Prisoner of Love
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Prisoner of Love

Yoolook Culture
Prisoner of Love
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Prisoner of Love Comics Online. He is the dark emperor! At first sight, she poured red wine on him! Meet again, he sent her to jail with the sin of seduce! Finally... It turned out that this marriage is just a conspiracy for your revenge...

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Hottest Comments
Griffin Grey
He is not heartless. He is an a⭐️⭐️hole. Stay with your fiancée you sadist and leave Angela alone to bloom like the rose that she is. Seriously, I hope they won’t meet each other and he start torturing her again while the fiancée will act like a poisonous snake. Enough with this standard plot. We want something different than season one. Some begging? Groveling? To become a doormat so she can step on him 🤔 ?
Rosy Costi: I just read the 1st sentence and i already agree with u !!!
Alwin AL: crazy update pls
total 32 replies
OMG YAAAASSS it’s just like how I wanted it to be!!! He saw everything and got JEALOUSSSSSS 😏😏😏 thats KARMA for how you treated her my dude!

Honestly Vinni’s words made my heart flutter, he’s so gentle and loving towards her, I think they make an amazing couple and she also looks great with John, if only he fixed his attitude it would be a perfect ship! Am I crazy for shipping her with both? Let them get married first and she’ll marry John later 😏😏😏 why take one hot guy when u can have both in the story? 😬
Mugiwara: Vinni is too good to be true. We’ll see about that.
Sana all: ahh its too long crazy update
total 7 replies
Venice Austíne
This man has his plans on wrong ways. Dude, if you want a girl to like you, TREAT HER RIGHT, STOP ACTING LIKE A RETARD AND STOP TREATING HER LIKE TRASH! Girls deserves a few tumbles in a bed. Man up, pride down and get straight to the point. Tell her you need her and stop other filthy women touch you. Honestly, I know you're a control freak and I understand it. You will not be successful if you're not a go-getter but that love isn't about ownership bro, it's partnership and freedom and care and respect. Maybe you're like that because no one has loved you before but you can't just mess around and make others feel miserable, too. Get her and this time, you do it right. You need to do it right. You have to. Don't mess up again. You can't loose another chance because if you do, and you ask forgiveness and Angela forgives you but you do it over and over again, then this story is mess up. You both deserve each other it's just that, you have to keep it all together to take her back. I love you both. I love you Author/s. Keep doing great.
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