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My Great Sword

damn everytime i read manga or manhua like this i always smirk.(knowing that the mc is strong but hide his ability)
Chiyori Chan12
i knew it ! this is shorcut , iread it before and that man has a power to charm everyperson that he will touch
Asghar Lokhandwala: a lot like sweet guy
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nickname set
he says he hates perverted things but the first thing he notices were her breasts 🤣🤣🤣
Rema Devi
could you pls make crazy update this time.....pls...pls....I really liked it...pls...
Alan Adames
no one gives a flying fuk about first or whatever bullsh!t. so stop commenting those sh!ts
Alan Adames: LMAOOOO, luv y'all for realz
SilverSpecator: @Albert Veneg. What you said holds great meaning. Some people here might be so mediocre in their life that the simple chance to comment 'first'might have been a big thing to them. A lot of people also run away from the cruel reality through reading this manhua. If the simple act of them getting to comment 'first'actually helps uplift them, then who are we to judge. It's not as if they are forcefully pushing the authors to post new chapters in the premise of abandoning the story if they are left unattended.
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Anima Messores
hehe she thinks the boss ran to protect something but he ran to run away from someone
call me 3000 or Groot and earn some fruits
I just love how he switched from dumdum and nose picking to super serious and powerful
I swear there is a radar telling me this will end in a very hilarious way
shoot!! note to self.. don't so facials while reading this manga.. it wouldn't work out well especially if you've got a mask on!!
hahaha langya wrong timing ka flower fairy ahahaha
Wtf try to steal? Religious. I think he just want to burn the temple
What is his secret and will he finally get her to be his
what' happening ? okay that's it, waiting for another release, but fudge! i couldn't helped. my ship is sailing ! owahh.. 😍😍
Ted Bin
If there was a giant koala aliens would not have won 🐨
nickname set
does this guy have a whole box of cans in his coat 🤣🤣🤣
She digged from her boobs to get the limited edition figure
Dala Nang Pilipina.
let me tell you my secret: im the harem king. lol
I don't get it... why the police say 'stop' like the thief is actually gonna stop?-_-
vanci0 : I think they have to say that or the thief can play victim and bring excuses
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😂😂😂so good can wait for the other member of his team to join as well. Now can we get crazy update
when we got that kiss scene author
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