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Prisoner of Love

Yoolook Culture
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He is the dark emperor! At first sight, she poured red wine on him! Meet again, he sent her to jail with the sin of seduce! Finally... It turned out that this marriage is just a conspiracy for your revenge...

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OMG Author you have to make a season 2!!!! This manhua is SO good and I love your art work. I know that it takes you a lot of time just to do one episode because your art style is so complex but it look really good and when you make another season i hope that you don't change it. The story of Angela's character development is finally happening and she is finally standing up for herself and moving away from John, I also love that she is not as weak as she was before. I would love to see where this goes in the story development of will John regret what he's done to Angela, and also the character development of all the characters. Please thx Latta love💘
P.S is the model guy(forgot his name) going to be a big part of season 2? Leave in the comments what you think.😘
Mj Ledesma: author we want season to please 😣😣😣😣
#paige u r d best: guys do u know abt VAMPIRE KNIGHT
YUKI .....
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do you guys remember the girl in the picture who looks just like Angela in John nomans study room? well there are good connections to that mystery in this chapter.

As Vinni said to Angela in this chapter:
"You saved my life. I can do anything for you yet that was long time ago"

which leads us to this.

I conclude that Vinni and that girl in the picture had a good or rather have this history a long time ago before Angela came. I think the only reason why Vinni thinks Angela doesn't remember him is that he thinks Angela lost her memories or something or maybe there was an accident before which causes angela/the girl in the picture might have disappeared or some powerful human being took her and as for John noman he thinks the girl on that picture in this study is back the girl he probably loved and cherished or rather they have this long history which leads to John being a so called "protective boyfriend" of Angela because he thinks the girl in that picture is Angela. So John took Angela and made her wear that maid's outfit just to represent the girl in that picture.

secret •: wt frik. I thought the gurl in the picture is his mother
Sese Suryana: I think the girl in the picture is Angela twin sister maybe
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wish in the 2nd season Angela run away and after a year they met again and Noman couldn't believed what he sees cause he thought that she already died in a car accident then he tried to let her all by himself but she was already taken and he realised what he did and reget, not knowing he was already fallen for her nothing he can do her mind was set up of hating him... but he never give up and tried to take her back....Angela want to leave him forever but she felt incomplete her BF knew and understand that her heart was never his, even her mind want to be with him but her hearts want to be with Noman so... he love her and want her happiness that he give up on her...Angela realised want she wants now and ran to Noman but too late Noman was stuck in the dark again Angel tried all her could but he could not take the risk of loving someone again later Angela had a heart desease need to transplant in emergency but noone could make the donation...Noman knew and give a call to the hospital but they turned him down there's only one thing he could do now....after a month the Surgery was Successed and there's was a flowers beside her bed with a note... saying Hard i've treated you my eyes were blind with hatred still you love me with all your heart there's nothing i could give you to repay your love so i give my heart to you and my heart will always be yours forever don't ever hurt me by another man.....'
love Noman
then she saw the donation card inside the envelope....😊😊😊
Norjanah Abantas: May I know if there's already a season 2?
Anonymous: can you tell me where can you find the season 2 in Chinese
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