Strings and Time
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Strings and Time

Tanako The Artist
Strings and Time
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lil sushi :3
wanna see a picture of my cock?
here's a picture of my cock:

Yari P/Chrona XD (de Alma💖): Rico, mmmm, rico ...
Natsume-chan Irie-kun: welp hello there cutie
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I can understand how braylin feels. Many people usually look at the physical appearance first. Braylin realized this that's why he fears of rejection. So sad...
JAJAJAJA: I know his friend is broken heart because of his boyfriend but still you can't take advantage of your friend and fu*king blame him
Goldyn Kelson: Yah but his friend is worse he using him because he’s sad from his ex
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ahhhhh oh my goodness!!!! so cute! And that girl had me dead😂
bro this hurts soul like so freaking much my heart hurts yet I need to read more!!!
did they broke up?🤨
✌︎('ω'✌︎ ) Yeet
I still have anxiety from this but I gotta say that’s hella cute (can I ship it?)
llamachan: ship all three i did
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This is not okay . He come in that Boy School
And he doesn’t know that he was talking all this time with the BIG boy ...(NO OFFENSE I DON’T have a perfect body too) .
😩😶 I REALLY have a bad feeling ...
uffff BUT YEH
Let’s wait for the other Episodes
luna_xxx: hi ! ✌️
Aiswarya Aisu: Hi!
Nice to meet u! Saw u in the previous comment where u related ur past with that chapter! I had also typed a message but I couldn't see it after send ing it in the comment section!
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yaoi lover😍
someone will be getting a heart broke soon😣😣😖😖😞😩
yaoi lover😍: yeah me too😣😣
Fatiha Célestine: hier soir
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lil sushi :3
the girl there had big twins
[Gift Box]: I see you noticed. I hope she is not an old lady in disguise.
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✌︎('ω'✌︎ ) Yeet
KANG SEOUL: No one can be any more accurate
deku : right
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damn😂😂 I would have been like

red dude: *calls*

me: *ring ring, ring ring* huh wonder who that could be *says while looking from phone to dude*
Jenna Hernandez
author what days do you mostly update? hope to see more of ur work ❤
Dutch kpopper
Aawww I feel sorry for what she has been thro
Diane Mae Valondo
no no no no
[Gift Box]: yes yes yes yes
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Jenna Hernandez
Keep going author this manga is getting more and more interesting every chapter
Tanako: Yes it is. Thank you 😊
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I wish I could be like his friend OMG she looks so pretty!
Author I'd you can can you write maybe possible days you might do an update
Tanako: I can’t commit to a schedule due to having a full time job and personal life. If you want to see more please become a Patreon that way, you can read all the pages
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Sunrise Dragon
'You can have any guy in Russia' ehm dude... Have you been to Russia? I mean even my relatives who live there, they're educated people, but goddamn they are being brainwashed into being prejudiced. I feel embarrassed to be related to them sometimes.
[Gift Box]: Makes sense.
Porsha Pramus: are u crazy
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I think I'd rather be average or less, than be beautiful. I mean, when you're beautiful, sometimes it's hard to know if the other person loves you for you or if they're just after your beauty and/or treating you as a trophy
SR: you are right
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Vmin Park-Kim
Brailyn is a real baby omg
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