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Spicy Wife

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The first time Jiang Xinger met Xiao Tingyue, a wealthy, misterious and hansome young man, her only wish is to make out with him. And Tingyue, when he first met Xinger, the young rural girl with some special spice, aloof and cool as him, he couldn't help it but only to let her be...

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Part 2

I think he somehow couldn't be there for her after she lost her baby due to the evil schemes (he'll realize this later and it was sooo heartbreaking yet sooo good). That divorce part was absolutely heartbreaking bc he wouldn't agree and she held a knife to her own throat to force him. He was afraid and signed it thinking she was throwing another tantrum. She disappeared from him and he couldn't find her since her stepfamily is very powerful as well. She left abroad to finish her studies.

He later learned all the evil things Bai Zhi did to hurt her and he didn't listen to Xinger and realized how alone she was when she went through losing her baby. This was when it hit him very hard and when he realized she wasn't throwing a tantrum and he lost her forever.

He went thru hell in missing her and even when he finally met her again by chance, he tried so hard to getting her back and chased her for a while like how she chased him.

That whole arc was especially good. Oh and her friend Sue had an awesome side story of her own that's worthy of a separate manhua adaptation. Best part, the second ML is badass and gets the girl! (Very unexpected).
Aileen Dela Vega: whats the titlle i want to read more and im curious..
nadhifa azzahra: mmm
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I can’t tell if he’s pretending to be stupid or if he actually is really stupid. She made it SO FREAKING OBVIOUS THAT SHE’S UPSET WITH YOU but “Oh I gotta go on a business trip now bye HERP DA DERP 🤪 🤪” LIKE WHAT!?!? She’s obviously upset especially when she lashed out at him telling him to not touch her!! 😱 And of course she gets pregnant at a time of turmoil like this 😩. And why the HELL is she with that girl AGAIN!?!? I hate this whole captain save a hoe thing he’s been doing over and over again, like I would be mad if I was the FL too! She’s freaking MARRIED for gods sake! She’s not his responsibility and she has absolutely no business with a married woman! This chapter made me mad and I really hope that’s not actual Tingyue that she saw but his brother or something because if that’s really him I think that’s DEFINITELY gonna be the end of the rope for her 🤦🏻‍♀️
Tong Nian: I think its him .... his first priority still that bitch the wife is only second 😉😉😉he's an idiot 😠😠😠
Inyne-OMG Annora is alive😂: you can read the comment of @spoilerbean in the previous ep.She translated it in english,i mean the last eps.
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Part 1

Actually this manhua was adapted from a webnovel and they did indeed rushed it and I'm sure there must be some difficult reasons for the artist. In City Gang when Xinger met the auction's hostess, the wealthiest lady, and she hesitated in greeting Xinger. That's because she's her long lost mother that somehow got rescued and I think the mother lost her memory.

The comic seemed to stick well to the story until then and it got rushed. Or else the artist wouldn't have included the scene of meeting her mother.

And the rest of the story is REALLY good! The little girl did get to avenged her brother from the kidney transplant but her story was really sad. Each and everyone evil ended up getting their retribution.

Xinger's mother married the man that saved her and he's the wealthiest man in Gang City. Xinger got reunited with her mother and gained two older step brothers and they're overprotective of their new little sister. Her stepfather dotes on her as if she's his own.

At one point, Xinger ended up losing their baby and afterwards divorcing with Tingyue due to all the misunderstanding.
Anonymous: What title of the webnovel?
TheRazeluXE: Nah actually it’s better to end it this way... anymore drama it’ll get staled and lost its sweetness 😁
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