Don't Flirt Me, Lord Angel
Action / Romance

Don't Flirt Me, Lord Angel

Yoolook Culture
Don't Flirt Me, Lord Angel
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Don't Flirt Me, Lord Angel Comics Online. An unlucky girl tangled with curses is secretly in love with the prom king. When the "lord angel" she waited for ages finally came to her, he took her first kiss and is interested in floating in the air and tearing her sheets! Is it "gene mutation"?

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Sometimes you're just trying to survive in a world where everyone and everyone's brother and everyone's dog all think you are a jinx without losing the last remaining shred of confidence which you've held onto like grim death no matter how hard the whole world tried to tear it from you and minding your own business like always and doing no harm also like always when a scorching hot hottie with a face like an angel and a body like you'd get if Michelangelo sculpted sin in human form drops down from the sky without a stitch on and takes advantage of the care and compassion you give him by kissing you like he invented it thereby shattering your precarious equilibrium and laying waste to your carefully laid plans to give your first kiss to the Sir Galahad who defied the curse to help you up that is if you ever get the nerve and come on who are you kidding and what the Hell Mr. Hottie Angel Demon's torn your high thread count sheets like they were tissue paper and he's wearing them. These things happen. You might even say they're sort of inevitable. But what separates winners from losers is how quickly you and your equilibrium and your survival instincts can regroup and shake some answers out of Hottie because damn though he's fine he's also fishy. Good luck! 👍
Ray Hamza: WTHeck
Mina Kulsum: what a huge comment!😮
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From my understanding, polaris link/ enter her consciousness thru hypnosis(?) in an attempt to take back the gaia‘s dream and remove the memory of what happen...

Then he proceed to chant something which reveals the seal of muen, is actually the curse placed on FL’s forehead ( if I’m not wrong )
The floating red orb is the gaia’s dream which belong to polaris
If removed, it’ll cause side effects too strong for FL to handle

FL woke up just to remember what happened was a dream and proceed the day as normal.
Why 5 days update?
Even though there’s 2 chap per week?
Ah.. the pain of being a translator
Scratch that..
It’s the author doing the hard work here
If this series happen to catch up to the latest raw version, you will still end up waiting for new chapters
The cycle never ends

Btw don’t lose interest just because the “mermaid” hasn’t appeared yet
There’s more to it in the story
You should be wondering why polaris had gaia thingy with him
And why the cover art had something similar....
MEHERU KIM TAEHYUNG: nah it did not show... just 18 chapter
Jimin is a living mochi: ok thank you
total 4 replies
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