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My Great Sword

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This is the story of a man who is cursed to live a life of solitude! Whether the ladies be eight or eighty years old, his cursed ability would affect them. Even the slightest of skin contact would cause any woman to fall into an uncontrollable state of lust and desire. Thus our hero, Sun Lang, journeys through this world in search of a way to lift his curse. He swears upon his life, that before he dies, he will regain the ability to innocently help an old lady cross the road!

MangaToon got authorization from Ciweimao to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
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XM 2096
The legendary "Schlong" sword.

Deez nutz: Throws it's two balls at an area and creates a shockwave stunning enemies for a few seconds.

Sploodge: Shoots out (white) lighting damaging enemies and gives them blindness due to some of it getting on their eye.

Passive- The One-Eyed Snake.----
Hitting enemies will make the sword longer giving it a longer range. Using skills will make the sword return to its originak size. The longer the sword gets the more damage basic attacks and skills will do.

... i'm so sorry for making this. lmao.
XM 2096: I made some spelling errors but I was laughing so much when making this.
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Babi Baby
Why this comic became so stretched out from the original plot.. now it feels like reading a pervert gag comic. And the mc is becoming like a normal person with no magic touch when the purple haired girl can hug him freely.. such a let down.. sigh..
Albert Veneg: Thought it was gonna be a little bit more serious by now but ig not
sleepy: no, she already touched him and thats why the purple haired girl fell in love with him.
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Donald Tatch
I know English is a hard language especially to write, thankfully with it being my first language I can fully understand what you meant to say. I just wanted to say thank you for actually taking the time and energy to learn all the English you did and to hell with those who complain because they would most likely never try to take the time to read learn your language. Thank you again and I hope you're having a wonderful time.
Sohvistar: XD, and then there's me who had to learn 5 different languages in 5th grade. Poor me😥😥😥
Adion D'ark: i did enjoy it
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