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Bringing The National Husband Home

i cried so much. When read this story.. Fortunately the destiny still make them be together for the rest of their life. Ruby so cruel that hurt Ginny so much. Until Ginny misunderstanding cause these sentence "You are not qualified". Bcz these sentence from ruby, he went abroad and decide trying suicide himself. So pity their love story and life. I most adore to Ginny. Although he through many pain and hurt he still not stop to try the best for Anna and protect her although he ruin his reputation. Tears are falling 😭😭😭.. Anna did help Hsu family so the hsu family when crisis. Anna helped ruby although she love ginny. After everything anna did to Ruby. Ruby just ruin ginny and anna relationship. Besides, ruby tried to kill anna. Anna never call police for ruby do.. And Ginny never try to make ruby bankrupt. He just show her how the feel poor. But finally he share holder to James and didnt make hsu family bankrupt. Ginny so nice and adorable person although he through hard life. I cried.. Ginny will do anything to make Anna happy. 13 years is long for love story.. We learn so much in this story..... I know Ginny is the NATION HUSBAND. If we destined with someone, how long time doesn make us meet yet, someday we will meet and live happily if we destined.. Thx for the story..
Sana: yes, this is good story
Lauren: Will they be to gather at the end?
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honestly, this is such a great story. people are only seeing the misunderstandings and mistakes the characters made in this story, that’s why they dislike it. those mistakes actually help you learn what it’s like when you’re in love, it’s good to know that this type of stuff can happen, it helps you understand yourself more, because this story isn’t only about love. it actually teaches us about self-care, and to not be so selfish, and to not take things so seriously right away. it even teaches us that we should see that some people don’t don’t cause some things intentionally, but they do it to protect other people.

it’s a great book with so many lessons to learn from and so many things to take to put in our heads. don’t underestimate this too much just because of all the problems. ofc it’s frustrating and stressful, but i mean you learn at least one thing from being frustrated right? i’d honestly love it if there was a season 2
silly piggy
I really enjoyed this story... it’s actually one of my favorites.. i think one of the best part of the story is that there isn’t so many misunderstandings or complicated love storylines where girl has like 2 guys who fight for her and same with the guy with girls.. and when there are misunderstandings.. instead of leaving words unsaid.. the main characters actually speak up and tell each other and fight for each other.. so many times in other stories these words unspoken are what start crazy situations and or misunderstandings.. I really love this pure love they had that started in school.. I actually met my husband when we were in high school so it kinda hits right at home.. hopefully everyone will find a love as true and pure as theirs ❤️
Author Thank you so much ! This is one of my favourite and it’s worth going through trouble of watching all ads for chapters. This story is really heart touching which made me feel all kinds of emotions. But I just hope no one has to go through what they have gone through with all those misunderstandings. All the pain and suffering so guys please do speak your feelings out rather than being too late to regret. Hehehe this manga really kept me excited from first chapter to the last. Please do keep creating more great manga like this. I will definitely support you author. 🥰👍
Eman Ahmad: yeah this also made me cry
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I finished this comic in one night without sleeping and cried like a silly cry baby. I never cried for any movie or story book. But this comic touched me so much that I couldn’t stop crying. Every moment I were realising their love, their pain. It was like I was also going through those pains. I have read many comics but none of them could ever touched me like this one. Thanks author for this comic. Take love from this Bangladeshi fangirl ❤
Daniela Belov
Thank you it made me remember my story with my boyfriend even though its not quite complicated like that but when we met we liked each other but one of his friend was jealous of him always and said many things to me and I gave up on him and his friend told me that he want to be in a relationship with me thought I told him that I appreciate him only as a friend but he insisted and I agreed but after a year when I break up with him only than he told me that his friend liked me and I got really angry because he knew that since of the beginning and now were are together after 3 years of friendship it was awkward because we started as s.x friends only but now we are happy and we love each other more and more with every single day that it's pass
Fakhira Khairina
I skip so many chapters and went to the end thinking they've lived a peaceful life with cute baby and being lovey dovey at the end but what?!! They're just confessed to each other?!!!
What the fish?!! They should do so after she annuled the engaged with the little brother!!
why it takes like another 80+ chapters to make them confessed?? I just can't with this logic...

(from chapters 38 I decided to stop reading this story coz I thought it's not my type then one moment I feel like continue reading it ... then here we are !) I feel so lucky because after chapters 50 they allowed me to unlocked the chapters using adds! THANKS MANGATOON!
Gahhshs Bzhzhzhhz: •_^ nice....we got something same 🤢
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Yuvity Susanto
I really love this story....
It makes me struggle with so many feelings...
It makes me feel sad and cry a lot.
It makes me feel desperate.
It makes me feel happy and smile...
It makes me feel the love I've ever had with my husband&the hard time that full of fighting for our love 25 years ago....,once again....
I really want to say...:"Thank you so much to the author for delivering such a beautiful story&art."
Can we all appreciate that the ending wasn't super rushed. I fell like most authors would have ended it by 130 at the airport scene witj them finally cofessing and maybe a quick wedding.
Instead, we got 50 extra chapers of pure joy.

I read this somewhere and it was incomplete and it was SOOOO PAINFUL because I had to stop at the misunderstandings. Now today I find it’s completed
And my heart is whole I am soooooo happppy. No regrets even tho it’s 3am and I have college today
This was absolutely wonderful. I’ve actually never CRIED reading a manhua 👏💕🎊🎉☺️😊🙈🤩😍😂😭👏💕 thank you Author
Xiao li
this is saddest story of mangatoon😭, even i couldn't read it completely, i stopped at 75 episode💔 & didn't have courage to read further so i jumped to last episode to see the happy ending😅
Xiao li: yes, i will read it again when i'll get more coins😁
Sunshinelure01: You really missed a lot. It seems sad but it turns to be awesome. Read it you won't be disappointed, it's addictating
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Omg can’t believe it’s over
I loved it sm
And this story was full of miss understanding and bad coninkydink and shows love it’s not fair and it’s strong omg loved it and. I cried sm watching this 😭
Thank you myself for not giving up to see how the whole miscommunication/misunderstanding story end.. need to tell the truth that these couple are lovely and so adorable! even if I'm annoyed them for a thousand time from not expressing what they think about each other. I realized and found myself in them.. I believe everyone once made a mistake from not telling the truth to someone and then bad things happened just like ginny and jojo (but maybe mistake not so long for 13 years). In the end, with this happy ending story is worth a wait. Thank you for lots of views for taking me so long to see how happiness they are❤
Why are they always wronged by each other, this Story is a non-happy story, each episode i read is always full of sadness, WHY??? .

Ginny and She should be together, forever ....
Anna :33
AH HAH. He doesn’t like people who were born into riches bc he needed to start from scratch. He thinks they got it easy in life and don’t know the struggles he’s been through
Anna :33: Mook from refund high school is that u
00.05: Spoiler! ⚠️
This is actually my 12th time reading this.

Ginny Lu is actually a son of son of James' s father's mistress. Jame's mom hated him and so did his dad. He despised rich people because of that family. And another thing, James is actually the one Anna Jo must marry but James got in an accident to cover up the fact that James is in a coma, Ginny who looks like James, pretended to be James and Anna and Ginny became a fake couple in front of the public.
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oh this manga made me cry so much it was sooooooooooooo great they fell in love with each other and didn't know it's sad and then find out they love each other I looove it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
this comic really know how to steal my money. jk jk. I'm dying to read the next ep but running out of coins help me. IM ADDICTED TO THIS COMIC SAVE ME
Amanda Schrock
I'm a little bummed it's different. The real company is S.H.M.I.L.Y. for see how much I love you. I know it's not that different but it has its own story and there were coins and things sold with it on them IRL. It was one of my favorite parts of this story.
Regardless,I'm still grateful for this version. I searched for a manga/toon version for a while before I found this. I read the story in web novels app first,then scoured the net to find a show or picture version to no avail. I found an anime but was unable to watch all of it,and an incomplete manga. It's been a while since I have searched. Then on Netflix was a series Pretty Man (I was a bit disappointed 😞). So far besides the novel this has been the best version I found. So sincerely, thank you for your beauiful art.
Donna Ross
the whole story from start to finish was amazing there was so much feeling and emotion, the sadness the happiness it was all there. I broke down in tears multiple times, infact I'm still tearing up. Thank you so much for sharing such a fantastic story it truly is a masterpiece. 😭😭😭😭😭🤧🤧🤧🤧❤️❤️❤️
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