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Spicy Wife

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The first time Jiang Xinger met Xiao Tingyue, a wealthy, misterious and hansome young man, her only wish is to make out with him. And Tingyue, when he first met Xinger, the young rural girl with some special spice, aloof and cool as him, he couldn't help it but only to let her be...

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Honestly, I’ve been keeping a secret to myself for a very long time. It doesn’t feel good, and that secret started when I start to read manga and comics. I feel guilty, truly guilty. To me, reading manga and comics is just like Nicotine, I really hate myself. there are a few times where I want to suicide, but I don’t have enough bravery. Each day I feel guiltier and guiltier. “It’s addicting” I though. Thought about how cruel the world is. My parents work really hard. I spend my childhood with my grandparents. When there are family activity, I can see other children smiling and I can’t relate. But when my grandpa passed out about a year before, my dad didn’t cry but I know he’s just trying to hide his pain. After all, he hasn’t seen my grandparents for about 14 years. Not because he doesn’t want to, but because he can’t. But now it’s all fixed, my dad spent a lot of money trying to find a good lawyer so he can go back and visit, but too late. My grandpa passed away in June and my dad was ready to go back around August. Just two month, and he couldn’t see his dad for the last time. I envy a lot of my friends because of how close their relationship with their parents are. I know my parents are not perfect. I feel like the world is just so cruel to me. I’m pretty sure it’s just not me who feel that way. But again, before I wake up the next morning, I always to tell myself, be strong, be grateful. I really hope you can enjoy your life before it’s too late.
lemurloki: Nope, I'm not a psychiatrist. I've just been the bewildered child wondering what she did wrong and knocking herself out to make things better only to come up short, to never be right. I'm an adult now but I remember the feeling. I DO know that there are a lot of spoiled kids who take their parents for granted, but believe me there are an equal number of kids who would do anything a parent asks and more but yet can never please them.
I'm a BAD GURL 😇💦: yupppp.........
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Spoiler bean is early to the party?? I think there is a correction at the last panel. Ting Yue was actually telling the girl don’t have to worry about marriage of the Bei family as he has solved everything. Then she said thank you. Let’s continue..

Yesterday, my spoiler stopped at soon both ting yue and xing er will have an agreement. Xing Er told Tung yue that she wants to get away from Jiang family and the only person that she knows that Jiang family feared upon is him. So, she wants ting yue to help her to get away from them. Then ting yue asked her why should he help her? Then embarrassingly, she replied “the fact that we had slept twice (had sex twice) before..” then ting yue sarcastically said “let’s say whenever I sleep with a woman and I have to be responsible for her til the end.. Jiang xing er, I guess this house won’t be enough to accommodate all of you.” She was shocked when she heard that.. with reality finally hit her, she finally came to her senses. She said “it turns out that you do have so many women.. and I .. was just a tool for you to play with..”

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Stellaluna (Angel Sect Gaurdian Elder 🌈❤️): Thanks for all your hard work though
Stellaluna (Angel Sect Gaurdian Elder 🌈❤️): Aww... that’s terrible! I really wanted her to marry the blonde vamp as a virgin
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Kawaii Hime (Cute Princess)
The old lady said "Guards! Bring her away" but the one who took her is the maid....🤣😂🤣😂
Thunder_girl_14: sure ok
eufreaks: can you follow me back?😊
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