Indestructible Primordial Spirit

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Is reincarnation a coincidence or a necessity? Lu Qi has been reborn into this world where martial arts reign. With his highest level of comprehension, he obtains the most valuable treasures, searches for the heavenly dao, takes in female slaves, wipes out devils! Let’s step into this world where the primordial spirit is indestructible and the Heavenly Dao is eternal!

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Atorx Uvakou
"Big ass snake" snakes don't have asses.
"Jesus Christ" he doesn't exists in this world even if he does he's not even born yet.
ismael lopez: hes right these translations dont make sense
Atorx Uvakou: "You are being a dick" yes I do have a dick that makes more sense than a snake with an ass I can't stop thinking about it now I imagine snakes with asses.
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Naruto Uzumaki
can i ask u guys somethin, i once read a comic dunno if it was manga manhwa or even manhua, this one is bout a student who got in to a high school(maybe) but in that school everything was all about games, this mc was a good gamer though but no one know, and the end this guy has a duel with a pro player at that time which one is his best friend in the past

can u tell me this comic title,
or does any1 read the same one with this or exctly that one, tell me please
Charlie Hicks: Sounds exactly like video game high school but that's a movie...
Rahim Antor: i think this type of manhwa or manga is publising now. I read a similar summary like u wrote.But forgot the name .Will surely tell later if i got that name.😊
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the third master Lu Yi kid have a hair that same like Bu Qi and his father mentions about Lu Kang when he about to leave
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