Bringing The National Husband Home
Bringing The National Husband Home
Bringing The National Husband Home
Romance / CEO / Tragic / Showbiz / Moder
Author Name: Haotoon

Anna Jo and Ginny Lu had secretly longed for each other for thirteen years, and now that there's a possibility for them to be together, even though the circumstances may be unconventional, neither one can refuse their inner desires any longer. MangaToon got authorization from Haotoon to publish this content, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.

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Updated to Chapter 182    /    (56359)
 Updated to Chapter 182 
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rereading it again. l don't think I will ever get tired of reading this novel
Alan Walker: same i came back to read after long time
CHOCobar🍫❣🇵🇭: same gurlll! I came back to reread this!
total 195 replies
💞 Hakken💞
This story is awesome it gives me a lot off JOY,, HATE,, TEARS and LOVE... I love this so much ♥️♥️ i recommended this story to all of you guys its worth spending your time and efforts. 👍👍(SHMILY)
🖤Little sis🖤: pls read my new chat story love puzzle.🥺🥺🙏🙏
nuriko: welcome 😁
total 53 replies
I loooooooved this story so so much 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💕💜
Rosanne: its 4 an and I'm crying under the sheets...*sob*
Kanwal Imran: i really live this novel its a perfect example of loving husband
total 29 replies
this is great.....i loved this story from the bottom of my heart...even if anna n ginny had so many misunderstandings between them, they still cared for one another and wanted to be by eqch others side...they couldnt do anything without each other...
ginny would do soo much kind and sweet things for anna n would always protect her...this love story wad amazing and i have never read such a beautiful comic like this one....
love is expressed in so many ways and it makes me wanna fall in love, get a boyfriend/husband like ginny....handsome one like him , be beautiful like anna and but...sadly this imagination of mine will never come true😥
Pucca: Thank you
LanZhan stole my perfume pouch: I think it's bossy president. Don't know if I'm late
total 22 replies
Reñieza Cayabyab
very sweet love story iver read
Zerø: wtf I'm your 82th like and "hot"?
Tae's winter Bear ❄️🐻: yes😍😍😍
total 3 replies
the title should be " bringing Mr. misunderstanding back home"
후 메 라 Humming Moon {Crazy}: yeah you are right 😂🤭
Xingyu Kwa Jesslyn: HAHAHHA
total 41 replies
if he liked her then why he keep it a secret and say that he hates her...I don't really understand him at all ughh!!!
Shona Gurung: because he love in first site... both fl and ml love together in first site but the reason is that both don't tell him or her... 🙄
Anxin Li: You know what. I also don't understand this type of boys who hide their feelings and pretend to hate us.........I HATE THEM. I AM DONE WITH THEM. NO MORE 🙂.....
total 32 replies
Love Killa💛🔫
The Director face.. 😂i can feel u mister
Jas Dasmarinas: Director got a fever hahahahahahahaha
Dhaizhen Nicole: SIYM HAHHHA
total 7 replies
This means he intentionally did bad in his high school exam so he can go to same class as her , Class 3 .
yume chan: bittersweet
I’m Sorry But: Lol I figured when he was with his book studying that he wouldn’t try his best
total 3 replies
I just want to give this Girl's face a 180° slap🙃
Alaria: gurl because of your comment, I couldn't stop laughing, and my online class was goin on with my camera on, my teacher might have thought I've gone insane
Priyan Roy Chowdhury: I will give her a 1000° slap
total 16 replies
He smoked because he was tensed, anyways I love the 🐻
🖤Heedeungie 🖤: me too i love 🐻
BESHHHHH 💙💩🔥🔥: i have a big pink Teddy :)
total 7 replies
My crush: I will love anyone except you
Leebiシ︎: It hurts the most my crush likes my bestie TT (i don't like him anymore)
nich®: wt heck that@#!$
total 33 replies
I always say this.... Dont Buy dress that are easy to tear apart. its a waste of money
Lazybunnie: yeah your right
Ro Chanda: jeans are the best
total 17 replies
I just want to enter in this Freaking Manga ang do all this things:

1. Kill the F*cking Sister of Anna.

2. Tell him that, Anna have a feelings on him and she don't like James. "Dude, She Freaking Likes you!"

Please, Let me in! Goddamnit!
Mha: i am so trusfrated
Mha: i am so trusfrated
total 27 replies
he was trying to save bro
RĪNÛ: that true .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.
✨Reese✨: true 😭😭😭
total 3 replies
my mother thought that i am crazy a few mins ago i was crying like a pig and after a few mins i feel like the happiest person in the world
Ice_2309: True, but my mama thought I've gone mental 😂.
Cheryl: sister always saying that im crying with no reason...thay always saying that i was already crazy..😂
total 13 replies
Elyza Mckyl Teofilo
are you a vampire dude?
RĪNÛ: but he not vampires
RĪNÛ: yes . I read
total 18 replies
this manga should be named as 'world of misunderstanding '
🖤Heedeungie 🖤: you are right sis
Shona Gurung: yeah you are right 😂😌
total 26 replies
Kelly Ndah
And she is thanking d theif😂
Musics 🎵: hahaha now thanking to thief 🤣🤣🤣🤣
total 1 replies
He has a pride, never accepted money from a girl and I think it means slap to his ego if he accept it. He was sincerely to his actions
Princess Norfamhie B. Balabaran: I thought there was a stain in her wallet 😂😂😂
priya: no actually he saw lot of money in her purse and he was poor and she was and rich , this is why he became rich I have listen audiobook version of it ☺️
total 9 replies
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