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Spicy Wife

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The first time Jiang Xinger met Xiao Tingyue, a wealthy, misterious and hansome young man, her only wish is to make out with him. And Tingyue, when he first met Xinger, the young rural girl with some special spice, aloof and cool as him, he couldn't help it but only to let her be...

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Akarine Chan💗💗BTS V✌✌
I just want to kill all these villain girls in this comic😈so my ship can sail smoothly😄😄
Aaliyah hussain***Als: but then there might be no fun and the chapters might be less too....
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Spoiler bean is early to the party?? I think there is a correction at the last panel. Ting Yue was actually telling the girl don’t have to worry about marriage of the Bei family as he has solved everything. Then she said thank you. Let’s continue..

Yesterday, my spoiler stopped at soon both ting yue and xing er will have an agreement. Xing Er told Tung yue that she wants to get away from Jiang family and the only person that she knows that Jiang family feared upon is him. So, she wants ting yue to help her to get away from them. Then ting yue asked her why should he help her? Then embarrassingly, she replied “the fact that we had slept twice (had sex twice) before..” then ting yue sarcastically said “let’s say whenever I sleep with a woman and I have to be responsible for her til the end.. Jiang xing er, I guess this house won’t be enough to accommodate all of you.” She was shocked when she heard that.. with reality finally hit her, she finally came to her senses. She said “it turns out that you do have so many women.. and I .. was just a tool for you to play with..”

Continue part 2 under the reply section
SpoilerBean: I am not sure 😔😔 oh well...
Star5_Trigger: What happened??
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Writing form the future...

My previous writing was about her agreement with Ting Yue. Next scene will be about xin lian went back to her house to announce that Bei family has nullified their marriage agreement. One week later, all the documents for Xing Er to study overseas are ready. When she was handed the documents by Ting Yue’s assistant, she realized that Ting Yue has enrolled her to study architecture. So, she sobbed by thinking that Ting Yue truly doesn’t want her to stay by his side until he is willing to go extra mile to do all these for her. As she was walking... she realized she was surrounded by a group of men that her father sent to catch her.

The main reason that her father went great deal to bring her back from the village is not because he ants to take care of her nor to fulfill his responsibility as a father.. he has great evil intention behind this plan. His father has 3 women altogether. Xing Er’s mother, Xin Lian’s (the short hair evil sister) mother and another woman that are going to appear soon. That woman has a daughter who has been ill since little. She has kidneys failure. So, the main purpose of having Xing Er is to hope that Xing er’s kidney matches that step sister of hers. The step sister’s mother, who happens to be a cousin sister of Xing er’s mother.

fufufufu: ooh dear i saw the raw one but i didn't understand what was going on but now i do thanks. He will save her from her father and take her back.
Kenan Kalamujic: aww the tease
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