A Proper Lady Taken as Wife
Romance / Moder

A Proper Lady Taken as Wife

Yoolook Culture
A Proper Lady Taken as Wife
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A Proper Lady Taken as Wife Comics Online. When the innocent young lady tang youer accidentally barges in the commander cheng hanyu's blind date, she instantly becomes his romantic target. With not much effort, she is taken as his wife, but good days never last for long, after being deserted by hanyu, tang youer learns what life is truly about and becomes a real proper lady. One day she comes back with a lovely daughter...

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Okay, is it me or does anyone else think the whole “wrong number” thing was an unnecessary farce to add into the storyline? 😼 I don’t like stupid, pointless loops (like this one) to extend stories b/c she only made herself look foolish! So, I could have done without the suspense of another woman answering the phone bit, especially if all is easily explained and forgiven just like that! 🙄 I think their relationship is complicated enough with him constantly leaving for secret missions and etc. Besides, she’s his wife and she dialed the wrong number? Wtf? 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ It’s too inconvenient to have 2 names in your phone that are similar, with no distinguishable identifier to ensure you don’t call the wrong person! 😒 Plus, he’s her husband, so... 😔
❀ SIM KO ĐI TROLL ❀: Can you guys cross fl, please
Yohanna Beru: totally
total 7 replies
Kill that blue hair bi*ch, but before u kill her we need some torturing.
I'll make a suggestion
1: Tie her up, n beat the sh*t out of her, till she. can't walk no more.
2: cut off all the joints in her body slowly.
3: they then cut the joints them into mince.
4: then u can feed it to a dog's or wolves. I don't care, just make sure something eat her.
That's my idea, what do u think of it????
Ru hassan: plz don't say this
Laisa💖💋😍💋💖🤘: N u ppl saying I can past as a serial killer
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I just saw this comics Chinese version last chapter n seriously it could be said it's season 1 last chapter in this chapter ml forced to shoot FL but he missed it n after that villain will try to shoot her but ML will take the shoot n after that he will say something to her n push her in the sea n boom villain n ML will die after that time leap n FL n her son worship ML's tombstone when they passed by graveyard ML will show up but keep a distance 🙄
Seriously it's a blessing that I didn't take this comic like obsession otherwise I would have suffered by this comics tragedic ending
mimi19: What website pls?
Thaviesha Pallawala: what is the chinese name
total 7 replies
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