Indestructible Primordial Spirit

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Is reincarnation a coincidence or a necessity? Lu Qi has been reborn into this world where martial arts reign. With his highest level of comprehension, he obtains the most valuable treasures, searches for the heavenly dao, takes in female slaves, wipes out devils! Let’s step into this world where the primordial spirit is indestructible and the Heavenly Dao is eternal!

Manga Toon got authorization from Suxinren to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - bumieyuanshen,bmys
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This translation is ruining this manhua, Ancient China was strict with protocol, you don't call your master dude, you don't call your elder brother dude, not even bro, that's reason enough for punishment. the fact that they don't get any shows the author is not using those terms and they are liberties taken by the translator.
To top it off this retard doesn't even allow corrections. And for those who think of defending the translator, can it, I prefer waiting and having it done by someone who takes it seriously, now we are stuck with this shitty translation with no chance to improve it.
PZcolo: I think you're missing my point and I think you are doing it on purpose, so let's leave it as a difference of opinions, lest it becomes a muddled discussion.
Do Something: Martial techniques gives you superpowers*
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Krishna Naik
Was it just me or did lu Tai was missing his moustache and then suddenly it reappeared followed by pseudo super saiyan with the move EXCALIBUR...?

Malkarma: not just you it did pull a disappearing trick
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[ ]
hahaha this guy misses left right now to cover the shame he wants the guy to stay in position
my guess is that they don't spar during training, only those stationary logs
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