.Then she went there and say ugh you are the same man!.And you are the same girl who ruin my blind date .What!I Saved you!.Huh really you think you can save me?.From where that much arrogance come from?.Then she furiously left and oh god!Why my luck is bad to meet with him again and again!.Then ML follows her and suddenly come front of her with his car .Get in !.Why !I won't!.what i said!Get in .Then idk I forgot .Hmm its quite similar maybe?.
StarBUrst: Lol I think I read something similar too
Layla ❤ (Angel sect leader🌈): Oh sore for ya😂😢
total 14 replies
*break into a stranger room*
*point gun at people *
*forcifly kidnap them *
*points a gun to her head *
And then asks " do I look like a robber to u?"
No dear u look like a Pokémon to me
BDean2: ROTFL 😂
Suhani: Lmaooooo
total 8 replies
Miss G
I just notice that evertime I read a comic the ML always say's our FL :
"u looks like a 🐖"
"u'II become a 🐖"
"u're eating like a 🐖"
"u're ugly like a 🐖"
"u're a 🐖"
then now " u look like a little 🐖"

I find it seriously hilarious🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
BDean2: If she looks like a 🐖, walks like a 🐖, and eats like a 🐖... I’m guessing she’s a 🐷!

Prakriti 812: 😅😂😂😂true
total 3 replies
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