Naive Girl and Her Wolfish Husband
Romance / Completed

Naive Girl and Her Wolfish Husband

Zuoan Comic
Naive Girl and Her Wolfish Husband
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Lyra Malfoy
Its so stupid how almost every story here is where the girls are weak and couldn’t protect themselves and instead of running when they were ask too they stayed there causing more trouble

I hate to see how girls are weak and bullied by the male characters

I hate to see how the stories always end the same pls make sth different usually the male rich then force gurl to do sth bad make the stories the girl is strong just because we’re girls doesn’t mean we are the weaker gender

Grunge bisss: Well I hate such stories too. But if you want good ones where FL gets some growth then try reading these :

Hasty contract marriage with the heir
Mr. Lu's wife and fateful meeting
A star reborn : the queen's return
Spur of the moment marriage to a lovable wife
Childe and his sweet wife
Ex husband please go away

These are some where FL is naive but strong.
Lyra Malfoy: Yeah some but mostly its like that well the ml arent always bullying the fl but some mangas fl are just stupid-.-
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This guys collar is even worse, and who the hell wears a neck scarf with his chest exposed? 1972 called, it wants it's terrible light blue polyester dress shirt back...
🦋juulian🦋: Lmaooo your are so right i thought that he was a slutty flight Attendant
☆彡★彡: We’re us your story I really want to see if your art is better than hers
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Eleale De la cruz
Deseo saber quién está detrás de las fotos que le tomaron? Habrán sido los papás de MG o acaso el hermano menor?
Wait she’s the ML’s sis? Is that why the grandpa had the FL marry the ML???????
So many questions.......
I call it: she has b.s. cell leukaemia. The kind that strikes conveniently. A rival has an important event, a wedding, a pregnancy, an actual illness or serious accident? B.S. leukaemia to the rescue. Want to kill your rival's relationship absolutely dead? B.S. Leukaemia might require the termination of a rival's pregnancy so you can get something from the baby, or a transfusion of blood or marrow right after birth + you get to keep the rival's baby + you get the spineless, gullible IDIOT man who thinks he owes it all to you in the bargain. Or...if there is no pregnant rival...B.S. leukaemia may simply require that you move in with the man you fancy and make his wife or girl friend wait on you until you're able to set her up or poison her. You will need, of course, a private doctor who obsessively treats one patient at a time, so that you have every bit of his attention and so that he can harass people who aren't as focused on you as you think they should be. And nobody ever dies from b.s. leukaemia--that's the best part.
lemurloki: I concede I might be wrong. It does happen. I was wrong today when I thought the hardware store near me would have a bellows. I was wrong when I thought KittyKittyBangBang could be trusted near a koi pond. Mistakes and errors in judgement do happen.
Fire Fox: Wait actually
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Gawd- somebody quickly fix that man's shirt collar and burn his jacket, it's flipping hideous.
Marcus Gaddi
Kisses_ Koh
he pretending to have amnesia?
lucky girl: I think he just lie
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Destynee Wilk
Seems like the childhood guy has a plan to get the fl bullies
izabel rubik
Need someone can make me cum now 💦💦💦
Please see more here:
Monica Boles
more upspree please soon...🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Shaquan Lawrence: I agree
Shaquan Lawrence: I agree
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Maha Ansari Mahii
is it uh call an end!?😓🙄
Julia Hernandez
what is going on in this family it's very confusing
Kurt Al Quiñones
Woah, to do this towards your own son...
Shaquan Lawrence
he's so possessive
we have our own perspectives. yes. the art is not my style but it's ok & nice. here me out. we can point out the mistakes too because there are mistakes. it's not like we are perfect and being the Mr.or Ms. know it all here as long as we dont degrade or step on other people. so yeah.
ml is giving me the little vibes of Sai from Naruto. it's really nice but there's something wrong with translation, from fiancé & they got married already when they just went to hospital. just saying.
um, some of the characters parts were erased like that doctor's shoulder & head lol. that made me laugh im sorry it looks funny. pls give attention to the male characters. just saying. the story is nice. if blonde is the enemy here then she's a hindrance on our ship. be it.
ok i like the art but i see the comments talking about his abs and i agree what's with those abs looks like costume attached to his body
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