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Light VS Shadow

Dream studio
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A badly injured boy was luckily saved by fencer Isabella and Ana, but unfortunately lost all his memory. Ten years later, the teenage fencer Ryun got a magic sword by accident and all have changed since then. He's eager to explore the mystery of his own life and to solve it. The quiet life was over, the teenage boy, Ryun, started the adventure on his own. Meanwhile, in the North Pole - Savage Land, a grand plot was being hatched.

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Aeman Azhar
That guy with green hair in the last panel looks a lot like DEKU/MIDORIYA from MY HERO ACADEMIA/BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA. Did anyone notice????
Adorable V: I noticed it at the first sight😂😂
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Anas Ahmed
people i have a weird problem I'm arabic man so i watch manga translated into arabic and i was reading this manga in arabic at first and when i tried to read it now it was different the same characters the same sword but a really different story so can any one explain this to me🙂
Frank Tiger: Yh you are right it's different
Anas Ahmed: so how is this happening
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spoilers who didn't watch magi yet

it's just like when he stabed himself with the sword to get the weird looking demon form
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