Finding my Daddy for Mommy
Romance / CEO

Finding my Daddy for Mommy

Finding my Daddy for Mommy
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Finding my Daddy for Mommy Comics Online. Five years ago, that woman sneaked into his room when he was drunk. Who'd though that night yielded two fruits, and they each took one.
Five years later, she became a paparazzi, who stole his private information, his heart, and his precious little son!
He has to hunt her down, trap her with his gentleness and love, and let her pay with the rest of her life as the mother of his two sons.

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Moeka Play
I don't know the red hair girl name so I'm gonna call her Red Head. Ok, Red Head, it ok to like someone but it not ok to get guards drag an innocent person to get beaten up outside in broad daylight for your own selfishness. Their is a difference between liking someone and literally being possessive and over someone. Red head said "I only like you, is liking wrong?" Like I said it ok to like someone but Red head did not only like him but was overpossessive of him. I wonder how she even became an actress, was she even passionate in acting? More like the Red head is into men and seducing them over acting. I mean how did she even became famous? If I were her, I would go to a psychiatrists/therapist to get these intense emotion delt with.

*Theory to why Red Head's personality is like this*: Her parents doted on her or she was neglected as a child. Her parents probably never taught her what was right or wrong. And her possessive side must have come because of her father probably leaving her mom and her and so she got the idea she'll never let go of the man she love. Red Head's mom probably neglected her because of the depressing fact of her father leaving them. So she was probably never love from her parents. Her mom was probably violent because of her father leaving them so Red Head was probably abused and that where she got her violence side.
Lori: kay,anything else?
°~•Kazue•~°: i am not, im to dumb for that
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Moeka Play
Also where the other twin, did Gu Hao got a miscarriage and only one survived? Or did the guy who a handsome famous CEO and the that is related to your son took the other one which I do not know how he even took the other one. AND HOW IS YOUR KID SO MATRUE AND WISE, I MEAN IN THE COMIC IT SAID HE MENTALLY A YOUNG ADULT!? I have three reasons, it if he have a rather higher IQ than the average of a human. OR you may have taughted him some high grade school education at a very young age which I believe there is 0.00% possibility that it is indeed not possible because your neither rich or are you either able to have you or paid a private tutor to teach him. The thrid reason is that your dad which is a handsome famous CEO who is trying to hit on his mother that has nothing better to do than that other than work, and also is very probably very smart that IQ is above the average of a normal human so you somehow got a high IQ from your dad if he is above average which is somehow even possible to have genetic of passing down high IQ from your parents. Your kid inherited his dad's looks and brains. Soooo, in conclusion, your son is a almost like replica of his father's look and IQ. So he a freaky genius boy at the age of 5 and is mentally mature as a young adult on the inside. Totally not confuse and why he is a genius mature freak.
Ronisha Blalock: Anong pinagpuputok Ng buchi mo
PV: Do you like mystery and romance along with supernatural happeneings? If yes, you will definnetly like my chat story "The Chosen One"
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Moeka Play
I get Gu Hao doesn't like him anymore because of the the random jealous girl back then and drugged their wine and her ex doing it with the jealous girl without knowing it. BUT BRUH, GU HAO, YOU DID IT WITH ANOTHER GUY TOO, K. So you shouldn't be talking to him with that attitude. Also back then, you shouldn't have just walk away and say 'hope you guys will be happy' because you're not considering the other party's feelings. I mean, your ex propose to you with a wedding ring, BRUH. Soooo, you must of have had a deep relationship with your ex to even propose to you. I mean it not like it a fresh relationship fresh from the sea. He propose to you but when he did it with the jealous girl, you didn't even let him explain and either did you, Gu Hao. Do you really didn't have as much trust in him or explaining it. You call him a cheater when YOU ALSO CHEATED AT HIM AT THE SAME TIME!
Riri x Sou: Ummm first of all she was drugged, her sister made an excuse right after they drank the wine to "help" her in her tent so most likely he was drugged also, he said he thought she was FL and FL also thought she was sleeping with him.. Also how could FL listen to her ex explain when her sister interrupted him to "talk" about the hickeys on our FL and he gets mad asking for an explanation. Of course she wouldn't want to explain to her ex when she was humiliated to be thought of as a prostitute, guilty for sleeping with a someone she thought was her ex and her ex sleeping with her sister.... THATS A LOT TO TAKE IN RIGHT AWAY!! So I don't see why your making FL sound like a cheater 🤷🏻‍♀️
Jackson Stenberg: what the real name of the Manhua pls
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